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Surrender (30 Day Devotional Series Book 8)

by Mark J Musser

George Muller wrote, “The vigor of our spiritual life will be in exact proportion to the place held by the Bible in our life and thoughts.”

A.W. Tozer once commented, “Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian.”

Some devotionals offer you only a Scripture or two followed by a short blurb and a pithy quote. If you are looking for spiritual nourishment, that would be nothing more than a light snack. True spiritual sustenance requires much more.

If you want a “full meal,” check out the following books in the 30 Day Devotional Series. Each devotional in this dynamic series will provide you with a portion of Scripture to read, a handful of questions to think through, suggested prayers to offer up, and action steps to apply God’s Word.

When most of us think of surrender, we think of giving up and giving in. Images of white flags, yellow cowardice, and black spots in history pop into our mind. Yet, if we let this idea seep into our relationship with Jesus, then we have a serious problem. Because when it comes to truly knowing and experiencing more of Christ, surrender is the key. We will never truly know and experience Jesus Christ without first surrendering totally, completely, and unreservedly to Him.

God Unboxed: Experiencing God as He Truly Is
Human nature tends to put God in a box in an attempt to control or understand Him, but the Lord cannot be boxed! He is bigger, grander, mightier, and more amazing that we could ever imagine. Spend 30 Days opening up the box. When you meet God for who He truly is, you will be truly changed!

Searching for Truth: Finding Answers to the Most Asked Questions
Formerly “Need Answers?,” this devotional answers many of life’s key questions–Do I really need God? Where can I find joy? Does God want me to be happy? Are little sins really such a big deal? Will God test me? Does God help those who help themselves? If Jesus loves me just as I am, why must I change? Does God give more than we can handle? What’s wrong with self-sufficiency? Are prayer and Bible study optional for the Christian? Spend the next 30 Days discovering the answers to these questions and many more!

The Path to Spiritual Maturity
Many Christians live a “surface-life” existence, while all sorts of things are churning below the surface. They put on their Sunday best, show a fake smile, loudly sing songs of praise, say “Amen” at the end of prayers, and use all the right words while in church. But under the surface, there is unresolved hurt, excused sin, struggles, and unhealthy habits which are not being addressed. Can you relate? If so, spend the next 30 Days learning to dig deep and find healing.

Who Am I: Understanding Who You Are in Christ
Discover who you are and all that you can be! Understand that, in Christ, you are so much more than you could ever imagine. Each day, dig into the Scriptures and learn more about God’s awesome plan and tremendous purpose for your life! Bonus: Six extra devotionals!

Every Day Heroes: Changing the World through Your Faith in Christ
Each day encounter average, ordinary people that God used in extraordinary ways. Be inspired and encouraged by their stories of bravery, sacrifice, commitment, and devotion. Know that the same God who worked mightily in and through them desires to do the same in and through you!

Christmas: It’s Jesus’ Birthday, Not Yours
Our culture has made Christmas all about us. We think only of what we plan to buy others and what we hope others are planning to buy us. Yet, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Because of that, the question we must ask ourselves this holiday is, “What does Jesus want for His birthday?” Not sure? Grab hold of this devotional and spend the next 30 Days discovering the answers.

Wicca herbal magic: The Magic Wiccan guide for beginners: Herbs and oils for beginners in Wicca with simple spells

by Sophie Welch

Are you a practitioner of Wicca?

Are you interested in the ideas and thoughts that Wicca followers promulgate?
Do you believe that illnesses, aches and pains can be cured by magic?

For anyone, whether they are a specialist in the subject or simply hold a passing interest in it, Wicca is something that follows a clear and definite path and inside this new book, Wicca Essential Oils you will discover how it can assist with all manner of ailments.

The four parts of this book cover:

  • An introduction to magic and herbalism
  • Creating a magical garden
  • Practising practical magic
  • Magical spells, baths, oils and teas

Each part also contains several chapters which look in depth at things such as how to go about planting your garden and the plants you should choose, the 5 elements of magic and how to cast a circle.

Learning about the medicinal benefits of plants would mean nothing of course, unless there were cautionary notes on their usage. Not all plants are suitable for all people and there is a detailed list at the beginning so you won’t encounter any problems.
All in all, Wicca Essential Oils is the perfect book for amateurs and seasoned Wicca veterans.

Get your copy of this fantastic book now and start learning more about the Magic of Herbs.

Prosper In Your Youth: Biblical Insights From The Book of Proverbs

by Bryan L. Nathans

Prosper In Your Youth is a book written to teach young people to be resourceful through meditation on wisdom quotes from the book of Proverbs.It will guide the reader to live a God-driven prosperous life and propel whoever will walk in these precepts to achieve beyond mediocrity. It advises the reader to live and associate with others intelligently,choosing one’s friends wisely and applying discernment to the ways of man. Surely it is a life transforming book.

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