Free science fiction Kindle books for 15 Jun 17

The Olympus Gate

by Andre Jeter

Open the Olympus gate.

For over 1,000 years the Aegis shield protected the Earth and only a select few knew why it exists, Colin is one of few. And now, in order to save his wife Hanna, Colin must complete a mission he should have accomplished seven years ago.

Humans and other Aliens: Book 1

by Alexander Winzer

Jon, a genetic scientist, creates Delta, a human/alien cross-breed, engineered to save mankind from a mysterious alien invasion. Delta wakes into a world where humanity’s addiction to power, technology and social media has reached a crucial tipping point.
Delta is not prepared to use violence towards his alien siblings, but promises to help cure the disease that has turned man into its own worst enemy. He sees life as a sacred gift, a flowing river reflecting divine truth in all form.
“Life is a rainbow. It is colorful, beautiful, and magical. You observe it, you live it, but once you start chasing the end of the rainbow, aiming at finding the golden treasure that’s meant to be hidden at the place where the rainbow meets the land, you create an imaginary goal. And soon the goal turns into a barrier that seals you off from life. As a result you stand in front of an imaginary gate, you wait for someone to let you pass, but truly there is no gate. You only have to look and seeâ?¦ You are the rainbow. You are already home.”
Delta paused for a moment. “Our task will be to make your people see. To guide them on a journey to a place you call the here and now.”

Program Erin

by Alex Fall

In a future time, on an unknown planet, a genetic experiment is on the loose. Program Erin was a large step in the field of Bio-manipulation and superhuman powers. Join Erin as she is thrown into a massive adventure, in a far-off city far from the only home that she knows. Written by the emerging Novelist Alex Fall, this 220,000+ word novel will entertain the most avid readers for days, or weeks.

This novel is not one to be missed.

Terraformer: Epic Sci-Fi Adventure at the Edge of the Galaxy

by James Scholes

Is there a place for everyone inside the galaxy? Almost. Those that don’t fit retreat to the edge, where their dreams can be fulfilled.

But even those on the fringe need help.

Kole is a terraforming engineer, and a good one. His skills have transformed planets throughout the galaxy.

And now an old friend wants him for a job.

Kole will travel to the edge of the galaxy- the frontier- to assist his friend in his colonization dreams.

Salinator: his friend…

He has a planet: it is hostile to life, but the process of terraforming has already begun. They can breathe the air, at least for a time.

He has a team: deformed servants and powerful henchmen. Men that are loyal to nobody except their master. Men that Kole cannot trust… And a woman, whose very presence threatens to drive Kole over the edge, into despair.

He has a dream: but will Kole allow that dream to succeed? Once he has learned the truth- once he understands the full horror that awaits him- will Kole try to escape, or try to stop it?

TERRAFORMER is an epic sci-fi book that explores the edge of human compassion.

TERRAFORMER promises that any horror is possible in the quest for space exploration and human expansion.

Add TERRAFORMER to your sci-fi kindle books collection today!

Disarming (The Vampires of Vegas Book II) (Reign of Blood 2)

by Alexia Purdy

Book 2 of The Vampires of Vegas Series.

The world has changed. One must adapt to survive or hold on to the crumbling shards of humanity.

April continues to hold her fragile world together, but the ties that hold her family together are quickly unraveling. Rumors of a massive human underground settlement draw her to the shadows of the city once more in search of other survivors more like her, even with the hybrid vampires opposing her every move.

The darkness hides secrets along with the continued threat the Feral Vampires create, but a greater evil hides within the city. Something tells April that the humans will be less than welcoming of her, and that’s if she can find them before the Vampires do. Joining sides with the enemy might be the only choice she has left.

Books in this series:
Reign of Blood
Bonus stories:

After Day One (Tale of Tomorrow Book 1)

by Benjamin Seims

The world is fragmented and could sure use a hero. Not every hero comes in shining armor.
Free Territories, 2083: John Howe, an enhanced cyber operations soldier with an embedded AI named, Cam, fought his way home after Day One to find everything changed. Not only was the country he’d fought for broken, his wife and son were murdered. By 2096 he was finally starting to move on from his losses, living a comfortable life of seclusion in a part of the Pacific Northwest known as the Free.
Then he finds himself stuck with Sierra and Quinn, the twin thirteen-year-old orphans he’d saved from the jipper couple hired to kidnap them. Now he’s a man who is just trying to off-load the highly coveted twins before they get him killed, or worse, he ends up liking them.
As fate would have it, a super-soldier and two kids whose combined abilities could save the countryâ??and maybe Earthâ??are going to be hard to separate.

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