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The Tour Guide: Intrigue on the Nile

by Brita Vogt

A vacation on a Nile Cruise in July 1996 is the beginning of Brita’s Egyptian nightmare. On the “Princess Amira” she meets the enigmatic cross-eyed Nubian archaeologist turned tour guide, Abdul. There is a powerful attraction between them and against her better judgment, Brita allows herself to be drawn into his life, a life she will find is filled with mysteries.

Brita then attempts to build a new business in the USA with Abdul’s employer, the Egyptian tour company Cataract.. Unwittingly, she has now become involved with a criminal organization whose scope and true nature are unknown. Her quest for the truth about Cataract and Abdul’s true identity puts her through terrifying experiences. She is date-raped by Abdul and stalked by unknown strangers. The FBI, U.S., and Egyptian government officials to whom she turns for help agree to do so at first, but then shut the door on her.

Certain friends stand by her – among them is, an independent video artist named Juan. They travel to Egypt together where Brita hopes to find closure. They spend a week in Luxor, much of it with Abdul. He provides some answers about Cataract, but most shocking for Brita is the realization that she and Abdul have fallen in love. In the following months, they cautiously start planning for a possible future. With Brita’s help, Abdul has resumed working on his PHD in Egyptology about the ancient powerful queen Hatshepsut. Brita also makes the big move from the East Coast to Arizona. Then, without warning, Abdul disappears for nearly a month. Only after his return does he tell Brita that he has been in Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage. She is puzzled because she knows he is not very religious.

Shortly after that a strange man and woman start living with Abdul in his apartment and his behavior becomes erratic and often mean. He later explains that the couple was placed there by Cataract. Brita’s letters are either stolen or returned with a lot of Arabic scribbles. Stalking starts again at her new home and is evolving into sheer psycho terror. Her e-mail, telephone, and computer appear to be tampered with.

As the mysteries mount, Abdul becomes more and more secretive. After eight years of his often bizarre behavior, Brita decides to break off all contact. Abdul pleads to give him “a few more months.” Brita makes one last attempt to meet him in Germany but that falls through. She writes him a letter with her address as the sender but it is returned. She writes him a letter from Germany using her aunt’s name and address as the sender. That letter he receives.

Through her close friend Hans, who lives in Germany and knows Abdul, Brita then decides to resend the previous letters she had sent to Abdul that were returned to her in the U.S. Hans tells Brita that he will call Abdul and speak with him. However, shortly thereafter, Hans informs Brita by e-mail that he does not want anything to do with her or Abdul because he fears for his and his wife’s life and ends contact. Abdul then also informs Brita that he is breaking off the relationship with her because he is afraid and does not want to hear from her again.

Brita is left with an unsolved mystery hoping that the publication of her story might bring some answers.

Accelerated German Learn German the Fast Way & Speak Like a Native: Included: 700 Realistic German Phrases For Most Situations to Grow Your Vocabulary Practical Conversations and Pronunciation

by Christian Stahl

Are you planning on coming to Germany for vacation, studies or work? This book will show you a different and holistic way to learn German fast. We have developed a method that combines practical steps and essential learning techniques into one holistic approach that has been proven successful to many of our students. We call it accelerating German. Learn German fast by using new methods that are not boring, but involve action and real life situations. This book is written by a German linguist and we have made great efforts preparing this book and to show you new and practical ways to learn this interesting language. This book offers step by step tools to help beginners achieve fluency!
Table of Contents

Pronouncing German Words
The German Alphabet
Learn the Language Structure and Grammar
Correct Pronunciation & Cognates
Learning Nouns and Adjectives
Days, Numbers
Telling Time & Date
Articles and the infamous four German Noun Cases
Expressions of Time and Date
Article Genders, Definitives, and Infinitives
Compound Nouns and Their Gender
(Lovely) Pronouns!
German Tenses and Verb Tenses
How to Decline the Easy Way
Word Order and Building Sentences
Get those Adverbs!
German Idioms!
Get to Know the Accelerated Learning Methods
Implement the New Methods Step-By-Step
Discover and Read 3 Short Stories Prepared for Learners
Exercises to Practice German
700 Realistic German Phrases for Most Situations
Formal & informal introductions
Greetings and How to Adress Germans
Phrases for Greeting Friends & Family
Restaurants & Eating Out Phrases
Shopping and Renting
Asking Directions
Driving & Parking Phrases
Transportation Phrases
Medical Issues & Emergencies
Banking Phrases & Terms
Christmas Phrases & Expressions
Illness & Wellness
Sports Terms & Phrases
University and Education
Computer and Social Media
Airport and Flights
Car Problems
Foods & Diet
Phrases for Business & Negotiations
Entertainment and Recreation
Crime and Help Phrases
Taxi & Hiring a Car
General Repairs
Going to Chruch
Seasons, Festivals and Public Holidays
Legal Terms & Words

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Cruising Alaska on a Budget: A Cruise and Port Guide

by Melinda Brasher

Soaring mountains, ice-blue glaciers, and forested islands. Colorful history and culture. Majestic wildlife. This is Alaska, one of the most beautiful places you can cruise.

Happily, it’s more affordable than you think.

Cruising can be one of the least expensive options in places like Alaska, where food, transportation, and accommodations on land are often pricey and where the popularity of cruising drives down cruise rates.

The problem is that cruising guidebooks don’t target shoestringers. Budget guidebooks don’t target cruisers. However, this cruise and port guide speaks directly to budget cruisers, a savvy group of travelers who like exploring the world from the water but who also like saving money for the next adventure.

If you’ve never been to Alaska by cruise ship, read Cruising Alaska on a Budget to see what this great land holds for youâ??and how to make it affordable. If you’re returning to Alaska because you fell in love the first time, you’ll find tips here on new things to see and do on a budget.


  • Free and inexpensive attractions in each port, with prices listed
  • Practical information for each port and embarkation city, including public transportation
  • Descriptions of free and beautiful hikes within easy reach of the ship
  • Canadian ports that you may visit on your cruise
  • How to find good cruise prices and what to expect in the way of hidden expenses
  • Life aboard a cruise ship
  • Cruise lines and Alaskan itineraries
  • Fascinating tidbits about glaciers
  • A quick wildlife guide, including hints on where and how to spot various animals
  • Pictures
  • Resources, including lists of books, movies, and TV shows about the places you’ll see

You can easily carry this e-book around with you on your phone, tablet, or e-reader as you explore your ports of call.

If you’ve ever dreamed about visiting Alaska, seize your chance now.

Is This the Road to Stratford? (Planning to the ‘Nth Book 3)

by Coral Waight

Coral Waight started travelling alone at the age of 60. After four road trips around Tasmania, south of where she lives in Melbourne, Australia, she crossed the Tasman Sea to explore both islands of New Zealand. With these experiences under her belt, she took the leap to the other side of the world: England. In a malevolent rental car, baffled by indecipherable road signs and terrorised by huge roundabouts, she journeyed from Yorkshire, through Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire, to London.

On the way, she discovered medieval cities and great heritage estates; pretty villages, pubs and chicken and leek pie; a castle where Robin Hood could actually have fought it out with the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the mighty home where Miss Elizabeth Bennett fell for a dripping Mr. Darcy, fresh from his dip in the lake. Having always wanted to drop ‘when I was at Oxford’ into a conversation, she booked into Balliol College, and wandered the streets, soaked in centuries of history and academia. She communed with her favourite authors, the Brontes and Charles Dickens, and slaked her thirst for theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon and London’s West End.

Coral learnt much along the way: that it’s unpleasant being woken on an aeroplane by a cup of boiling tea down your front; that you can’t smuggle a bottle of water through security at Kuala Lumpur airport; that you can see theatre in London for half the price of Melbourne; that Harrods is seriously weird, and that you need a university education (preferably at Oxford) to understand English road signs.

Coral’s ‘Planning to the ‘Nth’ series describes the challenges, pitfalls – and joys – of a woman, ‘of an age’, discovering the world – at last.

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