Free travel Kindle books for 14 Jun 17

Stair-Rods & Stars: A Cycling Perambulation

by Adam Colton

Three fine days then a soaking; a typical summer weather cycle the author endures whilst demonstrating his unconventional style of camping in rural England, close to a network of cycle paths and drovers’ ways.

The author says, “This tome, written in a very positive frame of mind, covers everything from removing bird’s mess from the handlebars to a requiem for world peace. And that’s just the first chapter!”

Includes Grand Union, Kennet and Avon, River Thames, The Ridgeway, Bath and Bristol Rail Trail, South Downs Way and much more.

How To Survive Moscow: A Dad’s Guide (Series 1)

by Justin Morley

Eight years of living in Moscow as a British expatriate and SAHD. This big survival guide book gives a detailed account on many subjects in the form of How to. For example: How to cope with winters in Moscow. This guide began life as a popular blog that was featured in radio and television. You will find this guide very useful and packed with information on surviving in Moscow. Learn what it’s like to live in Moscow, learn about another culture. The content is written with humour and can be dipped into section by section rather than read in one go. An excellent resource reference for anyone who wants to learn about another culture and to understand just what it”s like to be a SAHD (stay at home dad) married to a French woman living in Moscow!

Istanbul City Guide (Waterfront Series Book 25)

by R.G. Richardson

Istanbul City Guide – Interactive City Search
No typing just pick and click with over 1500 preset searches!
In the guide book, you look in the index of what you want to search and then you click on the button next to it, Google, Duckduckgo, Facebook, Baidu or Pinterest and you instantly have you search items displayed.
For PC, Pad or Phone.
Click on Chinese under restaurants and google lights up giving you all the Chinese
Chinese restaurants in the city, it’s that easy….no typing!
Go through the index and search hotels, pubs, clubs, sports, real estate, attractions, tours and on it goes, 1500 preset searches. Don’t wait to travel to the city to get this app, get it now to stay up to date on what is going on in the city, it never goes out date!
Pick it and click it! That’s How this search tool in an ebook works to make life more fun and enjoyable search interactive ebooks search and immediately deliver the best and current information. Pick it and click it! No typing! The preset search words have been carefully selected to get the information you need to enjoy your travel to the max.
Instant time-saving access to the best information on everything from A to Z, never goes out of date.Please check out the complete travel series of search guide books.
You can download a free reader software for your computer or mobile device.

A Trek to Milam Glacier

by Munishwar Gulati

The book is about trekking to Milam Glacier. The Milam Glacier (3438Mts and upwards), is most stupendous and well known of the glaciers of Kumaon region of India followed by Ralam and Nanda Devi base camp. The Milam glacier summit at 3872Mts in the nodal point for a different high grade routes and peaks.

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