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Memoirs of an insane Christian: The Short Story of Mental Illness and its place in Faith

by J. Jo.

J. Jo battles with mental illness firsthand. She dives into the characteristics, symptoms and warning signs of mental illness from a personal perspective. This book points out that there are different forms of Bipolar and other mental illnesses while proving the point that all who suffer from mental illnesses are not completely incapable of leading normal lives. This book breaks down the stereotypes and false beliefs of mental illness and explains it in a way that is easy for all to understand. Mental illness is no laughing matter, very real and should be taken seriously. Many people jokingly diagnose themselves as “bipolar” when they become upset about something, not realizing that bipolar is much more than that. For those who suffer from mental illness, there are periods of high elevated moods and low episodes of depression that “normal” people experience, but on a different scale. There are even individuals who suffer from mental illness that are more “normal” than those who don’t have one because you are more likely in tune with yourself when you know you have a problem. Not all mental illnesses cause someone to be completely dangerous and irrational. In order to tell the full story, the author explains life events for others to determine if mental illness is induced or inevitable. She ultimately explains that some of those who have mental illnesses are Christians actively using their faith for stability in the Lord. Some of the things discussed in this book, can also apply to those without mental illnesses that are working on their faith.

Lipsticks and Bullets: ISIS, Crisis, and the Cost of Revolution

by Fairouz Abdalla

English Literature student Fairouz dreams of a revolution and a Syria free from the rule of the tyrannical Bashar al-Assad and his minions. But revolutions are not so easily achieved, as she realises when her life transforms into a blockbuster movie before her very eyes. Fairouz Abdalla’s diary Lipsticks and Bullets takes us on an exclusive trip into her politically-charged world and among the demonstrators on the historic roads of Old Damascus and Hama. Syria is a dangerous place for an activist ­- and especially for a woman. Forced into making life or death decisions, and faced with losing all she loves, Fairouz must fight not just for a Syrian revolution, but also for the lives of her loved ones, herself, and against the growing nightmare that is ISIS.

This is not only the intimate story of a woman but a Syrian woman who is a powerful witness to the terror and horror wrought by Assad on the lives and souls of Syria’s citizens. A tale of love, passion, courage, and dedication. Syria’s story is her story.

Jesus is Calling You!: The LORD is waiting on you and this can be a great beginning!

by Hazelteen Wilson

Jesus is calling is an easy read and answer the questions book about where He might be calling you to in His Kingdom. It is a study on the book of John and it is only three weeks, so you won’t be overwhelmed. It tells about the Incarnation, Miracles, Pre-existence, Revelation, and Discipleship. Jesus is calling You! can answer some question that you might want answers to as you begin your walk with Him and can strengthen your walk as well. It tells about Jesus Christ love He ahs for us here in this world and so much love He wants us to make it to eternity. He love for us to be obedient but we are human and makes mistakes. When we do He calls for us to Repent and renew our walk with God. As we walk with Him, He wants us to know that He has a mission for our lives. It can be simple to complex but He is their journeying with us even when we don’t believe so. I love Dear Jesus and the Holy Trinity and I want to walk according to His purpose in my life. I don’t know how to do anything without Him. He hsa been so much to me and shows me love in different ways! Jesus is an awesome God that I want to be obedient to because it is a good thing of His Soverignity, and love that I must obey!

CELTIC CRIME: True Crime Stories Bundle – Irish Crime & Scottish Crime

by Roger Harrington

Celtic Crime – True Crime Stories Bundle: Scottish Crime + Irish Crime – 2 Books In 1!

Scotland and Ireland are synonymous with picturesque scenery and a rich cultural history. But over the centuries, right up to present day, both have had their fair share of problems. From violent freedom fighters to bodysnatchers, from crimes of passion to cold-blooded serial killers, this True Crime Stories bundled edition leaves no stone unturned in examining the cruel, violent and in some cases evil history of these islands.

Two Hugely Popular Kindle Books in One Bundle – Scottish Crime (True Crime Stories) and Irish Crime (True Crime Stories). Highly recommended for anyone interested in true crime, or in Scottish history or Irish history.

All the Gear, No Idea: A Woman’s Solo Motorbike Journey Around the Indian Subcontinent

by Michèle Harrison

BOOK REVIEW by Stuart Jewkes, Editor of The Rider’s Digest

“All the gear and no idea” is usually meant as a pejorative term aimed at chequebook bikers. On the other hand, Michele Harrison inverts the phrase here to illustrate her refreshingly honest and upfront admission of her inexperience in relation to the magnitude of her undertaking – a massive road trip round India, all by herself, on a locally-procured Royal Enfield, with no backup or support of any kind. Unlike many of her “moto-travel-lit” peers, Michele uses the best policy of all, which is to adopt the value system of her host nation and leave everything to fate; a policy which eventually has a lasting impact on the rest of her life (in a good way – but I won’t give it away!). As a result, she makes Homeric road trips like this sound accessible and achievable to mere mortals, when so many others give the impression that lack of expertise is a barrier to entry.

It’s not all Pirsig-style mysticism either. Instead you variously get crashes, dynamite, harrassment and hospitality, charity and larceny, disease, enlightenment and a side-trip into the Himalayas. At the centre of all this is Michele and her motorcycle (“Big Thumper”), which is the perfect vehicle for the human interaction that is the cornerstone of all great travel stories, including this one.


Just because someone told her India was “really in your face”, Michèle Harrison quit her office job at the age of 33, bought herself an Enfield motorbike and set off for nearly a year in 1997 to tour the Indian subcontinent. Until then, she had only ridden scooters around London. With more gear than sense, her 17,000 miles journey took her through the mayhem of Delhi traffic, the mountains of Kashmir, the deserts of Rajasthan, the beaches of Goa, the southern tip of India, the remote tracks of Nepal and the eerie Himalayan barrenness of Ladakh. She wanted an adventure to spice up a boring life and fulfil her wanderlust. She got that, and more.

Rodney James Alcala: Occupation: Serial Killer a.k.a. The Dating Game Killer

by J.R. Knowles

Rodney James Alcala, an American serial killer whose true crime story will give you chills He was a killing machineâ?¦

Throughout the late 1960’s and 1970’s, a man roamed the streets with a camera. While photography was a “hip “hobby to have at the time, this man was different from the rest. He asked young girls and women to pose for him, often nude, and a few of them he even molested and murdered.

It all started with Tali Shapiro, an eight-year-old girl that was saved by a Good Samaritan who witnessed her climb into a vehicle driven by a man. The entire scene seemed off to the man, who called police shortly after he followed the vehicle to an apartment complex. By the time the police arrived on the scene, Tali Shapiro was almost dead, and Rodney Alcala had retreated out the back door. He was apprehended for the rape and torture of Tali Shapiro, but he was released on parole not long after he was convicted and imprisoned.

His newfound freedom came at a cost to many women and children.

Dubbed the Dating Game Killer because he was on an episode of the Dating Game show in 1978, Rodney Alcala’s body count is still rising. He kept photographs of his victims, and police found over 1,700 in a storage locker Alcala had rented. Some of the pictures Alcala took have been released by NYPD (New York) and the HBPD (California) in hope to identify possible victims of this psychopath.

This book is about the victims’ investigators know about, and it gives a small insight into the life of one of the most vicious and active serial killers America has ever known.

Many believe that Alcala may have killed over a 100 women and girls.

Warning, information found in this book may be too graphic for some to handle.

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Ð?елание вÑ?жиÑ?Ñ?: Ð?оспоминания веÑ?еÑ?ана Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ? войн (Russian Edition)

by РÑ?мик Ð?аксим Ð?Ñ?Ñ?емовиÑ?

Ð?изненная линия РÑ?мика Ð?. Ð?. пеÑ?есекаласÑ? со многими вÑ?даÑ?Ñ?имися совеÑ?скими военаÑ?алÑ?никами, о Ñ?Ñ?м соÑ?Ñ?анилисÑ? инÑ?еÑ?еснÑ?е воспоминания. Ð? Ñ?азное вÑ?емя он бÑ?л и погÑ?аниÑ?ником, и Ñ?анкисÑ?ом, и лÑ?Ñ?Ñ?иком, и десанÑ?ником, и адÑ?Ñ?Ñ?анÑ?ом командÑ?Ñ?Ñ?его аÑ?мией. Ð? книге освеÑ?аÑ?Ñ?ся малоизвесÑ?нÑ?е сÑ?Ñ?аниÑ?Ñ? войнÑ?, в Ñ?ом Ñ?исле еÑ? пеÑ?вÑ?Ñ? дней и месяÑ?ев 1941 года, а Ñ?акже Ñ?еалÑ?нÑ?е подвиги боевого оÑ?иÑ?еÑ?а, в коÑ?оÑ?Ñ?Ñ? пÑ?акÑ?иÑ?ески не бÑ?ло Ñ?ансов вÑ?жиÑ?Ñ?.

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