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RV: RV Living For Beginners: Simple Tools, Tips & Hacks To Make Debt Free, Full Time Motorhome Living As Stress Free And Enjoyable As Possible (Tiny house, … Live In Car, Van) (RV Boondocking Book 2)

by Ron Johnson

RV Living For Beginners Volume 2

The Long Awaited Sequel To RV Living For Beginners Volume 1.

If you have ever thought about living in an RV full time and travelling around the country, you probably have a lot of questions. You may be wondering how you could possibly pack up your family and pets and live in a space that is probably no bigger than your current living room. Can you do it? You most definitely can. Will it take some work and getting used to? Oh, yes, it will, but with this book, you will learn some tips that will help make your time in an RV a little easier.

You will discover some valuable information about how to keep your RV clean inside and out as well as how to take care of some basic maintenance duties that will keep your home on wheels in tip top condition. If you are not excited about living in a motorhome, but still want the full time RV lifestyle, travel trailers are an option. You will need to know about some of the quirks to living and pulling a travel trailer around the country and that is exactly what you will find in this book.

Whether you are living with your entire family, kids included, or it is just you, your spouse and your four-legged family members, you can live a fulfilling, exciting life on the road. You will want to know some tried and true tricks from other full timers about how to best manage your pets and how to deal with several people in a small space. The tips in this book will help make your transition to full time RV living much easier. Don’t waste precious time and money by learning everything the hard way. Take advantage of the knowledge others have passed along and apply it to your full time RV living lifestyle.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Do Basic Maintenance And The Tools You’ll Need To Live In RV Fulltime
  • How To Properly Detail You RV Inside And Out
  • The Basics Of Boondocking
  • Tips To Help You Tow Your Travel Trailer (Caravan)
  • How To Best Live In An RV When You Have Pets
  • Tips For Full Time RV Living With The Family

    Readers say…….

    “This book is contains a great deal of accommodating data about living in a RV full time. By perusing this book, you will find some profitable data about how to keep your RV clean all around and also how to deal with some fundamental upkeep obligations that will keep your home on wheels in tip top condition.It’s great to have a complete guide, for example, this that can help you on the things that you have to get ready, things that you have to expect and how you can conform to living in a little space.Very Helpful book!!!!”……………. Paul

    “I find this book an interesting read about surviving and thriving on living in an RV and spending most of your time on the road. This book gives some ideas on how we can sustain in living on our RV specially for those that are interested in traveling and exploring new places. If you’re looking to leave your house and your office job but still want to travel, then I highly recommend this book for you. RV living is a go to for some people specially for adventurous ones!”…………….Archon

    “This is a great book that I got for my brother who is preparing for his trip with his family. This book book teaches you on how to go about and live in an RV. It contains very practical tips and strategies for a stress free living and overall an enjoying journey with your RV. Even if I don’t have an RV for now, I really find this wonderful book very interesting and because of what I learned about it, I’m planning to get my very own RV soon”…………….kampana

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Passive Income: How to Achieve Financial Freedom by Harnessing Strategies for Automatic Income (Passive Income, Amazon FBA, Dividend Reinvestment, Kindle Publishing, Make Money Online)

by Kevin Ulaner

Become your own boss, escape the 9-5, and gain freedom of time and location with passive income!

Learn from 4 passive income starter blueprints that cover Kindle publishing, Amazon FBA, Udemy, and dividend reinvestment

Any income that has been earned with little or even no effort is known as passive income.

This means that you can work from anywhere in the world you would want to work from. You call the shots. With this, you get freedom of time, which is your most valuable asset, not money, and you get freedom of location. All the benefits that this concept offers and the reasons for its development are too numerous to count.

Job dissatisfaction is one of the most common complaints that a person can have and typically one that most of us have to deal with in our given lifetimes. However, not many people have the ability to walk away from a job or active income that gives us this distress. When we first think about active income the normal 9-5 job comes to mind. This is true and active income is any income that requires your continuous input to earn. If you stop putting in the time your singular revenue stream quickly dissipates into thin air. This can be easily remedied by the creation of passive income through MSI, or multiple streams of income. Passive income may seem like a new concept, but it has been around for many years and can be found in many forms. Passive income can quickly help in providing you with a more flexible work schedule, which in turn would give you more time, as well as many other options you may not have known you had.

In this book, you will learn:

  • All About Passive Income
  • Generating Passive Income Through Kindle Books
  • How to Publish Your First Book
  • Kindle Book Reviews and Marketing Tactics
  • The Art of Selling Physical Products
  • How to Find a Product
  • How to List Your Products
  • And Much Much More!

Start yourself on the road to financial freedom now and don’t waste any more time wondering where you could be!

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