Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 18 Jun 17

Deadly Prospects: A gripping historical thriller with a brilliant twist (Scottish Mysteries Book 1)

by Clio Gray

1869, Sutherland, Scotland. For years the people of this remote area of the Highlands have lived a hard life. Now a local Gold Rush has attracted the Pan-European Mining Company to the area, and Solveig McCleery is determined to re-open the Brora mines and give the population the riches they deserve. But when work starts on re-opening the mines, the body of a prospector is discovered, and odd inscriptions found on stones near the corpse.

Before the meaning of these strange marks can be deciphered another body is discovered. Are these attacks connected to the re-opening of the mines? Will Solveig’s plan succeed in bringing peace and prosperity back to the area? Or has she put in motion something far more sinister?

Road Rage

by Tara Frazier

All actions have consequences; you just never know how severe they might be. Ben Phelps, a successful businessman and father, is late for an important business meeting because he has to take his son to school. When a slow, inattentive driver impedes Ben’s progress by stopping at a yellow light instead of speeding through it; Ben can’t control the rage that consumes him. Ben’s behavior is nothing new, but, this encounter sets in motion a chain of events that will change his life forever.

Infernal Devices – Nightmares

by Emmy Land



8 months after the disappearance of Carrie Myres, a gruesome discovery is made; her badly decomposed body in a shallow grave. Linked to a murder by sheer bad luck, Mina finds herself thrown into the epicentre of what could be THE most devastating trail of serial murders to rock that side of the world. Her eyes flew open and widened in terror as her blood gushed freely. And in those numbered seconds as her body lay, pouring out her life blood, she watched him lick where one drop of blood blazed a path down between her breasts. Her frozen eyes stared questioningly as her body racked as she gasped for breath but most of all with the aftermath of her final release. It wasn’t until the last spasm left her body that he allowed himself the release he so craved. And as the hold on him loosened he brought his bloody lips to speak against her cold blue ones.

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Suspicion Points

by Joanna Stephen-Ward

Bridget is a young woman with a lot of enemies. Many people have strong reasons for wanting her dead. But was she the intended victim of the fire that killed her husband and baby son, in a respectable street in Cornwall?
Detective Inspector Sharon Richardson thinks she was. Robert Trevelyan, her sergeant, disagrees. Their methods are different and bring them into conflict with each other, which hampers the investigation.
Sharon and Robert both have traumatic reasons for leaving London and coming to Cornwall, but they refuse to confide in each other.
The list of suspects is long and getting longer. Time is running out. Having failed to kill Bridget will the killer try again?

The Unravelling of Thomas Malone (Angela Murphy Murder Mysteries Book 1)

by Elly Grant

Angela Murphy has just started as a detective on the mean streets of Glasgow, when the mutilated corpse of a young prostitute is discovered in a squalid apartment.

Called to investigate the grisly murder, Angela is both shocked and surprised. To her boss, Frank Martin, there’s something horribly familiar about the scene. He has seen it before.

With limited resources and lacking experience, Angela is desperate to prove herself. But is it really the work of a copycat killer, and will Angela’s enthusiasm and determination be enough to bring the killer to justice before another life is lost?

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