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Easier English for Dyslexics 3: Z, S, V, F, PH, GH

by D M Baker

Read / Spell…Better…Faster

Pictures for Easier Letter-Sound Recall

The Easier English for Dyslexics series is a visual aid to decrease learning time, enhance retrieval and increase retention of letters and sounds. This imaginative memory system includes pictures, colors, silly phrases and repetition to aid recall of the English sound code. Easier English for Dyslexics 3 includes the sounds of and spelling patterns for Z, S, V, F, PH and GH.

Examples of words with S and X having the Z sound are included. There are lists of words with the letters SE sounding like Z or S and words with silent S. There are examples of words ending in CE sounding like S and a picture to remind you when C sounds like S. You’ll learn that English words don’t end in V even though that may be the last sound, that PH and GH are a two-letter way to get the F sound and that GH can also be silent.

Just what you need

The 17 short ebooks in Easier English for Dyslexics focus on building phonological awareness, a key reading skill. Though designed for older dyslexics, the series could be adapted for use by younger children or for English as a Second Language students. Your child may not need to study all 17 ebooks. Use just what you need.

  • You don’t need training to use these ebooks.
  • You only have to be willing to explore the sounds in words.

Simple to use

Easier English for Dyslexics is filled with sound puzzles to encourage your child to apply his or her new knowledge. Review books are also included. Dyslexics often have to review the same material in different ways to master it.

You’ll find these family friendly materials simple to use. As you and your child connect the sounds of English to the letters, you’ll both learn patterns that make English much easier to read and spell.

Help is on the way

Scroll up to get your copy today and see how daily review of Easier English for Dyslexics can help your child improve.

Discover the secrets of winning your warfare: Winning your warfare

by Olu Allen

Life is moving from known to unknown. At the crossing point is where uncertainty set in. It is this uncertainty that cause war. In the practical world we have to think on practical knowledge on how to deal with everyday conflict and daily battles. Hence our success is depended on how well we deal with this conflict that confronts us in society. This book shows different approach to life from the mindset of a victorious warrior on how to surmount difficulties and solve problem.

VEDIC MATHS, APTITUDE AND SYLLOGISM: A Quick Guide for Competitive Exams


This book act as short guide for those who are going to appear in various competitive exams as book contains basic ideas and technique how to solve all type of quantitative and numerical question in less time.
This book also contains tips for easy calculation which is very important to solve Data interpretation question easily with time management.
This book contain total 8 chapters which covers all techniques with detailed step by step example to solve questions based on time and work, boats, trains, speed, permutation, probability, combinations, syllogism, simple and compound interest, mixture, profit and loss, etc. This book also covers base method of multiplication, addition. Finding of square root and cube root easy formula.
This book also contains Vedic Maths technique to solve question.
This is a strongly recommended book for Bank PO exam, Railway exam, MBA exam, SSC exam and other competitive exam also.
This book does not include practice set because practice set is easily available in market. But most book lack of the basic technique and idea about how to approach the question to solve. That’s why I have prepared this eBook from what I learn when I am preparing for IBPS, SBI and SSC exam.
Hope this eBook will be the stair to success for all aspirant of competitive exam.

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