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Norse Mythology: Unearthed Legends of Nordic Myth (Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Gods, Sagas)

by Oliver Laine

You’ve heard about Norse mythology before, but how much do you really know?

By Odin’s Beard! This Brief Guide on Norse mythology will get you up to speed!

You may already be familiar with names and personalities such as Odin, Thor, Loki, and the Valkyries – and in this book you will learn about the many roles that they play within the various legends and sagas that have been passed down from generation to generation. You will learn about the impact that they have made on both the ancient Scandinavian cultures from where the stories arose and on modern culture in northern Europe.

You will also learn how Norse mythology has become a leading source of storytelling ideas, and how the concepts and characters have found their way into works as diverse as Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Gaiman’s American Gods; the operas that make up Wagner’s acclaimed The Ring of the Nibelung; the musical genres of heavy metal and, specifically, Viking metal; and many others.

Finally, I hope that reading about Norse mythology will help you gain a better understanding of the ancient cultures of Scandinavia: specifically, how these people saw the world and how they perceived themselves as they fit into that world.

Here is a Brief Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Norse Culture and the Importance of Mythology
  • Sources
  • The Gods of Norse Mythology
  • Inhabitants of the Universe
  • Heroes and Heroines
  • The Nine Worlds
  • And Much, Much More!

Become god-like now, and get this Kindle book!

Blooded Ground (Clan of the Ice Mountains Book 2)

by C. S. Bills

A raven and the sense of growing evil.
The Clans have made it to the Rock of the Ancients. Surrounded by the green abundance of their new world, they should feel safe nowâ?¦

But Attu and Rika are dreaming again. Fire surrounds Attu and he must paddle through it. And who is the mourning woman Rika sees?

All the wisdom of the Seers can’t stop Attu’s people from feeling that something very bad is about to happen. Have they reached the safety of land only to be threatened by something even more dangerous than ice bears and melting ocean?
Blooded Ground is book two of the Clan of the Ice Mountains series, set in the prehistoric exciting world of Breakaway: Clan of the Ice Mountains.

The Untold Story of the FIRST WORLD WAR: World War One: True Stories of the Great War

by Anna Revell

The First World War (1914 – 1918), or the Great War as it was known at the time, is a pivotal moment in world history for a number of reasons. There had been wars involving many countries many times before, but mostly these conflicts had been localised, mostly in Europe. The Great War involved most of the nations of the world and was fought on every continent. There had been many longer wars, but none had inflicted such terrible loss of life, both military and civilian. The casualties of World War I were numbered in the millions. Twelve million died, with another twenty million wounded. The population of the world in 1900 was about one and a half billion. The First World War killed close to one hundredth of the population of the world in just four years.

Never before had such terrible weapons of destruction been constructed. And although civilians had always suffered in war, the business of war itself was in the hands of professional soldiers. Now however, war affected the daily lives of everyone and all were called upon to contribute to the war effort.

World War I turned the world on its head, and prepared the way for the coming of our own world.

This book looks at the untold story of World War One, and the events leading up to this major conflict of the modern era. A must-read for fans of history, or anyone interesting in uncovering the true story of what really went on in the build up to, during and beyond the First World War.

Die Todesfalle am Gravel Creek – 1.Teil (German Edition)

by Leo Aldan

Das Jahr war schlecht, die Longhorns ausgezehrt. Fette Rinderbarone nutzen die Not der kleinen Rancher. Doch Dan Merler lässt sich nicht unterkriegen, denn er und seine Familie haben schon Schlimmeres überstanden. Aber dann kommt es knüppeldick …

“Bonanza auf die harte Tour … Ich fühlte mich sofort in einen alten schwarz-weiÃ? Western versetzt.” (aus einer Rezension)

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