Free religious fiction Kindle books for 16 Jun 17

Bridge to the Heart (An Amish Romance) : Secret Rendezvous

by Hannah Weaver

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In an Amish community deep in Ohio there lives Abigail. She is too old to still be at home, but none of the boys in her community interest her. Rumspringa has lots its intrigue, and now she finds her days monotonous and without the adventure she longs for.

Aaron played minor league baseball. Now he is a wanderer, a lot soul believing that the experiences he enjoyed playing baseball are only waiting to be trumped by something out there. Something that he can capture with his art, whether paint on a canvas or photography. He longs to find something special, and when he passes Chicago to go deeper into the country he thinks he found that place.

Can Aaron find what he is looking for? Will Abigail be able to find contentment with her family life. Perhaps what they both seeks is romance, an Amish romance.

This is a wholesome book that is suitable for all ages.

The Amish Widow’s Baby: An Amish Secret Baby Romance

by Amy Field

Set in a quiet Amish village, this is the heartwarming story of Emma, a young, inconsolable widow struggling to come to terms with the premature death of her beloved husband and be strong for her unborn child.

On top of that, there’s a string of suitors who are throwing glances in Emma’s direction at the service. She knows she has to soon pick one, even only to help her manage the farm, and to be a father for her unborn child.

The suitors cross paths with each other at Emma’s door, and she become even more confused about who to choose. The situation becomes unbearable.

And then, at last, God sends her a sign to show her who will be her perfect husband…

++ Includes thirty inspiring and uplifting story of love and romance from the publisher’s library! ++


The Suitable Bride (The Emberton Brothers Series Book 2)

by Karen Aminadra

A seemingly suitable match…

Edward Emberton wants to be Prime Minister. He has a passionate vision for the future of England, which includes the abolition of slavery. As the son of a tradesman, his journey to Parliament has been a difficult one, but there is only one thing left to cement this foothold on the steps to Parliament – a suitable bride. She must be of noble birth, reasonable intelligence, mild temperament, and extraordinary beauty.

Frances Davenport is most of those things. And a suitable marriage to Edward isn’t only the answer to her prayers; it’s a way to keep her secrets. Edward is handsome, driven, and better still, enchanted by her beauty. It’s more than a suitable match; it couldn’t be more perfect.

But appearances are often deceiving, and Frances’ beguiling beauty comes with its own set of problems. Edward and Frances are about to discover that there’s more to marriage than suitability because neither is as suitable as they seemâ?¦

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