Free horror Kindle books for 17 Jun 17

Dark Whispers: Six Short Stories Presented By The Cult Of The Egg

by Egg Cultist


WE, are proud to present to you: Six short stories of terror.

Have you ever had problems sleeping? Ever felt like you were disappearing, or that the world was slipping away from you? Haunted by loss? Afraid of losing yourself? Ever felt that something lurks beneath the face of the world? That everything is falling apart, and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it?

THE CULT OF THE EGG understands. We understand the loss and isolation inherent to the modern world. THE CULT OF THE EGG knows your fear.


by Tim W Byrd

A trip on an excavation turns out to be a fight for survival when a college professor and his students
take a trip to an island off the coast of Costa Rica, there they discover some things are better left undisturbed…within the darkness of Nocturnal..

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