Free science fiction Kindle books for 13 Jun 17

Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War Series

by Angel Ramon

After entering a virtual replica of Earth, where anything that happened in the virtual world happened on Earth, Angel gets a chance to live a normal life again. Many months after the events of the first book, Angel and Maria are now married and enjoying their lives together. Angel sells off his computer repair business in exchange for an NYPD uniform and a chance to be a lieutenant in the force. As Angel makes discoveries exposing the true nature of a construction site in his first case as lieutenant of the NYPD, he is framed for the murder of respected police commissioner Frank Kelly, Angel goes from being a hero to being a felon on the run. Angel is sent to prison just like in the first book. Perhaps Angel may know a little too much for his own good.Angel must break out of prison and find a way into the virtual world to reverse time before his good name is ruined and his family’s name is ruined. What do plutonium, dirty politics, and a virtual world have in common? You’ll just have to find out, in the story of the century! Where no stone will be left unturned!

RICHARD’S WAR: A Time Travel Adventure (Richard Remington Book 3)

by Allen Gerzoff

Richard Remington’s career as a time traveling historian, working out of present day 21st century, but under the sponsorship and guidance of his mentors in the 49th century, had been interesting and largely successful.
The trouble was, Richard couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. A few unfortunate events landed him in the less than kindly care and keeping of a US Army World War II POW camp in Great Britain. When he regained consciousness after being shot in the head, on one of the beaches of Normandy, France in the year 1944, he didn’t know who he was or why he was there the day before the D Day invasion.
The camp commander thought he was a spy. It may have had something to do with his ill-fated choice of attire. Unfortunately, spies were summarily executed during war time and Richard Remington was at the top of that commander’s list. Even time traveling historians could have bad days upon occasion. If an invitation to his own hanging wasn’t bad enough, his timing apparatus was either lost, stolen or destroyed. Will he survive? Only time will tell.
Barbara, Richard’s long-time love in the 21st century and his friends from the 49th century all knew he was in trouble somewhere, but his tracking beacon had failed. Richard Remington was lost somewhere in time, with no apparent trace. Moreover, it was feared he was injured or worse . . . dead.
Just when things couldn’t seem to get any worse for Richard Remington, the only ever 21st century time traveler, he found himself in hot water with the Board of Directors at the Timing Institute in the 49th century.

RICHARD’S WAR is the third segment of the continuing saga of Richard Remington’s adventures. During his first visit to the future, amongst many other things, he was granted the gift of longevity. That particular aspect of his life has shown a troublesome down-side. His relatives were all dead. Barbara, the lady he’d been with so long, had grown old, but he himself had not.
Although, chronologically, he was well over 100, he wasn’t burdened by those years. There was an obvious emotional conflict. He couldn’t abandon Barbara. He still loved her, but he had needs . . . the needs of any healthy man of a much younger age.

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