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Martial Law Survival Guide: A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide On How To Protect Yourself and Your Family During Martial Law

by Ronald Williams

We live in a very uncertain world with new threats always seemingly around the corner. Being prepared for these threats is important for the safety and survival of both you and your family, and one such threat to be prepared for is the threat of government enacting martial law.

The purpose of this book is to teach you what martial law is, what you should expect from it, and how to develop a martial law survival strategy to keep yourself and your loved ones alive.

While you may believe that martial law is something that will never happen to you, we don’t need to look any farther from Hurricane Katrina where martial law was imposed on the people as a response to the crisis.

Remember, even if martial law never happens on a nationwide scale, it can still happen at a local level. That’s why you should never adopt the attitude “it will never happen to me.”

In this book, we will cover the following subjects:

-What Is Martial Law?
-Understanding How Martial Law Affects You
-Keeping A Low Profile
-Practicing Situational Awareness
-Building A Martial Law Survival Kit
-Building A Survival Network
-Final Tips

By the end of this book, you will fully understand what to expect from martial law and also know how you should best respond to it to ensure that you and your family outlast it safely.

Prepper’s Canning Guide: 42 Urban Survival Hacks for Keeping Things Fresh

by Graham Higgins

Will you survive the next natural disaster?
When the next natural disaster or the apocalypse comes around, those who are prepared are the ones who will survive. Look around your pantry right now- do you even have enough non-perishable foods stored to feed your family for a week? Unless you have been practicing other food preservation methods or have stocked up at the store, chances are you do not.

So, without the right amount of food, what would you do? Would you beg others who are already fighting to save their own lives or would you resort to raiding and stealing? If you have adequately prepared yourself, you won’t have to worry about this issue.

What You Will Learn from This Guide
This all-inclusive guide will teach you everything you need to know about survival canning, even if you don’t even have basic knowledge. Here are a few things that you can expect to learn as you read through this book:
-The history of canning
-How canning works
-Instructions for canning with a hot water canner
-Instructions for canning with a pressure canner
-Instructions for canning when you don’t have a canner
-Which foods can and cannot be canned
-Safety guidelines for canning to prevent the risk of botulism
-Guidelines for sterilizing your jars
-Practical recommendations on storage of your canned goods
-How to test the pH of your canned goods so you can properly sterilize them
-Advice for choosing which canning method is best

In addition to the information listed above, you will find several recipes you can try. This includes everything from fruit cocktail to mincemeat pie filling.

Canning means survival, sustenance, and saving money. Instead of racing to the store in the next emergency, you can be prepared with healthy, delicious foods that are already canned and stored in your home. The best thing about canned goods is their lengthy shelf-life. Even if your cans are years old, they will still offer necessary sustenance for survival.

So, are you ready to get started? The first step is purchasing this book. You will find all that you need between its pages for you to can goods at home. Even if you have never attempted canning or have no knowledge about it, you will be an expert at the basics by the time you finish your book. After you have tried several recipes in the book (and possibly online, if you want to expand the types of foods you could can), you will even be able to create your own recipes. This means that you get to enjoy the nutritious and delicious foods that you want, all year-round.

So what are you waiting for?

Body Weight Training: Get Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Calisthenics

by Epic Rios

This amazing Body Weight Training book is for anyone that wants to get Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Calisthenics.

This book will take you step by step from a beginner body weight athlete to an intermediate body weight athlete and eventually to an advanced body weight athlete.

This book will provide you with various workout routines for a 12 week body transformation using calisthenics.

This book will explain the importance of doing body weight exercises as well as why everyone should do them.

This book will also give you tips on nutrition and rest for the purpose of helping you become a better body weight athlete.

So if you want to get Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Calisthenics, this is the book for you!

Mushrooms: Learn How to Identify, Forage, Grow and Use as a Remedy: (Mushroom Growing, Mushroom Foraging)

by Ann Green

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Mushrooms: Learn How to Identify, Forage, Grow and Use as a Remedy

The astounding planning and implementation of nature render the human mind in complete surprises. It is because nature being the creator of all the species and creatures knows well about the utility of even the tiniest of its creation.

The responsibility of attaining the best and maximum benefits of these creations rests with humans so that the real purpose of extending so many creations can be fulfilled at the maximum level. Among many of the beneficial species, mushrooms also hold a prominent position in terms of their utility for human life in various aspects.

This book is focused towards all the edible species of mushrooms, specifically known to be highly beneficial for curative purposes. So an account of these species will let you know about the utility of mushrooms as medicinal species.

As these benefits are quite prominent so there is a need to grow mushrooms on a large scale so this book is aimed at helping the readers in achieving successful growth of mushrooms at the individual level. All the related aspects will be discussed in a comprehensive way.

The major highlighted notion of this book is focused towards the following chief points concerned with the edible mushrooms, all aimed at assisting the readers for achieving the maximum benefits of this miraculous spices.

Download your E book “Mushrooms: Learn How to Identify, Forage, Grow and Use as a Remedy” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Next Door’s Dominatrix: Female Fury Times Five

by Ken Phillips

The women and the men share their perspective. These five women are not just ass-kickers physically. They also love having the psychological, emotional and sexual advantage over men. All five of these ladies have powerful arms, amazing core muscles and legs that can and have rendered men useless. In some of these cases, the men were jerks. In other cases the guys enjoyed having the honor of mixing it up with such incredible Goddesses. Just how much does it take to make an ex-husband cry? What is the punishment for bullying? How does a man view his wife the day after she thrashes him? Find out the answers to those questions and SO much more! Please check out my other books as well. If you love to world of powerful, ass kicking, beautiful women, this is your home!

Leadership And Led: Are you born to lead? Do you want to lead? The Sixth Sense? Destiny? Charisma?

by Bart Roy Jon

This book is different to the usual book on leadership, full of waffle, jargon and theory. This book is based on real life experiences and pulls no punches. It is written for those who wish to lead.

In this book, the main thesis is that although anyone can become a leader there are some who have natural leadership ability.

People who have this inborn ability to lead seem to have a sixth sense. Some have a sense of destiny that they are called to a higher purpose. They may or may not be charismatic. Despite the existence of natural leaders most of us, if we work hard., can lead but it is not a task for the faint hearted.

Whether born or self made a leader has to have a total commitment to some vision then when he or she is asked or desires to make that vision a reality they must have a clear aim whose realization may involve a number of objectives.

This book carefully shows what you should and shouldn’t do if you aspire to be a leader. Good leaders look after those they lead, they listen to wise counsel, they select able lieutenants, and most importantly they practice the Golden Rule.

Evil can only triumph if good people do nothing!

Breaking the Ice: A perfect feel good romantic comedy

by Mandy Baggot

He’s a sexy professional skater – Johnny Castle on blades – but is Samantha ready to be his Baby?

With her hands full of ticket sales and ice cream, box office assistant Samantha Smith doesn’t have time to look for romance. She’s married to her job and now it’s in jeopardy there’s even more reason for her to stay single. Except the star of the new ice skating show at her London theatre is practically Bradley Cooper’s twinâ?¦

Jimmy Lloyd needs this gig more than he’s ever needed anything before. This show is going to be his new beginning and if he messes up this time he’s all out of second chances.

With the future of the theatre at stake and her sister Cleo desperate to find her a date, Samantha is drawn as much to the sparkling lights of the ice arena as she is to the bad boy in diamantes. But can she stop panicking long enough to give away her heart?

Get ready for a romantic comedy full of spray tans, sequins and Lycra! For fans of Dancing on Ice, Dirty Dancing and Strictly!

The Raw Files 2000

by James Dixon

The team at are back with the eighth in their series documenting every episode of WWF Monday Night Raw, year by year. We cover every angle, segment and match in detail, and offer plenty of thoughts and facts along the way. The book is written and presented in the usual HOW style, with various awards, match lists and a host of star ratings for fans to debate at will.

The debut of The Radicalz
The return of The Undertaker
Commissioner Foley
“Who ran over Steve Austin?”
The Stephanie-Angle-Triple H love triangle
Chris Jericho’s “stricken” title win
And much more!

As usual, every single segment is covered in detail, with witty comment and analysis throughout. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed, and once again the tome clocks in at a monster 160,000 words! A must have have all wrestling fans.

A ride into darkness: Motocross journey leads to a life-or-death choice

by C.J. Mangen

A longtime motorcycle rider’s trip to motocross Nirvana takes a potentially deadly turn. Two hours from home and unaware of the severity of his injuries, he begins a harrowing adventure that will test his physical, mental and spiritual limits.

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