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Simplicity Parenting: How to Understand Your Child & Become His Friend (Positive Parenting Project): Child Development, Child Support, Defiant Child, Connected Parenting, Mental Health

by Vanessa Angel

â??â??If a child lives in an atmosphere of friendship and feels that other people need him/her, the child will learn how to find love in the world.”

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A family is the first sculptor forming a soft as wax soul and mind, will and character of a child. The child investigates the world through a family, in the light of a family. Undoubtedly, he receives his first life attitudes in the family. Full-fledged health and harmonic mental development of the child are the aims of all parents. To achieve positive results, close collaboration of both parties is required. However, the majority of even the most loving and caring parents make mistakes which may influence on the child’s further destiny.

When children are born, the first years of their life are predetermined by parents’ goals and desires. What will be a color of a stroller, of booties? What toys to choose? Which sports circle to register in? Which school will be better?

Feel a catch? The question is that these issues arise out of inertia and their flow does not stop even when the child has his first desires and goals appearing! Moreover, so, after these sentence readers are already divided into two groups: the users from the First group are thinking: I give my child a choice, of course, only of what will bring him benefits and what will help him in the future. From the Second one: my kid is too young to make such responsible decisions, he does not know what is better for him!

In the second case the parents should be asked, how do you think, at what age your child will be able to make his decisions – at 15, 20 years, or maybe when he will have his kids? I wonder, what a person brought up in such conditions can teach his children?

Here You Will Learnâ?¦

  • How to Reduce the Attention Deficit?
  • How to Give as Much Attention as the Child Needs?
  • Protect Manifestations of Individuality
  • What Parents Mistakes Result in Children’s Hysterics?
  • Examples of the Other Words When Communicating with a Child
  • Bonus! Fear: For Children or Yourself? (Complete collection – save $2.99)
  • Much, much more!

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Too Young to be Old: From Clapham to Kathmandu

by Frank Kusy

When Frank starts working with old people, he rediscovers a young dream. And sets out to make it come true.

“â?¦a hilarious memoir about enlightenment and old ageâ?¦”
“â?¦a superb lead-in to Frank’s travel memoirs properâ?¦”
“â?¦honest, whimsical, and keenly observingâ?¦”
“…Frank is a wonderful storyteller…I really warmed to him…”

As Frank Kusy turns 27 he is unexpectedly put in charge of an old people’s home in Clapham, South London. Driven to distraction by a crazy cast of characters he seeks solace in Buddhism, only to find himself up to his ears in plasticine pigs and marathon chanting sessions. Will he make his mum happy by holding down a â??proper’ job? Will he make her unhappy by becoming a writer? Will he get to share cheese sandwiches with Kevin in Kathmandu? And will he be forced to exchange his underpants in Japan?

Anger Management for Teens: Proven Steps to Help a Teen with Anger Issues (Anger Management Series Book 1)

by Felicia Erza

If you feel that your teen has gone from being your sweet, innocent child to a being that has come from outer space, then you’ve found the right book!

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I believe we all went through a stage where we were overly moody or sensitive, but some teens seem to move through it quickly while others dwindle in this stage. I firmly believe that it all has to do with how the parents react to their teen’s behavior and the positive actions they take to help their teen through this confusing, tumultuous time.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • Anger Complications with Teenagers
  • Normal versus Abnormal Behavior
  • Anger and Violence in Your Teen
  • Step One: Connection
  • Step Two: Healthy Lifestyle Changes
  • Step Three: Taking Care of Yourself
  • and much, much more!

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Remember that not that far down inside they still love you, respect you and want the same in return from you.
Don’t put it off any longer. Do yourself a huge favor and join the thousands of parents who freed their teens from anger.

Why You Should Buy This Book?

You’ve most likely taken a look at this book because you are suffering with a teenager who has become overly moody, irrational, and may even be bordering on violence. You can use one or more methods described in this book to help your teens. It’s a process that requires diligence and your undivided attention. The results will be worth your while because you will be able to improve your teens as a person, find their place within a community, and establish long-lasting relationships with those around them.
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La delincuencia: ¿Qué hacemos para salvar jóvenes? (Spanish Edition)

by Irina Zepeda

Este es un ensayo concreto donde se plasma el fenómeno de la delincuencia que actualmente nos preocupa a cada ser humano que vivimos responsablemente y trabajando día a día para salir a delante en cada país del mundo.

Ya basta debemos hacer un alto y empezar desde nuestro núcleo, cada familia, no podemos juzgar y quejarnos del gobierno y de las autoridades, no es suficiente, debemos ser agentes de cambio para que realmente podamos vivir en un mundo y en un ambiente mejor.

Por eso cada persona en el mundo debemos colaborar en el cambio del mundo, tú mundo, Nuestro mundo.

Turn Your Brats Into Angels in 7 Days or Less | Don’t Be Stressed About Your Unruly, Misbehaving Kids Anymore |

by Erin Gardner

Turn Your Brats into Angels in 7 Days or Less

Have you ever looked at your kids and thought, “man, they are so perfect, well-mannered, and wonderful, I can take them anywhere and feel proud of them”? If this thought has never crossed your mind, and in fact sounds like a fairytale, then you might want to check this book out.

The little devils

It’s hard enough having a child, just a normal child, but if you have a kid that’s unruly, life can be ten times harder. The simplest task of going to the grocery store, the bank, or to a family get-together can be daunting and even detestable when your child acts up on a daily occurrence. In this book, we will help you with calming your child down, no matter what kind of wild behaviors he or she partakes in, including:

-Constant tantrums that turn heads wherever you are

-Embarrassing and loud noises in the most inappropriate of places

-Hitting, biting, or other acts of violence that worry or anger others

-Cruel words, or even curse words that could seriously get your child in trouble

-Unmannered behaviors towards adults and other children, even when you say no

Perfect for any parent or caretaker

Whether you’re a first time parent in need of advice, a long-time parent that just can’t figure out how to tame your kid(s), or a babysitter that is need of some caretaking tips, this book will definitely help you to straighten up your child in an appropriate way. You won’t have to worry about those mid-day phone calls from school or daycare, the complaints from other family members, and the rejections from babysitters to watch your kids. Just imagine a time where you can tote your kids around freely, not even wondering what your little tike will get into next. The opportunity to help you and your kids get along better and get along with others better is here, in this book.

Recommended Reading:

Taming the Dragon in Your Child: Solutions for Breaking the Cycle of Family Anger by Meg Eastman

Stress Relief for Kids: Taming Your Dragons by Marti Belknap

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours by Dr. Kevin Leman

Rules for Unruly Children: The Parent Discipline Bible by Richard L. Munger

RESPECT ROCKS: A Behavior Program for Teaching Your Children Respect & Responsibility by Wendy N Davis

Daddy Loves Me: Dealing with Shame When Children Feel Unloved

by Jane Gilgun

This essay begins with a children’s story and continues with a discussion of how children sometimes misinterpret parents’ behaviors as evidence that their parents don’t love them. In the story, children mistake their father’s sadness over losing his job for evidence that he doesn’t love them any more. Who doesn’t at times feel unloved? My experience tell me this is a false belief. Everyone is lovable and worthy of love.

The essay that follows provides guidelines about how to help children understand that parents love them even when parents seem to ignore them. These guidelines show how to help children understand that parents can’t always feel attention. They nip in the bud children’s fears that something is wrong when THEM when their parents are inattentive.

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