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Controlling Stuttering

by Valerie D’antonio

Most people feel fear when they have to speak in public or do a job interview. Stuttering is a lack of speech, the main effect of which is to give rise to the same fear during everyday conversations, which in turn makes stuttering worse. Although it is impossible to completely cure stuttering, you can break the cycle of anxiety and stress to reduce its severity and minimize the impact on your life.

Loving a Married Man

by Pattrick O’Neil

Love a married man. You may be wondering how much these 4 simple words seem so problematic. Someone could read this and say it’s impossible. Whatever your position, you can recognize that this is a controversial and morally sensitive subject. How does it all begin? With a simple touch, an innocent conversation, a glance? This book is intended for women who love married men and who would like to have positive help to solve their problems.

How To Create A Happy Life After High School: Baccalaureate Address to Pulaski County High School Class of 2017

by Robert Bullock

Veteran high school teacher Robert Bullock shares with graduating seniors a step-by-step guide to creating the happy life they dream of by ELIMINATING some things and people from their lives, and INCORPORATING others into their lives. He finishes this talk with the suggestion that students use two books to assure that true Happiness is both attainable, and sustainable.

This Baccalaureate address serves as inspiration and motivation for high school students, middle school students, and their parents.

Getting along with Step Parents and Step Siblings


It may be difficult to adapt to the divorce of parents, especially if they remarry. All of a sudden, you have a mother-in-law or a stepfather and maybe even a half-brother or a half-sister! This often creates a period of uncomfortable change as both families have to adapt to each other. To manage this period, it is usually sufficient to adjust your behavior and there are methods to achieve it. Your relationship with your stepfather, your stepmother, your half-brother or half-sister will vary depending on the case.

Dealing with a Drug-addict Mother

by Valerie D’antonio

If your mother is taking drugs, it can be difficult to live the way you want especially if you are a teenager. There are several ways to move on, even if your situation is difficult or has been difficult in the past. You may feel so much pain and get used to it even if the small inconveniences do not bother you anymore. There are however things that can help you reduce the pain

Bad Ass Mother: Mastering Single Motherhood in Seven Steps

by Erinn Fitzgerald

Concise yet thorough, this book will get you motivated and on the right track. Funny yet practical, the author takes you through her own failures and successes as a single mom, and points out resources and tested ideas along the way to becoming a confident, unshakable single mom.

Rejecting a Boy Nicely


It is not always easy to tell a boy that you are not interested. Whether you have known him for a short time or have been out several times with him does not change anything. You do not want to hurt him, but it is better for him to know clearly what you think so that he does not delude himself. You will feel more at ease after telling the truth. In this book we will explain how to say no to a boy and especially how to tell him delicately so as not to hurt him, but so that he does not insist.

How to End an Unhappy Marriage: An Essential Guide to Letting Go Emotionally, Preparing Yourself Mentally, and Moving On Physically – ( When to Get a Divorce | When to End a Marriage )

by Janet Paukis

If you are dissatisfied with your marriage and are contemplating divorce, then this book is for you!

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Although marriage is a lifelong commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly, when your marriage turns sour and both of you are suffering as a result, then it’s time to consider ending it, especially if you’ve already made numerous attempts to repair the damage or fix what’s not working. If it means that you can each move forward towards a happier life, then divorce may be the right thing to do. And although divorce is normally considered to be a complicated and grueling process, this book is here to guide you through this tough period your life and help make the transition as easy as possible. The process of ending a marriage first must begin with realizing – and admitting – that your marriage is no longer working or worth continuing. Next comes the processes of emotional detachment, mental preparation, and finally physically moving on. This book is designed to walk you through this process step by step, and help you arrive at a point of happiness again.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Determining When It’s Really Over
  • Deciding to End Your Marriage
  • Preparing Yourself for the Change
  • Freeing Yourself from Your Marriage
  • Learning to Move On
  • Preparing for Divorce
  • Much, much more!

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