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Tritangled (Fire & Desire Book 1)

by Mahogany Brown

Deep Alabama, when the air stunk of segregation and town pride was founded on Jim Crowism, Kennedy Elizabeth Barton, the curious daughter of a proud Uncle Tom and an ailing housemaid, fell victim to the boyish charms of the captain of the basketball team, Andrew Preston. A white boy.

It started with her legs spread on the back seat of his 1969 hunter green Nova. The painful sting of losing her virginity paled in the face of losing her mother. Will this episode of the Fire & Desire series end with Kennedy’s legs strapped to a table somewhere in the backwoods of Mississippi? Or will Kennedy walk away from this chapter of her unfolding life with pure hate for her father and scarred forever?

“The Tritangled series is destine to make literary history.”
â??Oasis, bestselling author of Push Comes to Shove

Obsidian and Steel: A Novella of Alternate History

by Mark Ciccone

In June of 1521, Hernan Cortez’s expedition to the Valley of Mexico nearly succeeded in toppling the Aztec Empire, after two years of intrigue, disease and bloodshed. Instead, after a final disastrous battle outside the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, their native allies melted away, and the entire Spanish expedition was captured or killed. Cortez and the others taken captive were brought to the sacrificial altars. One by one they were executed…until a surprising offer was made by the Aztec Emperor, Cuauhtemoc. In exchange for their lives, the surviving Spaniards would teach the Aztecs all they knew of European weapons–especially steel, and gunpowder–to prepare the peoples of Mexico for the next Spanish invasion…

Twelve years later, Francisco Pizarro, fresh from the Spanish campaigns in North Africa, arrives in the New World. His orders, from Emperor Charles V of Spain: To follow Cortez’s path into the Valley of Mexico, and learn both the fate of his expedition, and what native kingdoms or empires have arisen in its wake. But will he be truly prepared for what surprises and threats await in the Valley? And what will his arrival mean for the tense peace that has held sway over the New World since Cortez’s fall?

Left by the Side of the Road (The Civil War in South Carolina’s Low Country Book 4)

by Carolyn P. Schriber

Left by the Side of the Road is a collection of short stories about life in South Carolina’s Low Country during the Civil War. It is not a continuous novel, or even a novella. There is no single plot or story line. The collection is simply that–a series of glimpses into the past.
What do they have in common? Some of these people have appeared in A Scratch with the Rebels and Beyond All Price. Others made cameo appearances in The Road to Frogmore. All of them are here because, even though their stories were fascinating in their own right, they did not fit into the novels where they first appeared. These are characters and events that were literally “left by the side of the road” as other historical novels took shape. These vignettes allow them to speak for themselves. Together they provide a multi-faceted glimpse into the stories behind the Civil War. Slaves abandoned by their owners when the Union Army invaded coastal South Carolina . . . Government officials charged with reorganizing captured territory . . . Army officers and the women who accompanied them . . . Free blacks determined to rescue their brothers and sisters from slavery . . . An opera singer with a penchant for pornography . . . Abolitionists with competing visions for the future of newly-freed slaves . . . A talented and sympathetic nurse who was once a runaway, a fugitive from justice, and a battered wife . . . Carolyn Schriber’s novels have been praised as “the stuff of a great book … storytelling yes, but also a subtle message that eats at you…and makes you go seek out more information … and gives you something to talk about over dinner.” (Joyce Faulkner, Past President of the Military Writers Society of America.)

Where Eagles Dance: A Saga of Early California

by Marian Sepulveda

Welcome to the world of the 1850s. The wagon trains, Indian attacks, a lone survivor, and her tale of life among the Kumeyaay. Parts of this story are factual: the trail blazing Butterfield Overland Mail, the unfolding conflicts in California over the issue of slavery, and the looming Civil War. Woven into this historical fabric are the stories of Abby, a young girl raised by Indians; John Jay Butterfield, scion of the founder of the Overland Mail; Waterman Ormsby, reporter for the New York Herald; and many other compelling personages drawn from fact and fiction. Join author Marian Sepulveda as she guides you through this unique chapter in early California lore.

Citadels of Fire (Kremlins Book 1)

by L.K. Hill

In a world where danger hides in plain sight and no one aspires to more than what they were born to, Inga must find the courage to break the oppressive chains she’s been bound with since birth.

As a maid in the infamous Kremlin, life in 16th-century Russia is bleak and treacherous. That is, until Taras arrives. Convinced that his mother’s death when he was a boy was no mere accident, he returned from England to discover what really happened. While there, he gains favor from the Tsar later known as Ivan the Terrible, the most brutal and notorious ruler ever to sit upon the throne of Russia. Ivan allows him to take a servant, and to save Inga from a brutal boyar intent on raping her, Taras requests Inga to stay in his chambers.

Up against the social confines of the time, the shadowy conspiracies that cloak their history, and the sexual politics of the Russian Imperial court, Inga and Taras must discover their past, plan for their future, and survive the brutality that permeates life within the four walls that tower over them all, or they may end up like so many citizens of ancient Russia: nothing but flesh and bone mortar for the stones of the Kremlin wall.

Heritage of Secrets (Secret Diaries series Book 1)

by Lainie Montgomery

Joy and despair follows Rania Cameron throughout her young life, but this is only part of the tapestry of love, deception, and mystery that comprises Heritage of Secrets. Determined to marry her first love, Jeremy, Rania soon finds herself also intricately bound to Scottish aristocrat, Andrew McLain who arrives in the antebellum south with his young family shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War. Circumstances of the times binds the two of them together as war, disease, prejudice, and even murder threaten the holdings of their neighboring plantations. Despite her long-held love for Jeremy Leighton, Rania finds her heart also yearning for the married, sensual Andrew. In the midst of Civil War and the challenges of Reconstruction, Rania struggles to maintain the families’ plantations, overcome prejudice, honor family ties, and remain true to her heart, despite its uncertainty. Spanning over twenty years, Heritage of Secrets is a story of ambition, loyalty, passion, revenge, human nature, and destiny where the characters are defined as much by circumstance and fate as by their own free will.

City of Raven 1945 (Sepia Series Book 3)

by Shelly Schwartz

1940s Mystery: After working undercover in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces in WWII, Raven reunites with her twin sister, unleashing a brilliant espionage front.

Hiob (Joseph Roth) (German Edition)

by Joseph Roth

Hiob war Joseph Roths erster groÃ?er Romanerfolg. Der kleine jüdische Dorflehrer Mendel Singer scheint vom Schicksal schwer gestraft zu werden: Seine Kinder entwickeln sich nicht wie erhofft, eines ist geistig behindert, die Liebe zu seiner Frau erkaltet, sie leiden wirtschaftliche Not. Auch die Emigration nach Amerika bringt nicht das erträumte Glück. Doch schlieÃ?lich geschieht eine unerwartete Wendung …
Duchgesehene Ausgabe mit Anmerkungen.

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