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DIY Solar Heater System: A Guide for Beginners: (Solar Power, Power Generation) (Survival Gear Book 1)

by Mark Spencer

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DIY Solar Heater System

A Guide for Beginners

Unless you are some sort of fitness guru who enjoys showering like he is in Himalayas, most of us enjoy a hot shower! But those hot showers can raise our heating bills, and often enough prove to be less efficient than desired. This book raises the stakes however, and provides an easy to understand blueprint for creating your own solar powered heater. Learn the information here in this guide and you will never have to depend upon a utility grid water heater again!

This book offers up several examples and variations of solar based heating apparatuses that you can easily construct with mostly just simple household items. In this book you will learn how you can take a simple everyday item like a coffee can and transform it into an incredibly efficient mini water heater. This is just one of the true gems you will find inside the pages of this guide.

Read further to find out how can create solar collectors, solar box heaters, and comprehensive thermal collectors that can heat your whole home! This guide, shows you how with the least amount of know-how and even less gear, can create impressively home heating systems that can save you money, and bring long lasting warmth to your residence for many years to come!

Buy this book to find out:

  • How to construct Solar Box Heaters
  • Create Solar Water Heaters
  • Make the best of Passive Solar Heating
  • Improve Heating Efficiency
  • And a whole lot More!

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Golf: Golf Simplified: Eliminate Strokes Right Away: 21 Simple And Effective Tips To Help You Instantly Improve All Aspects of Your Game (Drive the ball … and straighter, Free Jordan Spieth Bonus)

by Al Turner

I truly want to help you enjoy this game even more by lowering your score with the provided tips, techniques, strategies, knowledge, and drills in this book, which are explained to you in the simplest way possible.

Whether you are a professional, an experienced player looking to take your game to that seemingly impossible next level, an amateur, a curious beginner searching for a product with the perfect combination of basic fundamentals and essential knowledge, or totally clueless and won’t even step foot on a golf course out of fear of embarrassment (Don’t worry! We all have been there.) this book has something practical you can take away to positively impact your game.

This Book Covers Just About Every Aspect of Golf

  • Driving
  • Iron Shots
  • Wedge Shots
  • Putting
  • Mental Tips
  • Pictures and diagrams to enhance comprehension and simplify content
  • and a lot more
  • You Will Find Answers To Frequently Asked Golf Questions Like…

    • How do I stop slicing the ball?
    • How can I hit longer and straighter drives?
    • How can I consistently make solid contact?
    • What do I have to do in order to stop this three putting madness?
    • What is the most important aspect of putting?
    • How do I hit the sweet spot on the putter every time?
    • What wedges should I carry?
    • What are the best drills to develop my game?
    • and a lot more
    • What are others saying about this book?…

      • “Awesome read! I thoroughly enjoyed this simplified version of how to improve your golf game! This book covered everything from improving longer drives, to putting tips. Al did an excellent job through illustrative pictures and descriptive writing to show who to improve your golf game. I highly recommend it!”
      • “I wish I had read this book when I was beginning to learn learn play golf…The book includes pictures so you can clearly understand all the tips; it covers not only driving, but iron and wedge shots and putting too…if you’re beginner and want to improve your game, this book is for you.”
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        You may be hesitant to buy this book as there are a lot of other golf books out there but there is one thing I want you to know: this book is the most helpful and effective.
        Because I appreciate you going out of your way to read this description here is an inside look at one of the Jordan Spieth ball control tips called “check it” from the bonus section.

        Check it
        “One of the best ways to control your ball is to hit it low, allowing it to gain after a few bounces. This technique can come in handy when you are dealing with a lot of green. Open the face of your sixty-degree wedge at address, and then set your ball about center in your stance to ensure that you catch it clean. On the return, hinge your wrists, and then try to maintain a bit of that hinge when coming down. Your hands should be slightly closer to the target during impact than your club head. A good trick to control the speed of the ball is to maintain the club head at close proximity to the ground as much as possible. This will enable the grooves to really grasp the ball and cause a backspin. Swinging up too soon will lead to either poor contact or a too high shot.”

        $2.99…A small investment to earn bragging rights!


by Duncan Lewis

Are you new to running? Or do you want to take your running to the next level? Whether you enjoy running for fun, want to lose weight or complete your first marathon, The Beginner’s Guide to Running has you covered. No matter if you have tried and failed at running in the past, this book is designed to show you how to enjoy running and achieve your goals.

In this book you will discover the secrets to:

How to stay motivated to run

– Which gear to use that will maximise performance

– Preparing your body to run to reduce injury

– Secrets to running further and faster with ease

– Simple tricks to improving your breathing

– Performance enhancing uncommon super foods

– Basic, no nonsense training plans for 5km, 10, half marathon and full marathon

– Tips and tricks to perform your best on race day

– How to recover fast in between runs

– Tricks to overcoming running injuries with ease



In the beautiful world of fiction writing, this work is the maiden venture by Dev Dutta Roy, an ex-officer of Indian Air Force, with the aim of narrating to his august audience – read â??readers’ – an absorbing tale from, arguably, the most popular game of our time which entertains millions of people across the length and breadth of the globe, in simple yet smooth-flowing language of the storytellers of bygone era who once entertained men and women of all age groups in the walled township of Delhi and many other towns and villages of India, when the means of modern-day entertainment were not heard of. Woven around â??the beautiful game’, football, the story begins in the football crazy Indian metropolis of Calcutta, or Kolkata, in early nineteen seventies, takes the audience to Delhi with the flow, changes the course to enter London and other cities of Britain where competitive football – at the apex of which â??Premier League’ is ensconced firmly – of highest standard is played with great zeal and proficiency by the top of the drawer players from across the world, under the guidance of world renowned managers, in the physical presence of, probably, the most passionate of all the fan-groups of the world. The important characters of the story are many – the grandfather â??Dadu’ of the narrator, narrator’s childhood friend Kakka who is now a well known businessman of London and owns a football club, star footballers from India making their mark on English soil, Mr. Gibbs, Monsieur Renard, Kakka’s wife Simran and retired Group Captain Ian Navigator of RAF and many more. But, the protagonist in the entire episode is, undoubtedly, football – the beautiful game.
Since the author has penned the story keeping in view both Indian and international booklovers, the readers, therefore, will have glimpses of Indian – particularly Bengali and Punjabi – culture and foods, as well as that of the people of London. And since Monsieur Thiery Renard, the master tactician manager of the club introduced into the scheme of the things at a later stage, is French, you will find a tinge of French way of life too.

The tale will be liked by you – the book lovers – even if you are not football buffs, a bit same way you liked Hemingway’s â??The Old Man and The Sea’ when you were not necessarily angling enthusiasts.

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