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The Tao of Touring

by Rod Lawless

This is not a book for the average reader. It could stretch you, offend you and may even make you ask questions. If you don’t intend contemplating what’s within the pages, it’s probably not for you. This is more a philosophical and esoteric investigation into life than merely a fictional work. In many stories, the character gains a different perspective on life. Taken to heart, this publication has the potential to do that for the reader too. Maybe you want fiction, but are also interested in science and metaphysics and desire something to delve into. If so, step inside.

Brandon has been given ‘bad’ news. Instead of going to pieces he goes to France, a final motorcycle ride to ponder philosophy, Taoism and life and experience freedom.
What appears to be a chance meeting sends his plan awry. He is shown a book that makes him contemplate and question reality, and finds himself on a metaphysical quest for truth. Just how much of life can we rely on? Does what people believe make a difference? Is all existence as we know it, an illusion?
As reflective teachings open up for him, he discovers accepting ‘what is’ to be a more important choice than ‘what could be’. If his thoughts do create the world, as Buddha said, what is he thinking to make someone want him dead?

Lob des Irrtums und der Fehler: Produktive und sinnvolle Missgeschicke in der Geschichte der Wissenschaft, Kultur und Küche (German Edition)

by Dirk Müller

“Nützliche Irrtümer aus vielen Gebieten

Auch Genies irren manchmal. Doch erweisen sich ihre Fehler manchmal als nützlich. Und selbst normale Menschen haben in der Geschichte mit ihren Irrtümern Brauchbares geschaffen.

Aus dem Inhalt:

Was Genies und Regenwürmer gemeinsam haben
Fehler? Wie lecker! – Kartoffelchips und Blumenkohl
Im Wein ist Irrtum
Kopernikus oder: eine rundere Rundung
Nur relativ richtige Annahmen: Relativitätstheorie
Kandinsky oder: der richtige falsche Blick
Amerika entdecken mit Aristoteles
El Dorado
Kreative Missverständnisse in der Literatur
Schlamperei rettet Millionen das Leben
Können falsche Prophezeiungen nützlich sein?

The Path

by Lisa Bracken

The Path is a philosophical exploration of secular spirituality as experienced by one on a highly individualized journey of self discovery.

Throughout his experience with others, himself and their common path, “Seeker” discovers real and personal meaning as well as purpose behind the concepts reflected in the table of contents:

Conception and Wholeness through faith, innocence and wonder

Doubt and Dependency through default

Fear through action and reaction

Harmfulness, Needfulness and Compassion through transcendence

Resentment and Retaliation through trust, suspicion, assumption, blame and denial

Egocentricity through idolization and demonization

The Perpetual Cycle through interrelatedness, purpose and balance

Obtainment and Achievement through judgment, consequence, comparison, desire and patience

Reverence and Sacrifice through ritual and devotion

Self-Recognition through insecurity, ego, acceptance, affirmation, assessment, aspiration and love

Faith and Belief through virtue and device

Righteous Contenders and Exclusion through war

Conventionality through seeing

Restoration through perception and integration

Art, Self Expression and Self Perception through inspiration, symbolism and manifestation

Commodity, Bondage, Service and Exchange through opportunity, value, trade, greed, yield, risk and ruin

Confrontation and Defense through fear, cowardice, surrender, strategy, compromise, decisiveness and reserve

Responsiveness through giving, receiving and sharing

Assuredness through avenging, assaulting, tolerance and intolerance

Love, Fear, Hate and Faith through emotion, subconsciousness, vulnerability and strength

Oppression and Equality through social law and spiritual law

Dream Sense and Dream Being through reflection

Madness through recognition

Aloneness and Loneliness through contemplation

Mortality through loss and sorrow

Revelation through an originating source


Transformation through resurgence

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