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Keno Advanced

by Anthony Hunter

Four Systems for Keno. Using the Keno Advanced option played in Australia or Keno Way as played in USA.
You can use each method to play the 10 spot Keno game. Play to win $1000,000 plus…
Easy to understand, easy too play! If you’re going to play Keno play to win Big!
I don’t know many people who play Keno Advanced, they may not have considered playing this way or more often than not they don’t know how… It helps if you know how to figure out the different combinations but this can be difficult as there are many ways to play your numbers & you may find your combinations are more expensive to play than you thought!
So…with the Systems in this book every thing has been worked out. You will know how much each play will cost. All you have to do is choose your numbers… How you pick numbers is your choice, play numbers that have come up a lot or numbers that haven’t appeared for a some time. There’s plenty of theories on this but I wouldn’t count on anything concrete… sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Which ever system you play, play with money you can afford… form a syndicate ( I have a few tips on syndicates inside). The Systems cost too play are from $9 per draw up to $39 per draw…that’s why I suggest forming a small syndicate.
Having played Lotto, Powerball etc.. I find Keno returns more smaller dividends over time. With Keno Advanced when you strike enough numbers you can get multiple smaller dividends from one draw. I have not won 1st prize in the Keno 10 spot game but had multiple small wins that have actually made a profit for the games played using Keno Advanced. For instance spending $12 & getting a return of over $80.
There is a section in the book that shows what the total return for each system would have returned if played over a random selection of 100 draws from NSW Keno.
Good Luck… I hope you Win $1000,000 plus!!

Finer in the Land

by Zack Wright

A delayed coming-of-age story set in the Deep South, Finer in the Land follows Will Allen and his debaucherous band of postgraduate friends as they face their uncertain futures.

Praise for Finer in the Land:

“A shotgun blast of literature to the face.” -Ernest Hemingway

“Needs more wizards.” -J.K. Rowling

“Didn’t read it.” -Zack’s Mom

“Alright alright alright.” -Matthew McConaughey

“These aren’t very nice words.” -Zack’s Grandma

Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son

by George Horace Lorimer

Out now: More Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son – the sequel.

George Horace Lorimer’s satirical Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son is a timeless collection of tongue-in-cheek Gilded Age aphorisms from a fictitious rich man – a prosperous pork-packer in Chicago – to his son, Pierrepont, whom he ‘affectionately’ calls ‘Piggy.’ The writing is subtle and brilliant.  

Bienvenido a Hasselt (Spanish Edition)

by Alejandro Cernuda

Carlos Simón, barman del hotel Colina, y su novia Sandra, una estudiante universitaria, viajan al pueblo de Regla, en la bahía de La Habana. Es una de las etapas de la despedida que Carlos ha ideado previo a su próximo viaje a Holanda. Dos misteriosas fuerzas espirituales se apropian de ellos a la salida de la iglesia y los acompañarán por un tiempo. Este fenómeno, común en las creencias cubanas, pasa desapercibido para ellos. Por otra parte, la relación sentimental entre ambos personajes se está yendo a pique por razones en la práctica inevitables y que van más allá de la diferencia de edad. Carlos decide viajar a Holanda y el origen de este viaje permanecerá en entredicho a causa de un gran número de variantes posibles, donde los narradores se contradicen al punto de caer en el ridículo y lo inverosímil. Las causas en realidad pierden interés, como lo gana poco a poco el sentido humano de la relación entre ambos amantes, pese a la ruptura inevitable.

Das EGO: great and first-first and great (German Edition)

by Alexander Weigand Schoenherr

�ber die Begrifflichkeiten des Egos gibt es mannigfaltige Ausführungen und Erklärungen. Das Selbstbewusstsein hat viele verschiedene positive wie negative Varianten. Jeder Mensch möchte sein Ego bestmöglich aufpolieren, damit es gut aussieht. Hier für euch ein paar �berlegungen über das Ego.


by Ian Thompson

Was it all some elaborate plan of Pope’s, or just a farce?

Me? Looking back now, I think it was the caper to end all capers, and if it I’m right, what he did was nothing short of genius.

What you’re about to bear witness to is possibly the greatest swindle of all time, one that brought an institution to its knees and made me a rich man in the process… Or it could be just a bunch of crude jokes about a pub’s name.

Some say it should be a focus of reading groups, should be studied, analysed to try and rinse the truth from the clues that lay scattered in Pope’s wake. But I’m telling you it better be done quickly, because time isn’t hanging around. Rumour has it there’s more on the horizon.

You haven’t heard the last of this.


“Not many books get me laughing out loud and reading snippets to my poor husband, but this one fit the bill.” Chris B

Phil Lud is just a card game away from destitution when he gets a call; on the other end of the line Abraham Pope is panicking.

Pope is a ‘Safer’ and lives in a vast dome where Health and Safety rules. Everything under the dome is researched; risk assessed, regulated and runs smoothly, until a leak.
Arriving at work one day, Pope is aghast to see a drip coming from the building’s foyer ceiling. He springs into action, cordons off the area and is soon charged with the enormous task of getting it fixed.

With no need for plumbers inside the dome, Pope is forced to turn to the outside where Phil Lud lives.

Can Lud fix the leak without breaching one of the million or so safety directives?

Will Pope see the dome for what it is?

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Mark Leyner and Disinclined Me

by Edward Drobinski

A critic for the “Paris Review” is sent to Jersey City to interview Mark Leyner. He doesn’t want to go and is contentious with the author. They find some common ground and take a trip into Manhattan. Game Guide

by Game Guide Hero

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