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Passive Income Step By Step: The Proven Guide To Start Making Money Passively, Work From Home, And Build Your Financial Freedom (Passive Income, Automatic Income, Start Ups, Network Marketing)

by Jonathan S. Walker

Start Making Passive Income With This Amazing Step By Step Guide For Beginners!

Are you sick and tired of working like a dog, running the rat race like everyone else out there? Trading time to earn money day in and day out, sacrificing quality time with friends and family and never having enough to spend with your loved ones? Are you sick of being underappreciated at work or having to deal with office politics all day long. And are you someone who is afraid to be THAT guy who has spent his whole life working for someone else, making THEM successful instead of yourself? 

What if I told you right now that there is a way for you to build a Passive Income Business From Scratch without having to quit your day job? Would you take it?

Passive Income Step By Step will teach you the ropes to take you from novice to expert. 

It doesnt matter if you do not have any experience whatsoever because that is where this book comes in. It takes time to grow a business from scratch and this book will provide you the exact steps you will need to take to begin that journey.

In This Book You Will Learn: 

  • 5 Profitable Sources To Build Online Passive Income Streams
  • How A Beginner Can Build A Six figures Passive Income Business
  • Build Profitable and High-Income Generating Blogs
  • Building A Business Empire And Selling With FBA
  • Build Passive Income Without Affecting Your Job
  • How to make money selling Ebooks on the Amazon Kindle Store
  • How To Set Up A Profitable Youtube Channel

Outcomes Of Building Passive Income Online: 

  • Be able to travel the world

  • Fulfill your dreams
  • Have Financial Security
  • Be Financially Stress-Free
  • Buy Anything You Want Anytime

You are going to get all these amazing strategies detailed out perfectly for you step by step. With all this knowledge at your fingertips would you take the leap of faith and become someone who is Financially Free who has Passive Income flowing into their pockets every single day? Someone who is retired before the age of 40 and has the time freedom to live life to the fullest with their most loved ones?

If that is you then you are going to want to get the PASSIVE INCOME STEP BY STEP Guide Today!

Start your journey working from home with these amazing step by step strategies and you will thank me later.

Click on the BUY NOW button above to make that decision to break free from that cycle TODAY!

Foundations Of Success: Learning To Fail: Overcoming The Fear Of Failure And Learning That Failure Is Actually A Crucial Part Of Success.

by Machi Block

“Foundations of Success – Learning To Fail: Overcoming The Fear Of Failure And Learning That Failure Is Actually A Crucial Part Of Success.”
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to begin to truly change your life as you begin to learn and apply the Foundations Of Success. In this book, we focus on the concept of learning to fail, and how failure is actually a prerequisite to success. There are those who are so afraid of failure that they never take action on their dreams, but failure is to be expected, and indeed in many cases welcomed. It is through our failures that we learn, grow, and correct ourselves to greatness.
It is 1 out of 30+ books that make up a large volume of work titled “Foundations of Success.” This volume is designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to become truly successful in your life and start on your journey to living out your full potential.
You are highly encouraged to study each book within this series to get the fullest picture of Success and how it is achieved in one’s life.
If you find yourself truly desiring a massive life change, and you realize that there is certain information, knowledge, tricks, and tips that you are missing in order to find your greatest level of success, then you may wish to join our full Foundations Of Success Program that we’ve created to teach you. Through this program you will learn via videos, success/wealth emails, and other highly effective strategies, as well as become a part of an Exclusive, online Mastermind Group comprised of other like-minded Entrepreneurs on their path to wealth.
You can sign up for the full Foundations Of Success Program through our website, Here:

This is the mindset you must acquire if you wish to be successful. No longer should you fear failure or fear hardships. That’s for the incompetent man. For you, you embrace failure when it comes. You embrace it as a chance to grow, to learn, to improve, and to get one step closer to the path that does work. You embrace failure as a necessary step on the road to Success, realizing that each failure along the way cancels out a step that won’t work, leaving fewer paths to try until you find the on that will work.
This mindset ultimately starts with knowing exactly what you want, and believing that you are able to accomplish it. If you have a burning desire to achieve, then nothing will stop you. If you have a weak commitment to your pursuits though, failure is sure to knock you off course.

It is only through our attempts that we can ever accomplish.
No Attempt = No Success.
Do you realize this? Do you understand this? Obviously. But do you really grasp what this means? Any goal you have in life will require you to stretch yourself, to grow, to get out of your comfort zone, and to face some amount of fear and timidity. Sometimes life won’t feel like it’s perfectly aligned for you to move forward and you’re going to have to take a leap of faith anyways. You can’t wait around forever, and you’ve got to act. So just do so knowing that without your attempt, you’ll never find the success you’re looking for. And if you fail, have the confidence in yourself that you’ll be able to pick yourself up, learn from what you experienced, and attempt it again in a better way.
Nothing should stand between you and your goals, especially fear. Fear should be the very first obstacle that we overcome, because we realize that without action there can be no success. So don’t let fear be the last obstacle you tackle. That’s putting it in reverse. Get your confidence and courage right, then figure out the details. Don’t sit and plot and plan and live in fearâ?¦ no amount of planning can cause you to act if your fear still stands in your way. Be brave, develop resolve, then plan.

Follow The Link To Learn More:

Trading: Investing: Swing Trading For Beginners (Swing Trading Stocks Financial Planning)

by Paul Welch

Swing Trading Rules to Be a Profitable Trader is your easiest and most affordable solution to start profiting consistently when swing trading

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover 20 essential rules anyone can follow to be a profitable swing trader. Many eager investors that get into swing trading sadly have no business getting involved in this volatile type of trading. More often than not they end up losing all the money that they had in their trading account because they lack the basic knowledge to be a profitable trader..

If you’re new to swing trading or you haven’t made a profit yet you MUST have some trading guidelines to maximize profits and minimize losses.. This book provides 20 rules that all amateur swing traders should follow.

Here Is A Preview Of Some Rules You’ll Learn…

  • Learn to Identify the Market Phases
  • Define the Support and Resistance Levels
  • Have a Good Entry and Exit Strategy
  • Trade Volatile Stocks
  • Never Rely on Just One Indicator
  • Have a Good Trading Plan and Stick to It
  • Define Your Profit/Loss Ratio
  • Use Fundamental as well as Technical Analysis
  • Much, much more!

Download or BORROW the book and see immediate results today.

7 day money back guarantee

The Better Business Book: 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live By (The 100 Person Book Series 2)

by Authors Unite

If you’re like me, you probably have 100+ business books on your shelf collecting dust. Some of them you’ve read, some of them you had hopes of reading, but life just got in the way.

Each of those books probably followed a theme and had one important underlying message to share with you. Hundreds of pages, thousands of words, but only one golden nugget of underlying wisdom.

All that reading for just one golden nugget.

Imagine if you could have one book that gave you 100 golden nuggets. Less dust. Less clutter. Just one book to always have by your side and reference whenever you need to.

Well, that’s The Better Business Book. It’s your one-stop shop for crystal-clear business advice that you can use to grow your business and live the life you’ve always wanted.

The Better Business Book is better than your average business book. That’s how we came up with the title. It consists of 100 people each sharing their most valuable business lesson. A real story from their business experience and the lesson they learned from it. Each time you read it, you will learn something new. Guaranteed.

We hope you enjoy reading this book half as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Authors Unite

Financial Playbooks: Formation to Exit: A Guide for Technology Entrepreneurs to Establish and Run Their Business Finance

by Evan Rogoff

Entrepreneurs focus their initial business activities on developing a solution to sell and finding paying customers for the solution developed. Because without a salable solution and paying customers the business isn’t viable.

At the same time startups need proper finance and back-office functions to:

– Ensure sufficient cash to meet payroll and vendor obligations
– Make critical investment decisions such as whether to hire additional personnel
– Communicate with potential investors and lenders
– Maximize returns for the entrepreneur and shareholders

Financial Playbooks: Formation to Exit is a guide for technology industry entrepreneurs to establish and run their business finances. This book will help you implement simple and appropriate tax, finance and legal procedures to ensure your startup doesn’t implode early-on as sales start to grow.

This book addresses key financial, tax, accounting, legal, HR and administrative steps need for small companies from the time of formation through the company’s acquisition and liquidity event and provides practical guidance for accomplishing these roles simply and effectively.

Rather than wasting precious resources developing big-company processes and procedures, small tech companies need controls and procedures that are simple yet effective, and balance the key risks inherent in the business. This book helps entrepreneurs quickly and easily find that balance between risk and control.

Ways To Declutter Your Mind: A Guide to Eliminate Stress, Negativities, Anxiety and Stay Happy

by Mander Jimenez

Controlling our thoughts, especially negative thoughts can be overwhelming for most people. Here is a method that you can implement to put those negative thoughts to rest. Remember we are the masters of our mind and therefore it is our choice on what we choose to think. From this book you will know way to declutter your mind, how to eliminate stress, remove negative thinking, increase happiness and overcome anxiety.

What exactly do you learn from this book?

How to Be Organized. Dealing With Negative Thoughts.

Causes of Mental Clutter.

How To Prioritize by Organizing the Essentials. Having Goals and Strategies.

How To Write Away your Worries.

How To Managing Stress.

How To Focused Deep Breathing.

How To Control Your Thoughts.

Three Steps You Can Take Right Now.

Bring Mindfulness Meditation into Your Day.

Increase Power of Your Mind.

And much more…

The Silent Voice of Injustice: Wait Before You Sign the Bottom Line (Soul Survivor Witness Series Book 2)

by S. R. Sinclair

After hearing a brief news update about her state’s auto insurance lifetime medical benefit provision, S. R. Sinclair was awakened out of the mental and emotional shock that the powerful injection of discrimination put her in for seven years. She shares her experience about her survival of a near fatal auto accident, and what she encountered when she hired a prominent attorney to handle her personal injury case. She explains in detail the shame and constant adjustment she must make in order to live.
Hundreds of people are injured in auto accidents every year and hundreds of personal injury advertisements are displayed on TV and in print to catch the attention of these potential clients. Some victims are also contacted by mail to retain the legal services of personal injury case chasers. While many never think about hiring a lawyer until a catastrophic event occurs, many fall prey to the capitalist schemes of law firms. There are some lawyers who will work hard to represent their clients to the best of the ability, but there are others who merely process cases without thoroughly assessing a victim’s situation as if they were taking routine orders submitted at a fast food restaurant.
When lawyers portray themselves as advocates for the injured but operate as capitalistic predators, victims are left fighting an invisible giant who refuses to acknowledge the presence and social wounds of their weak opponents. If you have been injured in an accident, know someone who is a personal injury victim, or you’ve never been injured in an auto accident, this book can help you. You will find helpful tips to keep in mind when you hire a personal injury lawyer so that you won’t lose benefits that can help you live a better life when you have access to medical care that auto insurance companies are supposed to pay for.
Suggestions are also given to encourage you to stay abreast of insurance policy terms as well as the strategies that are used by insurance companies to limit your benefits. Don’t just pay for insurance without educating yourself about the coverage terms and the obligations that a lawyer should fulfill to protect your rights. Be proactive in obtaining and keeping your rights. If you don’t, no one else will.

How to use Facebook to sell more products

by Sharon Carter

Do you have an idea for a brilliant product you just know would sell? Are you completely at a loss about how to begin marketing that product? Everybody wants to make their mark in the world, but nobody wants to waste their time. As an aspiring business owner, it’s important to know how to effectively market your work in a way that will not only gain you initial attention, but will also help you continue gaining the recognition you know your product deserves. Using Facebook as a marketing tool and could change the entire course of your business! Knowledge is power, and knowing how to maximize Facebook to its ultimate potential will only help rocket your product straight to the top!

The Power of the Internet

The internet has essentially revolutionized the way we do everything, and that includes business and advertising. Many companies have turned toward the internet to help promote their new productâ??why shouldn’t you? You’ll learn how to set up a Facebook page that’s both aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to navigate. You’ll also learn how to set up ads on Facebook that will continue advertising and promoting your business, even when people aren’t looking at your page.

Networking Is Crucial

Facebook in particular has demonstrated the power of networking. People who will never meet in real life have the ability to communicate with other people the world over, anytime, anywhere. It’s essential to learn how to build a fan base and to get people talking about your product. You’ll learn how to initially catch people’s interest and attention, and how to get those coveted â??likes’ for your page. You’ll also learn how to engage people on a personable level, and how to build relationships that will continue to expand your influence and name recognition! Social media marketing is invaluable for success: learning how to harness it will help you gain the edge over other competitors!

The Global Factor

As mentioned before, there are billions of people in the world who can now communicate via sites like Facebook in ways that were impossible before. By using Facebook as a tool, you can reach out beyond the United States; you can engage people everywhere from China, to India, to even Australia to get them excited about your product as well. Business and selling online is moving to a global level and it’s absolutely essential to know how to keep up with the trends. You’ll learn approaches to marketing in various cultures, as well as a crash course in basic languages and translating that will help you to communicate with foreign customers and elevate your business to new heights!

Recommended Reading

Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

500 Social Media Marketing Tips: Essential Advice
Hints and Strategy for Business: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More,Social Media Marketing

The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue

*Perfect for aspiring business owners, businessmen who want advertise their latest product, businessmen seeking to harness Facebook, and businesses who want to learn how capitalize on the social media trend.*

Blockchain: Technology Smart Guide for Beginners (Everything You Need to Know about Blockchain)

by Charles Jensen

The complete, clever way to discover the power of blockchain and its consequences!

Blockchain is an often-misunderstood technology. It has been a hype, a thing in the past, and many people are talking about it. But what is it? How do you use it? What consequences does it have? All of these questions and more will be answered in this book. The expert/author wrote, among others:

How blockchain is different from bitcoin (and similar to it).

The domino effect blockchain causes on banks, institutions, corporations, and governments.

Contracts, apps, and financing strategies to utilize blockchain to your advantage.

Elaborate and controversial thoughts about the development and future of blockchain.

Legal implications and economical effects of blockchain.

Barriers and challenges, as well as simple ways to overcome those.

Curious yet? Then don’t wait and start reading. Save yourself the time of figuring this all out by yourself and learn from what has worked for many others.

Persuasion: 2 Manuscripts – The Persuasion Equation & NLP: Persuasive Language Hacks (Persuasion, Influence, NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming Book 1)

by Modern Psychology Publishing

â?? Bonus Free Workbook Included with Step-by-Step Guided Exercises â??

Imagine what it would be like to be able to influence people. Not just to have them tolerate your ideas, but be really moved by them. What would it be like if you could easily get people on your side? What if you could turn every conflict in your favor, and easily get people to agree with you? Just think what this would mean for your career, your work, your relationships… How much more successful would you be if you had the power of persuasion?

Persuasion is not an art, it is a science. Anyone can learn how to create massive influence if they understand how to apply the right psychological principles. The key comes from learning how to bypass people’s mental firewall of resistance, and implant ideas in their subconscious mind for the greatest possible impact.

As with anything, knowledge is power. If you aren’t using these tools to your advantage, then people are probably using them on you without you even knowing it! The average person does not know that they have this skill buried deep inside of them and so many doubt they have the ability to influence others in one way or another. With the information provided in this book, you will gain the knowledge to unlock your persuasive potential!

Stop being manipulated, and become a Master of Persuasion.

This book contains 2 manuscripts to help you unlock your powers of persuasive influence:

â?? The Persuasion Equation: Influence Others With the Science of Persuasive Psychology

â?? NLP: Persuasive Language Hacks: Instant Social Influence With Subliminal Thought Control and Neuro Linguistic Programming

In this book you will learn:

â?? The brain science that drives persuasion in ourselves and others

â?? How you can change even the most stubborn person’s mind with subliminal thought control

â?? The most effective psychological tactics for successful negotiation

â?? How to bypass your target’s critical factor and implant ideas in their mind covertly

â?? How to use the four factors of impulse to get people to respond to you immediately

â?? And much, much more!

So what are you waiting for??? Pick up a copy of Persuasion today and learn the secrets behind persuasion and social influence!! Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page!

Understanding Financial Statement Analysis: For Accountants, Business Owners, Investors, and Stakeholders

by Calvin K. Lee

As of Dec 13, 2015, this book is ranked #1 in Canada and #3 in the U.S.

3 bonus books included! As a thank you for your time another gift is available at the end of the book.

What you’ll get out of this book: After reading this book you should have a good understanding of financial statements and reports, and be able to make smart, informed decisions as an accountant/bookkeeper, business owner, investor, or stakeholder.

Accounting is the basic language of business. Whether you are an accountant/bookkeeper, a business owner, or an investor, you look at financial statements and reports to determine how well a company is performing.

As a CPA, I look at financial statements every day. I also prepare financial statements for clients. I will share with you in simple terms how to understand and make use of financial statements to achieve your goals.

Where do you start?

Financial statements analysis have several components, including the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of equity, and notes to financial statements.

In my job as a public accountant/auditor I’ve worked with many different companies. On many days I work with new clients. I have to familiarize myself with the company before doing my audit work.

I start by looking at the notes to the financial statements, usually attached at the end of the financial statements. The notes generally give a good overview of what the company does and introduces the many features in the balance sheet and income statement.

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper who’s looking to not only understand financial statements, but also understand the bookkeeping/accounting principles, I suggest you read this book and also my book “Bookkeeping and Accounting Step-by-step Basics for Small & Medium Sized Businesses and Home Businesses: Over 20 Examples of Common Accounting Transactions!” In that book I show you the basics of how to do bookkeeping.

Tags: financial statements, analysis, business, small and medium sized business

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