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by Paul Levas

Kyle’s life has been hell for years. He still wets his bed, wets himself just walking along the road, and everyone just laughs at him about it. When his mother takes him and brother Randy to the carnival, he hopes that nature won’t call to him there… but it does. And when Randy rushes him over to the Porta Potty, there’s something inside which does more than just scare the piss out of him.

You’re Wanted On The Telephone

by Paul Phillips

After her father loses his job, Amber Sheridan is forced to start work at a local government department to help the family finances. She has only been there a couple of days when the creepy phone calls begin. The caller recites a rhyme from Amber’s childhood:

“Hey, Amber!”
“I think I hear my name.”
“Hey, Amber!”
“I think I hear it again.”
“You’re wanted on the telephone!”
“Well, if it isn’t Ellie I’m not at home!”

When she starts recalling disturbing memories from her past, and the people mentioned in the rhyme start to die one by one, she fears the two are connected. Amber must dig into those memories before death comes calling for herâ?¦



After Jessica Parker answers an ad from a woman looking for a babysitter she encounters a mysterious family with demonic, witchy secrets that puts her life in danger. Will she find out their secrets before it’s too late?

Horror Stories: REAL STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD Unbelievable-Hauntings, UFOs & Ghost Stories (Unexplained mysteries, Haunted locations, Haunted house, Possession, Book 1)

by David Curtis

Discover the most bizarre unsolved cases in these True Horror Stories

Beware! Some of these stories are a bit gory and are explained in detail. Readers discretion is advised!

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Horror Stories: Real Stories From around the world by David M Curtis Is a compilation of the most bizarre paranormal events ever documented. Stories ranging from Real ghost encounters and haunting to Bizarre UFO and Alien abductions. Some of these stories have been classified by the Great Barrington Historical Society and Museum as to be true events.

In one of these bizarre paranormal stories, David M Curtis describes, how a boyfriend received Facebook messages from his girlfriend that died a year earlier. The messages are detailed in this book.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Nathan no longer doubted that it was indeed Emily reaching out to him, imploring for help. As one can imagine, this both terrified and shattered him. He was unable to sleep after reading those messages, and when he did, he had heart-breaking nightmares in which Emily is trapped in a cold and freezing car, even while he is standing warm outside the car shouting at Emily to open the door. She can’t seem to hear him, and sometimes her legs seemed to be standing next to Nathan while the rest of the body is inside alluding perhaps to the fact that Emily’s body had actually been severed in the accident.” Download Horror Stories and get the whole story Now!

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Vampire Romance: paranormal romance (Beauty and the Vampire Chronicles Book 1)

by P. L. Kurup

France,1789 and revolution is everywhere. Count Samuel and his wife Alexandra flee for their lives. On route they are captured and thrown into the notorious Leo Prison. Knowing death was round the corner, Samuel wishes to be saved from their terrible fate at any cost. Soon a mysterious individual answers his prayers.

The Misadventures of Ka-Ron the Knight: The Nown World Chronicles: Book One.

by Donald Allen Kirch

A brave knight is wrongfully cursed, turning him into the most beautiful woman on the planet. To reverse this spell, “she” must form a quest to seek out the Wicca Master who cast the spell, hopefully changing her mind. Along the way, the knight falls in love with her squire, battles vampires, helps aid an Elf revolution, and even becomes pregnant. Ultimately, her squire must make the hard choice: does he help his master complete “her” quest, or does he try to keep his one true love?


by L. J. STONE

Muriel Whitman enjoys a wonderful life with her husband, Brent, and son, Jacob. But, when Jacob suddenly has a new friend named Isabelle, who only he can see; her life is turned upside down and the nightmare begins. As unexplained events torment Muriel and threaten her sanity, Isabelle works to turn Jacob against his mother. Desperate, Muriel turns to spirit boards and EVP, trying to communicate with the girl so determined to destroy her. Unfortunately, she may be too late.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Commons

by Bradley Poage

Anna loves to take care of the pigeons that call her apartment Commons home. But one day Jeff, the landlord, has had enough, and he plans to get rid of the pests. But Jeff could soon be reminded that fate can play a mean twist, and friends are best respected left alone…

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Community

by Bradley Poage

Nothing is more important than home. As humans we love home and we want to feel safe. Nature feels the same. And today, three contractors are about to realize what community to any animal is all about…

In Shadows (Zombie Apocalypse Series Book 4)

by Jeff DeGordick

After a brutal fight with the maniacal serial killer, Sarah has come out of it stronger and wiser. She leads her own group of survivors on the outskirts of Raleigh. But as they hunker down one night against the dead pounding at the gates, they witness something none of them saw coming.

The zombies are changing. A new kind of the undead comes out of nowhere, faster, stronger, and more vicious than before. They feast first on other flesh-eaters, transforming them into the terrifying new breed. Now they can break down the gates. Now nowhere is safe for the survivors.

And hidden behind the dark veil of the city, Sarah and her allies discover a sinister presence lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings. One that is well-equipped, well-coordinated, and far more dangerous than anything they’ve faced before.

If Sarah wants to survive, she has to gear up for the fight of her life against a foe who seeks the very destruction of all mankind…

Homecoming: A dark fantasy thriller (The Shael Chronicles Book 1)

by Jonathan Kent

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Homecoming: A dark fantasy thriller

Homecoming is the suspenseful and chilling debut novel from author Jonathan Kent. It sees family man David Strutter lured back to his old childhood home on a seemingly mundane errand. Once there, the memories of his traumatic upbringing and abusive father come flooding back.

But along with these dark memories come memories of his talent. For David was a special boy. A boy blessed with an ability to ‘travel’ to an alternate reality and hide away from his father when he was at his worst. With the help of his equally talented mother, he learnt to harness these abilities and to some extent control the world he travelled to.

The world of Shael.

Now, some thirty years later with his ‘body’ seriously injured in the real world, he unexpectedly finds himself trapped in Shael. Like a fish out of water he must follow a series of cryptic clues to traverse the hostile alien landscapes, reach his mother and finally come face to face with the evil entity that has possessed his father for years.

Homecoming is the stunning first volume of the ‘Shael Chronicles’

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The Way of the River

by Shoshana Sachi

The journey of a young man on the cusp of adulthood begins at the end of the world.
Eli Walker traverses the wasteland that was once his beautiful home in Aotearoa (New Zealand),
desperate to survive and find solace in a world where the dead have returned to roam the earth,
infested with the souls of demons… and where men have turned dark, gnarled, and desperate
in the midst of desolation. But as far as he tries to stray from the horrible realities of this not-so-distant future, Eli finds himself being called to the very center of the battle between good and evil. The voice is persistent, sinister and insidious, and it wants to inhabit him.

Anywhere But Here: A Short Horror Story

by Jordon Greene

Have you ever woken in the middle of a dream only to find it isn’t over?

For Taren Evans, it’s reality. He’s stricken with an unnerving disorder that forces him wide awake in the middle of his dreams, in the middle of his nightmares.

Unable to move or speak, Taren can only lie in bed, helpless, while the cruel dream world melds with the real world around him. A place where reality and fantasy become blurred.

When sleep becomes torment, could you close your eyes?

Birthing Ella Bandita: Dark Adult Fantasy Series (Ella Bandita and the Wanderer Book 1)

by Montgomery Mahaffey

She wasn’t always called Ella Bandita, Thief of Hearts. For a time she wasn’t called anything at all.

Daughter of an illustrious Patron, Ella has been shunned since birth by him and all the villagers. Determined to change her fate, she intends to plunge into the depths of a icy river to end it all.

But at the bank of the river she’s startled by a sharp voice.

“There’s another way…”

The dark Sorcerer of the Caverns stands at the bank, offering a promise. He can end her ostracism and turn her into a powerful immortal — for a fair price.

The young woman must submit to the Socerer’s command. When the two become spellbound in a dangerous game of seduction and magic, the young woman discovers she holds more power than she realized.

If you like vampire novels, dark romance, and paranormal fantasy, you’ll love Birthing Ella Bandita and the Ella Bandita series.

For more books in the series:

Part 2:
The Bard Speaks:

The Bard tells tales of the infamous seductress, Ella Bandita. Her legend, full of sensual conquests, makes her a fearsome figure. Because for every man she seduces, she also claims their heart.

Part 3:

The steamiest book in the erotic dark fantasy series. Caught in a lusty game of cat and mouse with a dangerous Vagabond he met in the woods, the Wanderer’s safety is threatened. Will his grandfather’s charge echo in his mind too late to save him? …remember, always follow your heart…

Part 4
The Heart of the Lone Wolf:

Cursed to live as a wolf, the Wanderer must find the infamous Ella Bandita and reverse his plight. Will he be able to find her with a Shepherd’s help? Or will he be cursed to live a heartless life as a wolf…?

Sollevami (Italian Edition)

by Matthew M. Lapin

Sollevami, appassionante primo romanzo della saga di Etoile, la ragazza dall’iride a forma di stella, ambientato in una Francia futuristica e dalle tinte post-apocalittiche.
Jours de Pluie, “I giorni della pioggia”: misteriose nubi violacee abbracciano il pianeta, annientandolo con una pioggia incessante.
Nel Laboratorio //S.Zero// la piccola Etoile cresce al sicuro, insieme alla sua adorata madre Ciel, ignara degli orrori che si verificano oltre quelle mura.
Ma è destinata a viaggiare, come una stella, lasciando dietro di sé una scia che, in modo indissolubile, è legata ai misteri di quel mondo in rovina.

Inhumanity: A Short Novel

by Topher Bradshaw

Inhumanity is a short novel that explores the darkest sides of love, revenge, and life but I must warn you that this book will cause your mind to enter the darkest parts of yourself and humankind. The dictionary describes inhumanity as the quality or state of being cruel or barbarous, and is what you will find within these chapters, a story about people that have and will do cruel or barbarous actions to one another for their own gain. It was my intention to stretch my own limits of my imagination in creating this story and I found myself struggling to write the very words you are about to read. If you feel you have the courage and the mental resilience, then I urge you to move forward.

Cthulhu Mythos Writers Sampler 2013

by David Conyers

Inside this book you’ll find a taste of some of today’s top Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraftian writers.

“The Great White Bed” – A senile old man makes a deal with a strange being for a new lease on life. What happens when a book reads you?

“The Cellar Gods” – In the 1940s, a young medical student protects a beautiful Asian woman from prejudiced townsfolk, only to discover she is connected to mysterious entities from an unholy dimension.

“The Locked Door” – The visions of a psychic threatens the existence of a secret order.

“In the Gyre” – A research vessel investigating a growing pollution problem in the ocean finds that something else has discovered a use for our waste materialâ??something designed for building, and growing, and multiplying.

“The Gate and the Way” – Poking around the local spook house for redeemable cans and bottles, two brothers stumble upon cosmic horrors from beyond space and time.

“I Cannot Begin To Tell You” – A desperate father kidnaps his infant son and flees to a remote cabin to wait out an apocalypse only he can perceive. Is the man psychotic? Or is the boy a conduit for an ancient malevolence from the depths of Time?

“Cutter” – A man and boy are trapped in an abandoned house by plague of bizarre monsters.

“Graveyard Orbit” – In the future, the deep space exploration vessel Wellington encounters the unthinkable orbiting the uncharted planet Osiris II. Amid the debris of a trillion alien corpses, the Wellington’s Captain Walker will stumble upon an unlikely allyâ??and potentially, the secrets of the universe.

“The Weaponized Puzzle” – A Russian spy steals an alien artifact from the Australian Government which soon transforms into a prison, and Australian spy Harrison Peel must solve its various puzzles and confront its captive horrors to escape again.

Fiction by Don Webb, Jeffrey Thomas, Brian M, Sammons, Peter Rawlik, William Meikle, Kevin Lucia, David Kernot, Scott R. Jones, C.J. Henderson, Cody Goodfellow, David Dunwoody, Shane Jiraiya Cummings and David Conyers. Cover illustration by Paul Mudie.

This sampler collection provides links to the various author’s works, personal interviews, and further information on their e-books.

Step inside, and discover the newest horror releases lurking in the nightmare lands of Lovecraftâ?¦

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