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Narcissist and his Negativistic Worldview: How the Pessimistic and the Chronically Unhappy Cause Long Term Misery for Others

by Jamie Keller

Many narcissists go through life on autopilot. They spew words of disdain and dissatisfaction everywhere they go. This spewing is often a recording of whatever the negativistic adults around him said when the narcissist was a child. He memorized racial attacks, bullying from the adults to subordinates, movie quotes where one person was bullying another, and offensive language that others used around him. The narcissist uses the slang that his equally harsh friends used when they bullied others, or the nasty words his siblings used to taunt him when he was a youngster.
Narcissists hate their own life. They hate that they have never fit in. They hate that they were bullied as youngsters. They hate that they were left behind or abandoned by many. They hate that they got bad grades in school. They hate that they flunked out of college. They hate that members of the opposite sex didn’t give them enough attention. They hate that they have a long list of failed relationships, or that they could never get any relationships started at all.
Narcissists hate that they can’t live up to the expectations of others. Heck, they can’t even live up to their own expectations., They hate that their parents are disappointed in them. They hate that they can’t sustain meaningful friendships or relationships anywhere they go. They hate that the adults around them always had expectations that were just out of their reach. They hate that they weren’t allowed to play football because of a hoovering or over-protective parent. They hate that everything wasn’t served up to them on a silver platter.
The narcissist hates that others try to diagnose him. The narcissist hates going to doctors because he thinks they are all beneath him. Who are they to tell him what he does or doesn’t have, why he is a failure in his life, or why he should medicate himself so that he can tolerate others. The narcissist drowns his sorrows in some inane and empty activity, mostly because he is prone to boredom and can’t carry a conversation with another human being if his life depended on it.
The narcissist hates small talk. He hates social niceties. He hates other people’s noise, chatter, needs, opinions, thoughts, and wants. He doesn’t see that other people should have any freedoms. He is only concerned that others don’t negatively affect his own freedom. The narcissist will lie, steal, beg, borrow, connive, coerce, omit, and manipulate others to do his bidding for him. They are mere puppets to him, thus he has no feelings this way or that.
This ebook discusses the negativistic world view of the narcissist and how it relates to negativistic personality disorder. We discuss where the narcissist may have gotten his negative personality and his critical temperament. We will discuss why the narcissist will never be happy with his children nor with his mate. We will talk about why the narcissist is stuck in his ways, and why he should be rejected and abandoned by anyone who wants to live a happy and fruitful life full of personal growth, instead of judgmental attitudes, mental illness and emotional despair.
Other people are out of sight, out of mind to the narcissist. He can drown himself in his autopilot behavior, his compulsions and obsessions, his hobbies for hours on end. He can drown himself in his job, nary giving even a thought or care toward his parents or his other family members. He can go months, years or decades without saying a word to people whom he claims to love. This is especially true if he has exhausted that person’s ability to give him any narcissistic â??supply’.

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The Mutual Rape: Silence in dark nights

by Chanchal

A short story of mutual rape.

Childfree: Guide for Understanding: 50 popular questions with answers + 50 short life stories

by Al Sheridan

There are different reasons why we are childfree. But sometimes it is still difficult for us to explain this to our relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.
This book contains 50 popular questions about childfree, 50 answers and 50 short life stories as examples.
This Guide will be useful if you want to know more about childfree or learn how to answer all these annoying questions.

My journey to a mental breakdown: Negative thoughts

by S.G. Johnston

A book of poems telling the story of how my mental health deteriorated over the years through abuse, bullying and childhood tragedy.

Strange Times; Wacky Anecdotes: Glimpses of a varied life

by John M W Smith

Over the past year I made a series of posts on my blog to relate incidents from my life so far. Encouraged by the interest that they aroused, I decided to compile them into a free book to reach even more readers and this, then, is the result of my efforts. So, as I value my reputation of getting straight to the point, I’ll let you begin without further ado……..and, who knows, you might even have time to visit my website. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Comunicare con i figli – Imparare a parlare e a sapersi ascoltare (Italian Edition)

by Karen Campbell


Genere secondario: EDUCAZIONE / Generale

Lingua: Italiano

Un libro in costante vendita e dalle ottime recensioni: tutte 5 stellineâ?¦

Una guida pratica e meravigliosa per ogni genitore! Sono rimasta pietrificata quando, aprendo il primo capitolo del libro, mi resi conto che la storia descriveva proprio la mia vita e il rapporto che avevo con mia figlia adolescente. Se solo l’avessi letto prima di quel giorno in cui mi sono sentita un genitore senza speranze! Dopo il primo paragrafo mi sentivo in dovere di leggere tutto il libro e posso dire di essere felice di averlo fatto! 

Jasmine’s World Of Autism: At The Seawall

by T. Lynn Lewis

Jasmine’s World Of Autism: At The Seawall is a children’s book about the adventures of a girl and her three non-verbal autistic brothers. Come join them while they have an exciting day exploring the seawall.

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