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Alone Together: A Collection of Poems

by Sebastian Militante

We often forget that we are both the author and the character in the story of our lives. We also forget how to live our truth and write it as well. For four months, I wrote a poem everyday in order to track myself, see where I am in life, with the goal of growing as a person in my own story in the same fashion that characters do in movies. It was a life experiment. If I could live with enough honesty and courage and write with enough truth then maybe my life would be a story worth reading about. You be the judge.

I hope these poems can help someone out there. Someone like me. Someone who thinks they’re alone. Don’t worry. We’re all alone together.

A Warrior’s Cry

by Cindy Enderson

A Warrior’s Cry, the tasted saltsâ??years in tears searing seasoned flavor deep into my soul. I FIGHT! Memoir of belief inscribed in heartâ??I am a Christian Soul-dier. It is time to meet the enemy on the ground of faith. In a Knock Out blow, belief hits the ground of faith hard with totality of one thoughtâ??my Lord God cannot be mocked!

O God, or shall I die? Falling… in the delivered blow… landing in a deep reaching relationship with Jesus through the Word. An epic prayer sings in verse of a fight that is fought in the Ring of Life, Unbelief versus Belief. The Evil One knows the soul-dier needs above all else, the cause of justice in his suffering.
God commands the fight in stillness. He will fight for you! The Lord is his name; a warrior.

Grace and forgiveness imparted the faith at the crossâ??a warrior’s flesh and blood. Holy Spirit is sounding deliverance in sharpened double-edged words crying out for this justice to make amends. AMEN surrenders rescue secured in the fighter’s Corner, the Savior Jesus Christ. There is no white towel in the Corner of Belief to throw inâ??giving up, in the good fight of the faith.

Show Me Your Joy: Haiku On Life

by Amy Napier

Life is a beautiful mix of the sweet along side the sour, the tragic side by side with joy. This collection of Haiku was written every day for 90 days straight. In an experiment to examine the daily wave of emotion. They are a unique perspective on the highs, lows and every day variations of life.
Napier’s work is fresh, organic and deep. This is a compilation dedicated to life, love and everything in between.

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