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Universe, Man and I: Where From and Where To? (Science & Spirituality Book 8)

by Dr. Ram Singh Sachan

“Who am I?”, “What after my death?”, “What’s the purpose of existence?” and “How to get a harmonious, peaceful, happy and fulfilled life?” are some of the basic and fundamental questions that have plagued their minds from the time immemorial.

A lot of spiritual thinking and scientific effort has gone into this and finding workable, acceptable and useful answers have been searched through the entire history of mankind, particularly after the advent of civilization some ten thousand years ago.

These advances include the origin of the Universe, birth of our solar syatem, consolidation of planet earth, evolution of organisms including human beings, establishment of human societies and settlements, birth of social institutions, systems of human governance and the birth of the era of logic, reason and scientific thoughts.The phenomenon of spirituality has also been scientifically discussed, debated and significant advances have been made. The complementarily of science and spirituality have been emphasized to better the life of human existence on planet earth.

The book discusses many of these topics in brief beginning with the origins of these different phases of the Universe, life forms, human societies and culminating on the ultimate purpose of human existence and how to make best of one’s consciousness and the sense of awareness.

Hope the book serves the purpose of enlightening the readers and correcting their many perspectives on these matters and derive full benefits for making their lives happy, healthy and purposeful.

The Religion, Superstition and Determinism (Science & Spirituality Book 3)

by Dr. Ram Singh Sachan

Most of our spiritual and religious thinking and observances are based on the scriptures of different religions written, compiled and published centuries ago when the knowledge of mankind was limited to that point of time.All the physics, chemistry, biology and sociology was combined at that time. A lot of knowledge has been added to the pool of human experience since then.

The explosion of knowledge particularly during the last three centuries has been phenomenal.The knowledge was , therefore, categorised into a large number of specialised fields of inquiry.The cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, microbiology, neurosciences, psychology and their branches and sub-branches are just a few to be named among the thousands of disciplines and sub-disciplines in which the knowledge is sub-divided.The researchers and specialists are making contributions in each of these fields and enhancing the over-all knowledge pool of the humanity.The philosophy, spiritualism and religious thoughts are included in different ways in a combined way as well as separately as distinct disciplines.

Our concepts, definitions and perceptions of God, gods, godesses, soul, , heaven, hell, re-birth, after-birth, re-incarnations, resurrection, salvation, deliverence, religious rituals, rites and ceremonies etc have undergone a sea change in view of the ushering in of the era of ‘information explosion’ and ‘speed and spread of communication’.

The book tries to include some of these issues in the light of present day scientific facts.It is hoped that the presentation will clarify many riddles of the human mind relating to these issues and help them develop an ideal philosophy of life and living–individually as well as responsible members of society.

Oscuridad,luz,filosofía y espacio : Relatos místicos #OLFYE (Spanish Edition)

by César Gonzalo

Microrrelatos místicos que integran filosofía,oscuridad y luz en sus letras. De lectura rápida y múltiples interpretaciones.

Grenzschutz: Ã?ber die Lüge im auÃ?ermoralischen Sinne â?? ein Gespräch (Kursbuch) (German Edition)

by André Kieserling

Ein Interview von Armin Nassehi und André Kieserling über die Lüge im au�ermoralischen Sinne. Die zwei Soziologen diskutieren über die Definition von Lüge, zitieren bekannte Philosophen wie Augustinus, Nietzsche und Kant, gehen der semantischen Karriere des Lügenbegriffs auf den Grund und sprechen darüber, welche Funktion die Lüge haben kann.

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