Free parenting and families Kindle books for 13 Jun 17

Arlee obtient adopté (French Edition)

by John Gomez

Ce livre est sur Arlee, le chat qui a été adopté dans une maison d’amour avec sa nouvelle soeur et son frère. Ses luttes difficiles de début de vie se transforment en une vie familiale bienveillante et heureuse.

Arlee wird angenommen (German Edition)

by John Gomez

Dieses Buch handelt von Arlee, der Katze, die mit seiner neuen Schwester und ihrem Bruder in ein liebevolles Zuhause aufgenommen wurde. Sein herausforderndes frühes Leben kämpft in ein fürsorgliches und glückliches Zuhauseleben.

Arlee ottiene Adottato (Italian Edition)

by John Gomez

Questo libro parla di Arlee, il gatto che è stato adottato in una casa amorevole con la sua nuova sorella e fratello. I suoi difficili lotte primi anni di vita si trasformano in una vita familiare premuroso e felice.

Children’s Catastrophic Fears: The Importance of Attunement

by Jane Gilgun

Parents may terrorize their young children without realizing it. Children may develop catastrophic fears that their parents will destroy them. This article describes children’s catastrophic fears and what parents can do to help children deal with their fears. If parents do not help their children, children may still do well in life, but they will have a serious emotional handicap that will plunge them into feelings of helplessness and worthlessness when events trigger their catastrophic fears.

Catastrophic fears do not go away on their own. Parents must be attuned enough to help children deal with their fears. This article includes the Parental Attunement Scale. Parents and other care providers can use this scale to see where their strengths and weaknesses are.

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