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The Journey to the West: Stories from Grandpa (A Memoir)

by David Seers

My Goal, in writing the book, – “The Journey to the West”, was to tell the Real Story, about our Family emigration from the Soviet Union to the United States of America. Also, my Goal was, to show to my children and grandchildren the Roots of our Family!

Every Immigrant knows, that when you come to the New Country, everything is different, even the Bread has a different taste…
In the New Country, – the Language, the People, the Laws, the Culture and the Customs, – everything is new for Immigrants. I and my wife Lyudmila, we cherish many wonderful things in the United States of America, but one thing is more important, than anything else for me and my wife Lyudmila, – it’s the Total Freedom! We fought hard, for our Freedom in my Old Country, – the USSR, and we never won the Freedom! There were, only restrictions and troubles in our Old Country.

And, when we came to the United States of America, we found out, that we are in the Land of Total Freedom. In the United States of America, you can move and live anywhere you want, you can do anything you want, – it is the Land of unlimited possibilities… It is up to you, how you will build your Own Future, in the Land of Opportunity and Freedom! I and my wife Lyudmila, appreciate the help of the USA and Canada Jewish Organizations to our Families, when we were needed it most.
Also, I pledge to donate to the United States of America and Canada Jewish Organizations, a portion of proceeds from sale of the book, “The Journey to the West”.

Fundamentos Del Budismo (Spanish Edition)

by Helena Roerich

El Gran Gautama le dio al mundo una Enseñanza completa para construir la vida perfecta. Cada intento de endiosarlo conduce a lo absurdo.
Antes de Gautama hubo toda una sucesión de aquellos que enfatizaron sobre el bien común, pero sus enseñanzas se convirtieron en polvo con el pasar de los milenios. Por lo tanto, la Enseñanza de Gautama debe ser aceptada como la primera que acerca de las leyes de la materia y la evolución del mundo.
La comprensión contemporánea de la comunidad nos permite crear un puente maravilloso desde Gautama Buddha hasta el presente. Esto es un hecho inmutable, ni para exaltar o minimizar.
Las leyes de la intrepidez, de la renunciación a la propiedad, de la evaluación de la labor, de la dignidad de la personalidad humana más allá de castas o distinciones mundanas, la ley del conocimiento verdadero y del amor basado en el auto-conocimiento hacen las alianzas de los Maestros un continuo arcoíris del gozo de la humanidad.
Construyamos los “Fundamentos del Budismo” en sus alianzas manifestadas. La Enseñanza simple, igual en belleza al Cosmos despejará cualquier sugerencia de idolatría, indigno de los grandes Maestros de la humanidad.
El conocimiento fue el sendero conducente hacia todos los grandes Maestros. El conocimiento permitirá un acercamiento vital y libre hacia la gran Enseñanza, tan vitalmente real como la gran Materia misma.
Hablaremos brevemente acerca de aquellos fundamentos que no pueden ser negados y dejaremos las complejidades para el futuro.
¡Gozo a la humanidad! ¡Gozo a todos los que laboran!

Foundations of Buddhism

by Helena Roerich

The Great Gotama gave to the world a complete Teaching of the perfect construction of life. Each attempt to make a god of the great revolutionist, leads to absurdity.
Previous to Gotama there was, of course, a whole succession of those who bore the common welfare, but their teachings crumbled to dust in the course of millenniums. Therefore the Teaching of Gotama should be accepted as the first teaching of the laws of matter and the evolution of the world.
Contemporary understanding of the community permits a wondrous bridge from Gotama Buddha up to the present time. We pronounce this formula neither for extolling nor for demeaning, but as an evident and immutable fact.
The law of fearlessness, the law of the renunciation of property, the law of the evaluation of labor, the law of the dignity of human personality, beyond castes and outer distinctions, the law of true knowledge, the law of love based upon self-knowledge, make of the covenants of the Teachers a continuous rainbow of the joy of humanity.
Let us construct the foundations of Buddhism in its manifested covenants. The simple Teaching, equal in beauty to the Cosmos, will dispel every suggestion of idolatry, unworthy of the great Teacher of men.
Knowledge was the leading path of all great Teachers. Knowledge will permit a free and vital approach to the great Teaching, as vitally real as is great Matter itself.
We shall not introduce the latest complexities; we shall speak briefly about those foundations that cannot be denied.
Joy to all peoples! Joy to all those who labor!

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