Free war Kindle books for 16 Jun 17

Field of Echoes

by Blaze Eastwood

Paul is enjoying a nice spring morning at his favorite National Park, when suddenly, a blinding flash soars through the sky. The flash is followed by a prolonged crackling sound. Peering through his binoculars, he can see a mushroom cloud, one-thousand meters away. He finds himself running away from the blast, and eventually, reaches shelter from the fallout . . . But that’s only the beginning. The aftermath throws him into a reality in which he feels unprepared to embrace. As the nuclear warfare continues, his city becomes a serious risk. He must find a way to safety. But in a collapsed society, there seems to be no safe place on earth. Rioters flood the streets, power grids go down, and widespread panic ensues. But what Paul encounters is far more shocking than what he could have imagined.

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