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Assume the Position: Memoirs of an Obstetrician Gynecologist

by Richard Houck MD

“Assume the Position: Memoirs of an Obstetrician” will place the reader in the shoes of an Obstetrician and Gynecologist with years of clinical experience and training. It will also place the reader in the same stirrups as patients in my office, listening to the trials, tribulations, joys, and fears expressed to me. Most people would assume that sitting on the stool where I have sat for many years has given me a unique view of life. However, I would argue that it is walking in my once white wooden clogs that have taken me through thousands of childbirth experiences, countless patients who have been seen in some of their most vulnerable stages of life, a multitude of surgical procedures – that it has been these steps, one by one, that have afforded me the privilege of learning everything that I have had occasion to learn over the years about the human condition. They are indeed well worn clogs, stained with all kinds of humanity, that have carried me for years from one patient to the next, one human story after another, and have allowed me the opportunity to play a small but at times significant part in the life of many women. It is to all these women, many of whose stories are recounted herein through vignettes, that I am indebted for the trust that they have placed in me over the years.
All women wonder what other women experience when they see their OB GYN physician. All men wonder what his girlfriend or wife will be subjected to when exposed in front of their â??Gyno’. The stresses and strains of a busy professional life on an Obstetrician Gynecologist are revealed in intimate, true detail.

The story begins after early retirement from one of the busiest group practices in Phoenix, Arizona and a move to the beautiful high alpine ski town of Telluride, Colorado, after an ultimatum from my wife. From there the story continues to the depths of Africa to explore women’s health care in a small country with some of the worst obstetrical and neonatal outcomes in the world. Timely topics subsequently discussed include office life, operating room experiences, the medical malpractice crisis, abortion, the family life of an obstetrician, labor and delivery, night life, the business of medicine, Obamacare, managed care, and life after private practice. Each chapter is punctuated with true, unfiltered vignettes, laughable, joyful, fearful, and tearful, that can only be found in the life of an OB-GYN physician as he goes throughout his day.

I am an actively licensed, American Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist. A graduate of Princeton University, I was trained at two of the top medical institutions in Philadelphia, after which my wife and I picked up our East Coast roots and moved to begin anew in the desert of Arizona. After 21 years of private practice, involved in all aspects of practice management and women’s health care and research, I chose to leave it all behind and begin a second career in expert witness medical malpractice testimony, and then a third career as a medical director. Travel with me as you walk through my life in my shoes. It has been an interesting journey, indeed!

Brain Games For Dogs: Discover The Most Effective Training Activities For Mental And Physical Wellness Of Your Dog!

by Oliver Jensen

Brain Games For Dogs (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

Discover The Most Effective Training Activities For Mental And Physical Wellness Of Your Dog!

No matter what your dog does for you and your family, it is important for your dog to learn the basic commands, basic manners, and respectful behavior.

Making sure that your dog knows these things isn’t just for his safety or the safety of those around you. It is also important for the well-being of your dog’s mental state, as well as his or her physical body.

Knowing these commands and teaching your dog brain games will help him, you, and the people around you develop a loving and respectful relationship.

In this book, you will learn several things that will strengthen the bond between you and your favorite pooch including:

  • How to make sure that your dog is eating well and getting enough exercise to ensure that his or her battery is fully charged
  • How to teach your dog the five basic commands that all dogs should know (sit, stay, leave it, drop it, and down)
  • How to conduct a great training session no matter what kind of dog you have and what his or her personality is like
  • How and which brain games you can play with your dog to ensure that he is always thinking and staying mentally active

Download your copy of “Brain Games For Dogs” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Environmental Protection Economics: Change the world environmentally, educationally, and economically greater

by S.A. Kader

Do you know what environmental protection economics is?
What we have achieved scientifically and economically until now is just environmental destruction. At present, global environment is destructed and economics of the world is stagnated so that we cannot further develop our economics through exploitation of our nature. Hence, instead of exploitation, if we protect and reorganize the environment with new ideas, innovations, and inventions globally, we can protect environment and advance education and economics at the same time.
What are the key factors in this book?
Initially, ten types of structures of the universe are clearly explained with several illustrations with the aim of making you greater aware on the structures and micro structures because you must be well aware of all these structures to change the world environmentally and economically greater. And then, several novel ideas are mentioned in this book for generating new products, job opportunities and services, making short films, and developing apps, websites, software, and games to have a clean and green world. Finally, you will be informed with some useful online resources on environmental health, cleanliness, and hygiene. You may replace the quoted term with other things in the same category. For example, instead of â??the jewel,’ you may use â??ring.’ Hope that this book will be a great boon for all those who like to improve their awareness on environmental protection economics.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Heal Yourself: The Top 100 Best Recipes For Chronic Inflammation (All Natural Solutions For Healing Inflammation Along With Anti Inflammatory Cookbook and Recipes)

by Susan Hollister

Are you ready to eliminate painful inflammation from your life?

Whether you want to (1) cure the root cause of your pain and discomfort, (2) discover healthy foods and treatments that can work wonders, or (3) just feel healthy and great again, then keep reading because this book will teach you everything you need to know in order to reduce chronic inflammation and start feeling good again.

Plan to live inflammation-free.

Find strategies to reverse inflammation that really work! Discover how to combine diet and lifestyle choices into a comprehensive action plan that will set you firmly on the road to better health.

Reverse your inflammation.

This book is chock-full of tips to help you identify substances you may have not considered as inflammatory that are actually contributing to your discomfort. Learn how to easily swap them out for much better alternatives.

Protect your body.

Learn strategies that will order your immune response to stand down. In addition to diet choices that reverse inflammation, learn lifestyle tweaks to balance your bodily systems and help them function at their very best. When your body is functioning optimally, it will be much less likely to react badly to whatever is thrown your way.

Get down to the root of your problems.

Find out why your body responds the way it does. Learn what the targeted medicines described in this book do to help treat inflammation. Discover how dietary supplements contribute to anti-inflammatory health and good choices for you to choose from.

What Will You Learn About Anti-Inflammatory Living?

  • What chronic inflammation is and how it affects your body.
  • Foods to avoid.
  • Foods that prevent or reduce inflammation.
  • Lifestyle inflammation reducers.
  • Breakfast and lunch recipes full of anti-inflammatory goodness.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How to customize your own anti-inflammatory action plan.
  • Delicious dinner entrees the whole family will love.
  • Snacks so good you’ll forget they are good for you.
  • Smoothies and juices to refresh and recharge.

Rediscover the good life!

Start down the path to healing and pain free living: Get this book now!

Dictionary of Chemical Engineering: All Terms of chemical engineering

by Engineering Bug

This is Dictionary of chemical engineering. It have all the terms used in the chemical engineering.
It will help to find and understand the meaning of terms used in Different branches of chemical engineering.
It helps Students, teachers and Professional in Research work.

Dictionary of Astronomy

by Engineering Bug

This is Dictionary of Astronomy. It contain words related to astronomy. Astronomy is the natural science and it contain words related to stars, galaxies, planets, moons. Dictionary contains words with their small and concise description of each word related to astronomy science.

It helps Students, teachers and Professional in Research work.

Cancer, Drugs and Genetic Terms Dictionary(Annotated)

by Engineering Bug

This is Dictionary of Cancer Terminology. It have all the terms related to Cancer, Drugs and Genetic.
It helps find the meaning of terms used in medical.
The purpose of this dictionary to spread awareness about Cancer and Drugs. It is to provide information.
All database belongs to NCI.
It helps Students, teachers and Professional in Research work.

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