Free humour Kindle books for 13 Jun 17

Crime Rhymes: From Bad to Verse

by Dixie J. Whitted

Filled with over 200 lawless limericks and punny poems along with some quirky cartoons, all with a mystery twist. Don’t miss the particularly peculiar chapters on Lizzie Borden and Sherlock Holmes. Includes a special bonus feature – the short story “The Case of the Stainless Spinster.”

Dahler and Nicholls Fight Crime! (Crime Wins)

by Dixie J. Whitted

The humorous cartoon adventures of two hapless heroes, Dahler & Nicholls, dedicated officers of the law, who, with the aid of their intrepid four-legged assistant Horatio, try their level best to “make the streets safe for decent citizens.”

Sometimes they succeed…

A cute comic – imagine if “Dick Tracy” had been drawn by Abbott & Costello or Laurel & Hardy. Over 120 full-page B&W illustrations fill the pages, cover to cover. (The paperback edition conveniently doubles as a coloring book.)

Check out my author page for a few samples or click on the cover to “Look inside.”

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