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Marriage Counseling: Simple Relationship Advice to Help Bring Intimacy Back into Your Love Life

by K. Connors

Marriage Counseling – Contains TWO books!

Simple Relationship Advice to Help Bring Intimacy Back into Your Love Life

Do you struggle with understanding your spouse or significant other? Are they just impossible to understand, no matter how hard you try? Has your relationship lost its spark and excitement? Well, you’re not alone! Lucky for you, I have laid out in this book exactly what you need to do in order to fix your relationship. Take a closer look into why he acts the way he does and why she says the things she says. No more guessing; no more games. Get that new and exciting feeling back that you had when you first met!

In this book, you will learn:

  • What most women look for in a man
  • What most men look for in a woman
  • Why do some men cheat
  • Why nice guys lose more than they should
  • Why women like the bad boys
  • Why she keeps on testing you
  • How to handle arguments and disagreements
  • Why confidence matters
  • Tips and tricks for a healthy relationship

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Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Day Trading: Uncovering Day Trading Profit Making Secrets (The Ultimate Guide To Trading Book 4)

by Andrew Johnson

The Ultimate Guide On Day Trading Trading Has Finally Arrived! 

Uncovering Day Trading Profit Making Secrets

While anyone can make a few trades per day, and maybe even find some success while doing so, if you are interested in day trading on a serious level then there are many distinctive characteristics and traits that you should strive to embody on a regular basis. Likewise, there are certain strategies you should know in order to give yourself a fighting chance. If you are interested in doing more than simply surviving in the world of day trading, if you are looking to truly thrive then Day Trading: The Ultimate Guide to Day Trading is the book that you have been waiting for.

Inside you will find everything you need to up your day trading game as quickly and effectively as possible. This includes characteristics that all good day traders should possess and how to implement them in your own life. You will also find important tips and tricks to maximize your overall trade effectiveness as well as frequently made mistakes and the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t fall into their traps.

Inside you will find:

  • The importance of finding a way to motivate yourself without worrying about external stimuli

  • Tips for successfully choosing the right trade at the right time a statistically relevant portion of the time

  • The importance of timing and how to ensure you always choose the right time to enter or exit a trade

  • The five most important attributes for every successful day trader to have and how to implement them in your own life

  • The difference between the butterfly spread and the modified butterfly spread and when to use each for the best results

  • What value areas are and how to put them to work effectively for you

  • Why you shouldn’t be trading options without considering hedging your trades

  • How scalping Bollinger bands can take your forex trading game to the next level while only increasing your risk a small amount

  • The best way to jump into futures trading while maintaining a reasonable level of risk

  • And moreâ?¦

This is the only ultimate guide on day trading you will ever need! 

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Creating A Platinum Lifestyle: Set Your Mind On Fire

by Eliot Kelly

Most of the Authors in my field write about Purpose, Success or Philosophy the Author ventures into new territory with more of a Blueprint that takes all of these disciplines and leaves the reader with steps he/she can take to multiply their value to the marketplace as an Entrepreneur, Producer and Innovator..If you dream of having enough money never to worry about it ever again, you need Creating A Platinum Lifestyle.

Ketogenic Diet: 25 Simple Recipes to Burn Your Fat with Amazing Speed

by Jennifer Evans

Welcome to Ketogenic Diet!

The Ketogenic diet can help to increase the level of High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL). Especially thanks to the HDL it is possible to carry the cholesterol away from the blood. The low amount of the cholesterol in the blood decreases the risk of the heart diseases.

One of the principles of the Ketogenic diet is excluding the salt, starch, and sugar from the everyday ration. That is why the level of the sugar in the blood is stabilized.

The Ketogenic diet is appropriate even for people who do not have the problems with the extra weight but want to keep the body in shape.

Every diet should be followed strictly – and only this can lead to the fast and positive results.


Inside we collected only best of the best Ketogenic recipes for:

  • Breakfast
  • Main dishes
  • Side dishes
  • Desserts
  • Snacks and appetizers

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Choosing Gardening Gifts for the Bird Watcher: Some Gardening Gift Ideas to Get You Started

by Christen Sweet

Choosing Gardening Gifts for the Bird Watcher – Some Gardening Gift Ideas to Get You Started

Here is a preview:
Choosing gardening gifts that attract birds or gifts that can enhance your friend or loved one’s bird-themed garden and is a great way to show that you care. Gardening gifts come in an assortment of designs, materials, and colors so you can easily find useful items for your loved ones. They make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, “thank you” presents, co-worker gift exchanges, Chinese auctions, or the Christmas season.
Birds are attracted to flower gardens, especially those packed with all the plants, foods, and accessories they love. For your bird-watcher friend, look for gifts that will complement their garden decoration as well as provide an easy place for bird seeds and accessories that attract an assortment of birds. Here are some gardening gift ideas to get you started.

Hanging or Statue Bird Feeders
Bird feeders attract hummingbirds, cardinals, wrens, and many other types of amazing birds. Bird feeders can be decorative or practical, or both. You can choose a plain bird feeder, which is basically a plastic see-through tube filled with birdseed with a dispenser at the bottom. These are great for hanging in trees or on the patio. They are simple and effective. Or, for the bird watcher who also loves lawn decorations, you can choose from a variety of styles and themes of statue bird feeders such as the garden fairy bird feeder, cherub bird feeders, flower bird feeders, and animal-themed bird feeders.
One particular company that makes excellent bird feeders is Droll Yankees. They make quality bird feeders that last and also guarantee their products.
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Appetizers Seafood: 101 Delicious, Nutritious, Low Budget, Mouthwatering Appetizers Seafood Cookbook: Creative Cooking: Fish and Other Seafood

by Heviz’s

Table of content
-Crab Puffs Appetizers
-Seafood Stuffed Mushroom Caps
-Seafood Salad
-Baked Crab Quesadillas Appetizers
-Tropical Seafood Kebabs
-Seafood Nachos
-Seafood Salad Stuffed Shells
-Quick’n’Easy Seafood Tarts
-Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms
-Easy Seafood Cocktail Sauce
-Mini Shrimp Cocktail Appetizers
-Cherry Tomato Appetizers
-Appetizing Shrimp Scampi
-Seafood Newburg
-Seafood Salad
-seafood fritters
-Shrimp Appetizers (Easy)
-Cajun Seafood Au Gratin
-Boomette’s Smoked Oysters Appetizers
-Delicious Grilled Seafood
I want to thank you and congratulate you for buying this book, this book- how do you start on this book. This is the question that most people have. The greatest challenge is not usually the zeal and the motivation to start on this books but rather how to get easy and delicious recipes to get started on those books.
We have been made to believe that you have not eaten any meal unless you have some grains. However do you know that some of these grains are the reason for all the problems that we are currently facing like besity. This books has amazing recipes to get you started on your journey to eating like caveman;
I have compiled breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes with this books be rest assured that you will have no problem starting this book recipes. As the books recipes are simple, easy to make and delicious. Thanks again for downloading this books, I hope you enjoy it.

Sleep Solution: Amazing Ways How to Solve Sleep Problems Today! (Sleep Smarter, Sleep Revolution, Sleep Solution Book 1)

by Bruce Reynolds

Solve Sleep Problems Today!

Are you sick of waking up exhausted and feeling famished throughout the course of your day? Do you spend most of the wee hours of the morning staring into the darkness instead of cruisin’ to a snoozin’? Do you feel like you are missing out on certain aspects of life because you seem to be living amongst a constant fogginess? If some of these questions apply to you, I am here to tell you that it is time to stop the nonsense of not receiving the quality sleep that you deserve to get every evening. A lack of sleep can be detrimental to your overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. No one deserves to live under sleeplessness’ spell.

It is time to stop living in the very unclear fog of sleeplessness and embrace life fully recharged and ready to conquer the challenges life has to offer. With a good night’s sleep, those that are otherwise lacking in this area will begin to feel like brand new people. Learning independent ways to get a better night’s sleep is an invigorating feeling! Especially since none of the ways in this book have anything to do with prescription or over-the-counter medications that may cause for more irritability, discomfort, and ruining your natural sleep cycle. Being able to take charge and tell the darkness, “Adios” as you float into the next day is something that will not only help improve the overall quality of the life you are aimlessly living but it will also aid in a longer life.

If you are ready to feel recharged instead of a fresh piece of road kill, you owe it to yourself to soak in the contents of this book. There is bound to be something to help you within its pages! Good luck my sleepy friends!

Some of the things that we will discuss in this book include

  • The reasons why we have become terrible sleepers in general
  • The science behind the process and functioning of sleep
  • Alternative and natural treatments and methods to gather quality zzz’s
  • Utilization of methods such as meditation to help you sleep more soundly
  • And Much Much More…

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The Consciousness Explained: 3 Steps to Have a Healthy Life in Practice Mindfulness and Awaken Your Inner Consciousness


What is the consciousness explained?

Who are you? Where is the body? How to unlock your mind power?
Do you want to make change in your life and improve healthy?

The consciousness explained is the act of engaging in contemplation or reflection in order to attain a high level of spiritual awareness or high mindfulness. Basically, it is a technique to relax the mind in order to attain a state of consciousness other than the normally awakened state of being. Through the consciousness explained, you learn to explore your inner dimensions to better understand yourself and the central experience of inner consciousness.

This book, “The consciousness explained: 3 Steps to Have a Healthy Life” is written to make it possible for readers to control their conscious thinking and eventually change their lives.

Inside you’ll learn how to:

* Unleashing Your Consciousness
* Deepening Consciousness Through the Body
* Raising Consciousness
* Using the Power of Your Consciousness to Heal

And much, much more!!!

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30 Day Whole Food Challenge: Incredible Healthy Whole Food Recipes to Lose Weight and Start Feeling Great! (30 Day Challenge, Whole Food Recipes, Whole Diet, Whole Foods Book 1)

by David Pierce

Use These Guidelines Of Super Healthy Foods And Start Treating Your Body How It Deserves Today!

If this is your first challenge with the whole food experience, you will discover owning your personal copy of the 30 Day Whole Food Challenge will be a valuable addition to your digital collection. The recipes provided are fully explained, so your experience with your new way of cooking will be made much simpler.

After reading the first chapter, you will soon wonder why you have not chosen these methods before.

The meal choices are limitless, and you will soon discover everything you have been missing out in life once you learn the healthier ways to prepare your meals.

This book will discuss some of the many ways to prepare healthy meals for you and your family to enjoy ranging from breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. There are also some tasty snacks, appetizers, and desserts to keep you on your 30-day whole food challenge.

You will discover how important it is to go organic. There is no need to feel deprived while you take your challenge because you will be eating healthy whole foods every day.

You will soon discover many reasons to stop consuming the processed foods offered on today’s market.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of Some Tasty Recipes You Will Learn to Cook

  • Light and Fluffy Applesauce Waffles
  • Strawberry Banana Frozen Smoothie
  • Asian Salmon Cakes
  • Maple Pecan Bars
  • And Much More!

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The Reasons for a Bonsai Tree: Reason to Have the Bonsai Tree

by Janie Deleon

The Reasons for a Bonsai Tree – Reason to Have the Bonsai Tree

Book preview:
There are a lot of people who will find that they like the bonsai tree, but they have no need for the tree. Keep in mind that you can always find a reason for you to take it home. They are many advantages to the bonsai tree and you will find that this advantages will help make your home look better and the home atmosphere will be filled with calmness and peace.
The first reason to have the bonsai tree is because you will be able to change the atmosphere of any given room by these tree. It has a lot of history and in the history comes years of calmness and wisdom. You will find that the bonsai tree is a great way to enlighten the room.
The second reason why you will want to have the bonsai tree is because you can make it your own. You can make your bonsai tree look like any creation that happen to have in mind. You will also find that you can make it stand out because it will be your own creation. You will find that the bonsai is something that you can have for yourself.
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Gardening Gift Wrapping Techniques: Some Ideas to Give Your Gift-wrap a Personal Touch

by Janie Deleon

Gardening Gift Wrapping Techniques – Some Ideas to Give Your Gift-wrap a Personal Touch

Book preview:
To make your gardening gifts really unique, wrap them in love and show your loved one you really care. You can gift wrap gardening gifts the traditional way, or you can get just a little more creative with your gift wrapping. Here are some ideas to give your gift-wrap a personal touch.

Garden Statues and Other Large Gardening Gift Items
For large gardening gifts such as full-size garden statues, birdbaths, arbors, a garden trellis, garden fountains, or patio furniture, use creative party decorations instead of gift wrap. You can tie big bows and balloons along with a card attached to decorate the gift.
Or, decorate the garden statue or fountain in plant or vegetable seed packs. To do this, use a hole-puncher to punch small holes in the very corner of each seed pack. Be sure not to puncture the pack where the seeds can spill. Then, thread ribbon through each of the holes and tie them around the statue, birdbath, or patio furniture with excess curly ribbon hanging for extra decoration.

Gift Wrap for Bird Houses or Bird Feeders
Bird houses and bird feeders are smaller items so you can easily place them in a gardening gift basket along with other gardening items such as bird seeds, vegetable or flower seed packs, unique garden tools, and other small garden decoration items. Fill the empty spaces in the basket with colorful cut shreds and fillers. Wrap the basket in a clear or colored shrink dome bag, and finish with a beautiful bow assortment and gift card.
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In this book, you can find:
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Rose Gardening and the Climate Zones: An Importance of Climate Zones on Rose Gardening

by Lorena Slater

Rose Gardening and the Climate Zones – An Importance of Climate Zones on Rose Gardening

Here is a preview:
Rose Gardening and the climate zones
If you want to be the proud owner of a bountiful garden this year, the first thing you need to find out is which climate zone you live in. It’s helpful to know that your town gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year, but that’s not enough. It’s actually the cold temperatures that make a difference in what you can and cannot grow in your area.

Know Your Zone
Anyone who knows anything about gardening will tell you that the most reliable source of this type of climate information is the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. Consisting of 11 different climate zones covering all 50 states, Canada and Mexico, this map will help you determine what you can plant in your garden.
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Types of Climbing Roses: Climbing Roses Add a Dramatic Effect

by Lorena Slater

Types of Climbing Roses – Climbing Roses Add a Dramatic Effect

Here is a preview:
Colorful climbing roses can add a dramatic effect to your home. They’re nice because you can wind them around a trellis, a column, or even let them climb up the side of your home. It’s interesting to note, however, that many seasoned gardeners fear climbing roses. This is likely because of the belief that climbing roses can get damaged by cold weather and also because they can take years to reach full maturity. Despite these facts, there is a wide selection of climbing roses that can sustain harsh weather.
The best time to plant any type of climbing rose is early spring. Follow this advice and your roses will have about six or seven months to become established before the cold sets in. Before choosing climbing roses for your home, you should first get acquainted with the three distinct categories of climbing roses: ramblers, trailing roses, and true climbers.
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Instant Pot Cookbook: The Quick and Easy Guide to Make Delicious Healthy Food Instantly by Using Electric Pressure Cooker â?? Including Recipes for Meals

by Tony Smith

You will be surprised how many tasty recipes await you in your copy of Instant
Pot Cookbook: The Quick and Easy Guide to Make Delicious Healthy Food Instantly
By Using Electric Pressure Cooker – Including Recipes for Meals. You can use if you
want to maintain a healthy diet, lose weight, and still enjoy tasty food items.

If you maintain a busy lifestyle and have only the weekend to rest before the following week, you will find planning what you want for the coming week can be less of a task if you have your cookbook downloaded to your files.

These are some of the choices to make your kitchen time limited:

ï?§Apple and Squash Porridge
ï?§Orangey Oats
ï?§Quinoa Salad Wrap
ï?§Polynesian Chicken Sandwich
ï?§Asian Steamed Dumplings
ï?§Pina Colada Chicken
You will discover many ways to use your Instant Pot for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Instant Pot will save you many hours of preparation time so you can move on with your life.

The King in Love: Edward VII’s Mistresses

by Theo Aronson

Here, for the first time, is an all-embracing account of the loves of that celebrated royal womaniser, Edward VII, as Prince of Wales and King.

It is also a study of the three women with whom the King was most deeply in love â?? his `official’ mistresses, Lillie Langtry, Daisy Warwick and Alice Keppel. In their different ways, all three were exceptional personalities. Lillie Langtry, the socially ambitious girl from the vicarage, became a famous actress. Daisy Warwick, an immensely wealthy heiress and social butterfly, was converted to socialism. Alice Keppel, probably the King’s greatest love, developed into an astute and fascinating figure in her own right.

Spanning three decades and packed with incident, scandal and high romance, the story is set in the extravagant and hypocritical world of late Victorian and Edwardian society. It is full of colourful characters: Edward’s beautiful and betrayed wife Alexandra; the three cuckolded husbands â?? Edward Langtry, the Earl of Warwick and the Hon. George Keppel; the flamboyant Oscar Wilde; the sensuous Sarah Bernhardt; the dissipated Prince Albert Victor; the sexually complex W.E. Gladstone.

Royal biographer Theo Aronson draws on much new and unfamiliar material in this vivid book and reassesses many aspects of his subjects’ lives. He challenges long-established myths and reveals much that was hitherto unknown: not least the extraordinary scene that took place at the deathbed of King Edward VII. The result is a brilliant evocation of a world, and a way of life that has gone forever.

In the Forum of Her Silenced Cry: A Requiem for Hillary

by C.J. Chartwell

Why did the most qualified candidate for president in American history lose to a man so unqualified? And why, all these many months later, are we still unable to reconcile our image of Hillary Clinton with the reality of her? Can a woman ever win a presidential election in the U.S.?
The author, who was fired from her job on the same day as FBI Director James Comey, weaves her personal tale of oppression with the larger political climate.
If you cried on election night 2016, if you’ve grown angrier in the months since, if you’re a member of the resistance looking for a way forward … pause for a moment and learn the lessons of our recent past.

10 Outstanding Biblical Principles for All Round Success

by Lauren Derrick

Success at work, school, business, etc. is not an accident. There certain success action plan you can take to engineer your success.

Do you desire to be successful in life?
Do you want to know the secret to tackling life’s challenges?
Do you desire a life that is above average?
Does an all round success sounds like something you can’t achieve?

If yes, then this book, ‘ Ten Outstanding Biblical Principles for All Round Success’ will definitely be of great to you. It is what you need to have answers to those lingering questions in your heart.

The desire of God is that we lead an all round successful life on earth irrespective of our background and race. This success book is going to unravel some hidden secrets that will help you to achieve that stardom you have dreaming of. It is well loaded with lessons and biblical principles on how to live a complete successful life. It explains how you can apply these principles in you day to day activities in order to achieve success.

Guess what? You sure deserve to be happy, and with an enthusiastic glow on your face and sprint to go through lie with ease. Gets a copy of this inspiring and revealing book, and you will be glad you did!

Believe!: Our Role In Learning The Truth

by Stacey Wells

This book has been on my heart for a very long time and is the culmination of much study on the subject of believing. After my nephew died of brain cancer at the age of eight, I doubted my ability not only to believe, but to even pray for anyone ever again.
It was at that time that God began to reveal to me His Truth about believing, faith, what it means and how to do it.
It is my prayer that I will be able to convey whatever it is that God wants to get across through these words, and that it will help you too. Maybe you are going through a rough time, or struggling through your faith for one reason or another. Maybe this is what God wants you to see.

Growing Perennial: The Beauty of Growing Perennial

by Janie Deleon

Growing Perennial – The Beauty of Growing Perennial

Book preview:
Biennials are usually very stunning plants with a good number of attractive flowers. They are somewhat troublesome for the gardener, since they do not bloom until their second year. Their great advantage is that their seeding stage produces new plants, which will bloom again two years later, making it unnecessary to plant additional seeds.
Most people are unaware that biennials are called biennials because of the fact that they form new plants every two years. Some gardeners are shocked when the witness the new growth because they were unaware that this phenomenon would take place. What a pleasant surprise for the novice gardener!
The biennials are usually planted in early summer and transplanted to high-quality soil when they are big enough to handle. It is a good thought to pot them at this time, particularly in logistical areas where plants can’t be left outdoors in winter. In some cases, they can be transplanted to a cold frame, and then placed in the flowerbed the following spring.
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Live Better-Succeed Better

by Bryan L. Nathans

The level of success, in it’s turest sense that you will ever achieve will be greatly determined by tge way you live your life. In hi new book, Live Better -Succeed Better , Bryan seeks to show you the aspects of everyday living that could make your life more enjoyable and fun and will propel you to the success levels that you would like to see in your life.

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