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As a Man Thinketh — 21st Century Edition

by James Allen

The Best Edition of As a Man Thinketh for Today’s Readers
Carefully updated in contemporary language.

As you think, so you are.
As you are, so you act. 
As you act, so you attain. 
Widely considered the greatest self-help book of all-time, As a Man Thinketh reveals how our thoughts determine our character, circumstances, health, appearance, and achievements. The choice is ours: either master our thoughts to create the life we want, or remain mired in frustration and failure.

While James Allen’s writing was exceptionally clear for its time, As a Man Thinketh — like any 100-year-old book — uses archaic language that can be difficult to grasp. This 21st Century Edition rephrases Allen’s ideas in contemporary English, making his wisdom available to today’s readers.

Your Ticket to the Forty Acres: The Unofficial Guide for UT Undergraduate Admissions

by Kevin Robert Martin

Stressing about your University of Texas at Austin undergraduate application?

Ease your worries and increase your chances of gaining admission to your dream school with these winning tips and strategies from former UT Admissions Counselor Kevin Robert Martin. A Fulbright Fellow who graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UT-Austin, Kevin has reviewed and scored thousands of applications.

Use his inside perspective to maximize your admissions chances not just at UT but at selective universities nationwide.

Put yourself in your reviewer’s shoes to better understand this complicated and uncertain process. Kevin shares entertaining stories from visiting hundreds of schools and working with thousands of students.

His comprehensive guide tells readers everything he wishes he could have said when he worked for UT-Austin.

  • Learn exactly how UT reviews students for their first-choice major using the Academic and Personal Achievement Index.
  • Dispel dozens of myths and misconceptions and understand what really counts.
  • Craft compelling Apply Texas essays and build an effective expanded resume by referencing real student applications.
  • Explore a data-driven look at how race in admissions, the Abigail Fisher Supreme Court Case, and how the top 7 percent law influences decisions.
  • Examine more than twenty charts visualizing seven years of applicant and admitted student data for popular majors like the McCombs School of Business, the Cockrell School of Engineering, the Moody College of Communications, and Computer Science.
  • Elevate your application for Business, Plan II, and College of Natural Sciences Honors Programs.
  • Find success in the transfer admissions process.

I Want a Puppy or a Dog (Best Pets For Kids Book 4)

by Tristan Pulsifer

“Written in language any young reader can easily understand. Lots of information!”
-Amazon reviewer Graham in his 5-star review of the first book in this series, I Want A Leopard Gecko.

Why Do You LOVE Puppies and Dogs?

Is it because they are always happy to see youâ?¦always want to do whatever you’re doingâ?¦can’t wait to enjoy more treats and fun together?

If you love dogs and really want one, or you already have a puppy or a dog, here’s the book that will tell you what preteen kids need to know about adopting a puppy or a dog and good pet care, including:

  • Where to find your new puppy or dog
  • How to â??puppy-proof’ your home
  • When’s the best time to get a new pet and why
  • Best pet care tips for your puppy or dog
  • Which puppy to pick? Here’s how to know you’re getting a healthy pup
  • What dogs should eat – and what dogs should never eat. Be careful, there are foods in your kitchen that are poisonous for dogs!
  • Ideas for what to name your new pet!

This fun and easy-to-read book for kids ages 8 to 12 is full of information, tips and some surprising facts about puppies and dogs. Even if you think you already â??know’ dogs, you will find something you didn’t already know in this book!

Includes 25 Photos of Puppies and Dogs

Written on the Grade 4 Reading Level

The Songs of Power: A Northern Tale of Magic, Retold from the Kalevala (Ancient Fantasy)

by Aaron Shepard

Not so long ago, in the tiny, isolated villages of Finland, where prolonged summer days gave way to endless winter nights, people would pass the time by singing the many adventures of their favorite heroes: the mighty, magical men and women of ancient days.  They sang of old Vainamoinen, greatest of sages and magicians, who helped create the world but never could find a woman to wed him. They sang of his friend and ally Ilmarinen, first among craftsmen, the blacksmith who forged the dome of the heavens.  They sang of Louhi, the ancient lady of Northland, whose crafty wit and magical powers made her a worthy opponent for Vainamoinen himself. And they sang of Aila, Louhi’s lovely daughter, who captured the hopes of the two old friends and drew them as rivals to the shores of Northland.  And while these songs could still be heard, there came along a rural doctor, a scholar, who gathered and wove them together in a book he called the Kalevala. And so he created for Finns a national epic, and for the rest of the world, a work of wonder.  The songs endure, the heroes live. . . . For ages 10 and up. Not illustrated! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of “The Baker’s Dozen,” “The Sea King’s Daughter,” “Lady White Snake,” and many more children’s books. His stories have appeared often in Cricket magazine, while his Web site is known internationally as a prime resource for folktales, storytelling, and reader’s theater. Once a professional storyteller, Aaron specializes in lively retellings of folktales and other traditional literature, which have won him honors from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, the Bank Street College of Education, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the American Folklore Society. Cover artist Carol Schwartz is the award-winning illustrator of over 45 picture books. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// “Well written and valuable. . . . Shepard’s use of free verse allows him more flexibility than the traditional poetic meter. [The text] retains a sense of majestic rhythm and is most effective when read aloud. Supporting information is detailed.” — Donna L. Scanlon, School Library Journal, Apr. 1996 (reviewing an older edition) “Shepard’s free verse telling has power and sparkle.” — Glenn Giffin, Denver Post, May 12, 1996 (reviewing an older edition) “The language of Shepard’s story, the way [the characters’] magic is performed — all is bigger than life, as the mythic tale should be. It is a book to read aloud — to an older child, to an appreciative adult.” — Kate Frankel, Storyline, Winter 1997 (reviewing an older edition) “The [free] verse reads aloud particularly well. — Notes from the Windowsill, Dec. 15, 1996 (reviewing an older edition) ///////////////////////////////////////////////// SAMPLE Vainamoinen chantedand Joukahainen sank in the marshy ground,up to his waist in the swallowing earth. Cried Joukahainen,”Reverse your words,undo your spells!I will give you a hat full of silver,a helmet full of gold.” “Keep your wealth,” said Vainamoinen.”My coffers overflow.”He chanted again,and Joukahainen sank to his chest. “Reverse your words,undo your spells!I will give you fields for plowing,meadows for pasture.” “Keep your land.My farm stretches beyond sight.”He chanted again,and Joukahainen sank to his chin. “Reverse your words,undo your spells!I will tell you of the fairest woman,the finest maiden.” Vainamoinen stopped his chant. 

Children’s Book: The Ghost Train Mystery: Vampire, Monster, Mysteries, Book for kids ages 9 12

by Luna Snow

It’s the first day of the summer holidays and the twins, Alex and Alice are excited. The fair is coming to their small village, starting with a grand parade that very morning at 10 o’clock. At the Fair they meet a very interesting character called Count Grenelli who owns a Ghost Train. There is more to the Count than meets the eye. When the twins puppy dog goes missing they are very upset but agree to help the Count with something that is troubling him at the Fairground. Who are the mysterious Mr & Mrs Smith and will Alice and Alex ever find their missing dog? What is Count Granelli’s secret? Find out in this fun and mysterious adventure.

The Swan Knight: A Medieval Legend, Retold from Wagner’s Lohengrin (Ancient Fantasy)

by Aaron Shepard

The lights dim, and a weighty silence falls upon the audience. From all over Europe and America, these fifteen hundred men and women have come to spend many days in this small German town and many hours in this theater. Some are merely curious. Some are there because it’s the fashion. But many have come out of devotion to the musical dramas of a composer they revere, almost worship — a composer who himself designed and built the theater they sit in. To them, this theater is a temple, and their journey a pilgrimage. For a full minute or more, they wait solemnly in the dark, barely daring to move, their attention resting on the curtained stage below. Then the first musical notes float up and surround them — high, soft, sustained notes of strings and woodwinds — from an orchestra entirely hidden from view.  The composer’s devotees know what vision this shimmering music is meant to impart: the descent from Heaven of the Holy Grail, the drinking cup of Christ at the Last Supper. In their minds, they watch it draw nearer to earth, as the music grows louder and deeper and louder still, at last bursting out in horns, tympani, and cymbals. Then the Grail ascends once more, the music gradually softening until strings and woodwinds lead out as gently as they led in.  And now the curtains part, and the audience knows it will soon meet the knight who serves that Grail. . . . For ages 10 and up. Not illustrated! ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of “The Baker’s Dozen,” “The Sea King’s Daughter,” “Lady White Snake,” and many more children’s books. His stories have appeared often in Cricket magazine, while his Web site is known internationally as a prime resource for folktales, storytelling, and reader’s theater. Once a professional storyteller, Aaron specializes in lively retellings of folktales and other traditional literature, which have won him honors from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, the Bank Street College of Education, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the American Folklore Society. Cover artist Wendy Edelson has applied her award-winning skills to a wide range of illustration projects, including picture books, pet portraits, posters, puzzles, and fabric design. Her clients have included Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, the Pacific Northwest Ballet, the U.S. Postal Service, and the American Library Association. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// SAMPLE “Frederick,” said the king, “are you certain you wish to accuse this girl?” “Her dreaminess can’t fool me,” said Frederick. “I have a witness to her crime. But my word alone should be enough, and I’m ready to defend it with my sword.” “Then God alone must decide,” said the king, “in trial by combat. To the just he will give the victory. Elsa, who will fight for you?” “The knight from my dream,” said Elsa. “As his reward, he shall take all my father’s lands — and myself as wife, if he’ll have me.” At the king’s command, the herald called, “Let him who will fight for Elsa of Brabant come forth!” But no one stepped forward. Elsa told the king, “He must yet be far away and not have heard. Please call again.” The king assented, and the herald called again. “Let him who will fight for Elsa of Brabant come forth!” But still there was no response. Elsa knelt in prayer. “Lord, tell my knight I need him now! Show him to me, just as he appeared before.” Then shouts went up from men by the river’s edge.  “Look!”  “A swan!”  “It’s pulling a knight in a boat!” 

The Magic Sword: The Highwater Saga Book 1

by R. J. Knight

Nineteen-year-old Kilick Highwater has lived his whole life in a village where nothing ever happens. His only friend, James, dreams of slaying monsters and going on adventures, but Kilick is content to spend his days doing nothing.

But Kilick’s peaceful existence is shattered when his older brother Tantas returns from fighting in a far-off war, and – with his dying breath – asks Kilick to go on a perilous mission.

Before dying, Tantas bequeaths Kilick a magical sword – with a blade so sharp it can practically cut through anything. Accompanied by a ragtag band of misfits, Kilick sets out on the epic quest he never wanted – where he’ll face ancient monsters, evil witches, gigantic dragons and more!

The Superior Job Search Guide: Get your Dream job, Beating any Competition even Being Less Qualified by using Mental Game Techniques!

by Jobert Gates

Forbes reports in 2015 South Africa was the country facing the highest unemployment rate worldwide of about 25.50%. I am not from South Africa but I did suffer from unemployment. There are a lot of countries where getting a job becomes amazingly difficult. I passed about 2 years of my life with no real job, I had certificates, I did. But was not employed. More than 100 application letters written, 25+ interviews made â?¦ and still no job. No real one at all. I still had to struggle, doing some little jobs aside so as to meet my bills but it just couldn’t continue.
I couldn’t get to pay my debts, I had to get a real job and as fast as I could. I went through a lot of experiences to bring up what I call the Superior Job Search Guide, this guide is the exact step to step technique I used so as to find myself in a situation where I was the one who had to choose for which firm I’ll work for. I would be happy if anyone did find this book helpful however remember nothing can be useful to you unless you really want it to be.
This book is based on the best human mental games so as to get a job, go and beat the competition hands down and get your dream job.

REMINGTON’S FREEHOLD: A Time Travel Adventure (Richard Remington Book 2)

by Allen J. Gerzoff

Richard Remington had a problem. Someone ambushed and almost killed him in Tombstone, Arizona, in the year 1881. He had been in the process of recording the famous shootout at the OK Corral. The adventurous time traveler of the 21st century could not let it lie. His would be assassin had to be found and made to pay. His only goal in life had been to live in peace and take pleasure in his sense of well-earned freedom. Other situations continued to rise before him.
Just as he was finally enjoying himself in his unique new career as a time traveling historian writing about the events he was able to record first hand, an irate woman nearly brought it all to an abrupt end by falsely accusing him of criminal behavior.
The Tucson Chief of Police and the US Federal Marshals took it upon themselves to straighten things out. They wanted him either gone from his beautiful Tucson home or dead, whichever came first.
Remington’s Freehold is the second segment of the continuing saga of Richard Remington’s adventures. During his first visit to the future, as was recorded in TIME BORN, he was granted the gift of longevity. Now many years later, at age 95 he was feeling like a fit 40 something.
Over the previous quarter century, he returned to the classroom at the Timing Institute in the 49th century to gain his credentials as a fully qualified time traveler. He’d returned to Tucson and built an in impregnable fortress home and participated in many unparalleled first-hand glimpses of history all up and down the track of human development.
When he met and formed his life-long bond with the Elders during that first visit to the future, he had no idea what he was letting himself in for. Longevity had its weak points. The love of his life, his wife of 64 years had passed on. Most other relatives were also long gone. Richard was lonely. A new love entered his life, only to be nearly snatched away by a crazed mad man. But there were limits to everything, including what Richard would put up with.

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

Jack London’s novels and ruggedly individual life seemed to embody American hopes, frustrations, and romantic longings in the turbulent first years of the twentieth century, years infused with the wonder and excitement of great technological and historic change. The author’s restless spirit, taste for a life of excitement, and probing mind led him on a series of hard-edged adventures from the Klondike to the South Seas. Out of these sometimes harrowing experiences â?? and his fascination with the theories of such thinkers as Darwin, Spencer, and Marx â?? came the inspiration for novels of adventure that would make him one of America’s most popular writers.
The Call of the Wild, considered by many London’s greatest novel, is a gripping tale of a heroic dog that, thrust into the brutal life of the Alaska Gold Rush, ultimately faces a choice between living in man’s world and returning to nature. Adventure and dog-story enthusiasts as well as students and devotees of American literature will find this classic work a thrilling, memorable reading experience

The Company You Keep: Families and Collections

by Erika Hoffman

This book uses many words which describe families or groups of animals or things. The parents will enjoy the unique words and the kids will enjoy the pictures.

Dream Big: Do Not Settle For Mediocrity

by Little Boy Tom

You can never achieve anything bigger than your dreams. To achieve big, in the first place , you must be willing to dream big. This book will inspire you to see possibility where everybody sees impossibility. It will inspire you to go beyond the ordinary. To travel roads that no body has ever traveled before. It will open your eyes to your unlimited potential and set you off to Dream Big and Achieve Big.

Age of Darkness Book Two: Ascension

by Brandon Chen

Lord of Darkness, Kuro, has been awakened and has ascended to the throne of Faar. With an army of millions of tranced warriors and a fire-breathing dragon at his disposal, Kuro has swiftly declared war on the empire of Sparta in his quest to challenge the gods and establish his age of darkness. No living mortal is strong enough to stand against the onslaught of Kuro’s forces.

But Keimaro and his companions are not willing to let Kuro destroy the world they know. Not without a fight. Their mission to defeat Kuro brings them to Skytera, a chain of magical floating islands in the sky, the only place where one may learn how to slay a dragon. But the road to Skytera is treacherous; very few mortals have ever survived.

And with every passing day, the hope of defeating Kuro’s army is only getting grimmer. Can Keimaro overcome his inner darkness and obtain the strength he needs to protect his friends and save the world?

An epic sequel to Age of Darkness (Book 1) by teen author Brandon Chen.

In a Land Far Away: A Windflower Saga Story for Kids (The Windflower Saga Book 28)

by Aleksandra Layland

This picture book is written in loose rhyme. A child travels to a land far away and encounters animal friends as he journeys from high mountain meadows, through a river canyon, down to the sea shore. There he meets the children Keri and Kalina, and the youth Leofric, to ride horses along the beach, go fishing, and play. Suddenly he wakes up and realizes it was all in his imagination. He was dreaming. Illustrations include mountains and meadows, ponies and horses, a dog, a river canyon, a desert, a sunny sky with a bird, the sea shore, the young girls Keri and Kalina, and the youth Leofric.

The story is based on places and characters from the epic fantasy Windflower Saga trilogy, but simplified into a picture book for small children. Bright Star the pony and Tiyo the dog are from “Ansgar” (part I of the trilogy); Keri, Kalina, and Leofric are from “Of Wisdom and Valor” (part II of the trilogy) though featured in their own books for younger readers: “Keri and Kalina, A Windflower Saga Chapter Book” and “Leofric of Longridge, A Windflower Saga Novella” which is suitable for young adult readers.

Books for Kids: Thereâ??s a Spider in my Shoes (Childrenâ??s Book, Picture Books, Preschool Books, Baby Books, Kids Books, Ages 3-5): Children’s Picture Book

by Michael Yu

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For those parents who are concerned, this book does contain the word “hate.”
Example: “I hate it when my older brother shoves me out the way.”

Ew! There’s a spider in my shoe! There are many things I don’t like, but spiders are the worst! Oh, it’s not because of their many fuzzy legs or their creepy crawly smiles. No, no. The reason that spiders are the worst is because…

Read along in this humorous rhyme to find out why this kid dislikes spiders.

Another quality children picture book from the father and daughter team of Michael and Rachel Yu.

Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 2 years and up.

What’s Your Beef, Mom?: The Amazing Transformation of Chuck Burger

by Dave Alexander

Chuck Burger’s mom attempts to influence his picky eating habits. Will Chuck change his ways or will Uncle Phil have to put the smack down?

I Am Not Hip-Hap, I Am Me: So Much For United

by Herley Taylor

This short fiction story uses characters of rabbits that live in the United Bunny Kingdom (U.B.K.) to provide a window into the hearts of many youth of color who are often negatively stereotyped against by many faucets of mainstream America. It deals with inequality, police brutality, racism, and the imminent doom that is often felt by said youth. Moreover, this story aims to show just why prejudging people based on their appearance and background can and often times does lead to unintended and disastrous consequences! It also contains pictures that aim to invoke humor using satire to ridicule even the most prominent members of society, to even include the 45th president of United Bunny Kingdom, Hitler Skunk! This is definitely a controversial story that you will want to read, regardless of any self-identified party label or personal morals that one may have in these perilous times. At moments, it will make the reader shriek, at other times the reader will laugh, and most importantly it will compel anyone with a caring heart to imagine what it’s like to be in that other person’s shoes. Doing so can make our world a better place to live in as we better understand the human condition.

To Love the Broken People


Why do some people make sure they are not loved? Why do they discourage all others’ attempts to make friends? There is no clear answer to this question: some people feel an irrational fear of friendship, while others protect themselves from painful past experiences or else suffer from an uncontrollable disorder. But whatever the cause, to succeed in loving a person who does everything so as not to be is one of the noblest (and most difficult) actions possible. Go to step 1 to love those who need it more than anyone.

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