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Fearless Fingerstyle: A Step By Step Guide To Stunning, Confident And Practical Fingerpicking Guitar Technique (Dan Thorpe`s Fingerpicking series)

by Dan Thorpe

Dan Thorpe of Guitar Domination`s simple yet sophisticated book teaches you how to discover the real secrets of fingerpicking guitar and how to play stunning music with the best techniques in a short space of time.

Do you love fingerpicking guitar but feel like you can`t quite get to the next level or don`t know how to do the simple things that sound amazing?
A lot of guitarist stress out about fingerpicking. They see these natural guys playing on stage in front of 1000`s in an audience, playing these beautiful pieces with perfect technique and an effortless breeze.

They don`t know how to replicate their heroes.

It`s such a pain.

I have seen guitarists time and again struggle with playing simple passages in a routine manner. If you want to or have ever thought about anything of the following then you will love what this book has to offer….

  • Add excitement to a piece (but currently they just don`t know how)
  • Play your favourite songs (but your technique lets you down)
  • Perform the music you dream of (but your fingers let you down)
  • Be creative on the guitar and experience freedom on the instrument – Tip. This shouldn`t take 1000`s of hours instead the secrets are unlocked in this book
  • Fortunately, here are 8 essential techniques that will help you become an accomplished fingerpicker, but less fortunately there is not much good advice on this subject.

    These techniques are all explored in detail in this book. You will 5 examples for each technique showing you how to play the technique in its simplest form all the way to playing a real piece of sophisticated music with it. You will also get access to an audio page where you can either stream or download the high quality MP3s.
    As well as the 8 techniques you will learn in the book:

  • Understand the essential terminology so you can talk about and understand music with confidence
  • How to use the essentials of the key of the most popular key in guitar music
  • Learn 3 methods for essential fretting hand technique
  • Get a separate printable tab sheet featuring all the examples in this book
  • Download all the audio examples for the book
  • How to understand and get the most from these techniques and this book
  • It`s time to end the fingerstyle frustration and become a Fearless Fingerstyle guitarist – one who can play beautiful music like you`re meant to.

    5 stars “Excellent Book”. Just what I was looking for, it has helped me so much in my quest to teach myself fingerstyle.” – A.J. Wyse

    DIY MEGA BOX SET: 10 Outstanding Guides to Make Your Life Easier! Learn Minimalism, Make Amazing Home Projects and Crafts

    by Carl Webb

    DIY MEGA BOX SET: 10 Outstanding Guides to Make Your Life Easier! Learn Minimalism, Make Amazing Home Projects and Crafts

    Find out the best DIY Craft Ideas!

    BOOK 1. Decluttering: 15 Amazing Ways to Declutter Your House by Carl Webb

    BOOK 2. Minimalism: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Become a Minimalist and Organize Your Life by Gregory Graham

    BOOK 3. Jewelry Making: The Best Guide to Make Jewelry for Beginners + 10 Jewelry Patterns by Diane Rose

    BOOK 4. Quilting For Beginners: 18 Incredible Easy to Make Quilting Patterns by Doris Dunn

    BOOK 5. How To Knit: 23 Amazing Knitting Patterns for Beginners by Judy Hudson

    BOOK 6. Drawing: 23 Essential Drawing Tips for Beginners by Gerald Rey

    BOOK 7. How To Crochet: 7 Beautiful Crochet Hats for Absolute Beginners by Patricia Brown

    BOOK 8. How to Draw: 15 Amazing Drawing Techniques for Absolute Beginners by Frank Olson

    BOOK 9. DIY Protein Bars: 23 Healthy DIY Protein Bars You Can Easily Make by Gloria Lopez

    BOOK 10. DIY Projects: 15 Insanely Easy to Make DIY Home Projects by Tom Richardson

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    Das verlorene Ich – Leseprobe: Das Schicksal des Gunnar von Wertheim (German Edition)

    by Alexander Leonhard

    Hier erzählt der Autor die Geschichte des an Alzheimer erkrankten Schriftstellers und Buchautors Gunnar von Wertheim, der durch diese Krankheit seine Fähigkeit verlor, weiterhin seiner Berufung, die sein ganzes Leben erfüllte, nachzugehen. Ihm begegneten Menschen, die sich seiner annahmen und ihn ein Stück auf dem Weg in die Zeit des Vergessens begleiteten. Einem Weg, der unabänderlich in die Finsternis des Daseins führt.

    Menschlich anrührend und geprägt von dem tiefen Respekt vor dem Schicksal dieser Menschen, wird hier das Leben und das Ende eines Menschen in tiefster Dunkelheit beschrieben, das alles, was diese Person ausgemacht hat, unwiederbringlich auslöschte und im Nichts versinken lie�.

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