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Dear Evil Stepmother

by P.G. Johnson

“The woman said to him, â??Do away with these children. You cannot even keep me. How then can you keep all these mouths?’ for was she not a stepmother?”
(from Hansel and Gretal)

Why are stepmothers ubiquitously portrayed in fairy tales and folk legends as wicked, plotting and cruel? Is it because they will do anything on earth to shove the stepchildren out so they and theirs can inherit all the love and money? Is there such a thing as a non-evil stepmother? Or are all stepmothers evil breed?

“Dear Evil Stepmother” is the engrossing and poignant account of a disenfranchised father’s child, and the woman who heaps shame and guilt on innocent children just because they are in the way.

If you are a stepmother, or thinking about becoming one, this short but powerful tale will evoke an honest appraisal of who you are in relationship to your stepchildren, or future stepchildren, your partner and his family.

Forewarned is forearmed, for in the end, evil stepmothers dance on the red hot coals of hell!

Get Pregnant Fast Guide: The Best Recipes for getting a bun in the Oven: How to get Pregnant in a hurry

by Kathy Moore

Finally Revealed.. The Amazing insider Secrets of Getting Pregnant Without Making Costly Mistakes.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

If you are all ready to jump on board the baby bandwagon, then why wait any more to start the baby making process? However getting conceived isn’t always that easy as we wish and, therefore,you may sometimes have to resort to a number of fertility boosting techniques or tips to give your body especially your reproductive and endocrine systems a prick so as to prop up our fertility level.

So, how should we maneuver through this tricky situation? First, you can check out all the techniques and ground plan that are at your disposal in this guide and then choose those that you think would work out for you. Some of the fertility jazzing up tactics might make good sense. For example, the tips for a healthier lifestyle or about the fertility window period et might look very informative.

However, it also include certain tips that might sometimes seem gawky or awkward to you, but which are really very effective. Some of these tips would be those which foster practicing acupuncture or the ones barring over consumption of coffee or about the usage of artificial lubricant set which can affect our baby making marathon adversly. Moreover, you might have heard about a number of misconceptions that are circulating around which you have not been able to understand regarding how effective they are. These might be about the sexual positions, posture or about the fertile days. So having expertise knowledge about all these will help you to choose those tactics on which you can focus on.

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The finest part of this guide is that it even lets you on a fun journey with your partner. There are means and ways and information regarding what all he can try to do or change in order to make him and â??his little swimmers’ more healthy so that they are all ready for conception. Also, what both the partners can do to cook up the condition in the bedroom, etc.

So read on, how you and your partner can work out together in this fun and healthy journey toward the conception of your sweet little baby.

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80 Ways to Discipline Your Child Without Spanking

by Abigail Zeman

Every parent knows your pain: no matter what you do, your child won’t listen. He consistently pretends he doesn’t understand what you’re saying when you tell him what to doâ??or else he flat out ignores you! You’re about half a second away from turning into your mother and spanking their butts red for being such impossible children. Before you resort to anger, it’s always worth considering the alternative. By finding new means of how to discipline your children, you’ll not only improve their behavior, you’ll also help teach them how to start becoming well behaved and mature young adults.

Resisting Anger

In the heat of the moment, it can be hard to keep your cool. A long day at work, a hectic morning at the grocery store, a rainy afternoon trapped indoors can already set your mood on edge. By the time your children begin acting up your patience has already frayed. In spite of your bad mood, though, deep down you know that anger isn’t the answer. Giving into your anger and relying on physical punishment can only lead to mistrust and guilt down the road. By learning helpful tips to control your temper, you’ll figure out how to keep yourself from relying on anger and intimidation as a means of keeping your kids in line.

Your Child’s Behavior As a Reflection on You

Many parents believe their children’s behavior to be a reflection of their successâ??or lack thereofâ??as a parent. It’s important to remember not to take your child’s behavior too personally. That thought process only risks resentment and frustration later on, and distracts you from the problem at hand. Rather, with this eBook, you’ll learn ways to reinforce positive thoughts about yourself, and to derail those nagging doubts and worries.

Connecting To Your Child Emotionally

Every parent struggles to answer the question of what to do when their child doesn’t listen. While talking may not always seem like it has the immediate, obvious effect of spanking, it’s important to help your child understand the consequences of his behavior. You’ll not only learn how to start these crucial conversations with your child, you’ll also gain effective methods of explaining and helping your child understand the importance and impact of his behavior.

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Raising Twins the Christian Way | Keeping Your Eyes on God in Parenthood |

by Hailey Johnston

Raising Twins the Christian Way

Everywhere we look, there are tons of guides, how to’s, and advice television shows that try to tell us how to raise our children according to the world and society’s standards. As a Christian, we know that there are certain aspects of raising children that you can’t get from worldly teachings, only Christian teachings. And, if it isn’t hard enough raising one child, raising twins poses a whole new journey. There’s no need to be afraid or feel lost with this task because we have advice, tips, and helpful strategies for raising your twins, all in a Christian fashion.

What you need to know

From teaching responsibility, disciplining, and everything in between, there are many aspects of life we must teach our kids. And with twins, that’s double the lessons and double the fun. In this book, we inform you on many techniques to raising your twins using Christian morals and values. We will go over topics such as:

-showing your beliefs through your own actions

-keeping the right attitude and tone when speaking to your twins

-fun activities that communicate Christian values


-Bible verses that relate to raising children

Whether you’re a first time parent, babysitter, or concerned relative, this book will help you set a great example for the children in your life. With twins, things can get chaotic and challenging when it comes to teaching what’s right and what’s wrong, but luckily, you have access to a great eBook like this where we give an easy to follow and easy to read look into how to raise twins the Christian way. Trusting in God, reading His Word, and utilizing the appropriate resources available, like this book, will calm your spirits and give you the confidence you need and desire for raising your beautiful twins. Someday, you’ll see them grown up, living a Christian life of their own, and you’ll have a peaceful mind knowing that they are going to succeed in this world, morally and ethically.

Recommended Reading:

The Christian Parenting Handbook: 50 Heart-Based Strategies for All the Stages of Your Child’s Life by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller R.N.

Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel and Max Lucado

Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition) by Foster Cline and Jim Fay

How to Win Your Boyfriend Back | Show Him How Much You Care The Second Time Around |

by Ellain Raquel

How to Win Your Boyfriend Back

You’re lonely, you know you messed up, or you know he messed up but forgive him. You love him, you can’t help it. But it seems like it’s too late, right? Wrong. It’s never too late, especially with our help. Don’t feel bad anymore, the man you lost can be yours again, just keep your chin up and read on!

What do I need to know?

Somewhere along the lines, you or he messed up in the relationship. If you haven’t figured out what went wrong, we will help you figure it out. If you already know what went wrong, we can help you progress to the next steps of winning him back. In this eBook, we go over many areas of the relationship that will help perfect your skills in being an awesome girlfriend when you get him back. Some subjects we talk about include:

-how to approach your ex appropriately with grace and charm

-what to wear, how to act, and what to say when you want to lure him in

-different responses he might say and how to react to them


-ways to prepare yourself beforehand whether in the mirror or with a friend

This eBook will not only help boost your chances for getting him back, it will also boost your confidence so when you approach your man, you will give a mysterious vibe to capture his attention. This book is perfect for winning your ex back, girlfriend or boyfriend, or even for prepping yourself for a new man all together. The easy to follow steps in our book will help guide you to the happiness you deserve. There’s no way he can reject you with this knowledge and expertise. All of our information has been compiled from our own personal experiences, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t feel lonely anymore, don’t cry yourself to sleep those long nights, and stop feeling depressed and isolated. Now is the time to win your boyfriend back, so go for it!

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Using Male Psychology to Reverse the Breakup – Tips To Pull Your Ex Boyfriend Back by Chris V. Cavette

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Getting Him Back: How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back in Pocket by a Guy Who Knew Better… by Shane Dustin

Smart Relationship Techniques: Winning Strategies For Getting Your Ex Back by Bethany Johnson

Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs (Focus on the Family) by Eggerichs, Emerson

Beautiful We: DIF-Abilities

by Kay Frazer

Beautiful We teaches children about various childhood disabilities, from the aspect of a child. By opening up a real discussion about disabilities, we are removing the fear of something a young child does not understand and replacing it with knowledge and compassion. It allows children to understand that we are all different, and that children with disabilities are just children like them. By openly discussing disabilities with your child, you are opening them up to developing friendships, preventing future bullying and teaching them to embrace kindness for others.

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