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Blockchain: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners To Implementing Blockchain Technology And Leveraging Blockchain Programming (Books on Bitcoin, Money, Cryptocurrency,Ethereum, … Hidden Economy, FinTech Book 1)

by Tailor Jacobs


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A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners To Implementing Blockchain Technology And Leveraging Blockchain Programming

Want to know the benefits and uses of blockchain? This book can be a good choice for all beginners.
Blockchain technology has a good future because it is getting acceptance all over the world. Blockchain represents the working system of tomorrow offices and banks. Institutions and schools can improve their communication with this unique technology. If you want to understand the potential of blockchain, this book can be helpful for you.
Through Blockchain: A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners to Implementing Blockchain Technology and Leveraging Blockchain Programming, you will be able to learn the importance of this technology along with challenges. You will learn its impact on your life.

This book will cover the following topics:

  • Understand the Basics of Blockchain Technology
  • Challenges in the Use of Blockchain Technology
  • New Components of Blockchain Technology
  • Application of Blockchain Technology

Everything is explained in a simple and easy manner so that every beginner can learn about blockchain. Download this book and understand the potential of this unique technology.

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Bitcoin, Explained

by Shujinkō Eitai

Originality: Completely Original
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Topic: Bitcoin, Explained
Language: English
Word Count: 1707
Version: Prototype

Author: Shujinkō
Company: Orbital Fantasyâ?¢

How to Make Your Child a Genius

by Shana Benoit

Do you wish there were easy ways to help make your child smarter by doing simple activities or using items around the house to do it? Does your child seem like he or she is hyperactive or won’t sit still? Does he or she appear bored when lessons are taught? You may have a genius on your hands! Children who exhibit these signs are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but in reality they just need more intellectual stimulation!


There are a lot of programs on the market today but they can be costly and time-consuming. They also don’t necessarily prove to make your child a genius so you could be wasting your money. There are, however, many things you can add into your daily routine, or things you may already be doing, to help your child be as smart as possible. How to Make Your Child a Genius will teach you everything you need to know to build your child’s genius, teach them valuable skills such as fine motor and hand-eye coordination and will even help them learn things such as math, memory-building, and more! Through this book, you will learn:

  • Easy ways to make your child a genius by doing simple activities or playing with basic toys
  • Important dos and don’ts of creating a child genius
  • Ways to boost your child’s IQ in the womb so they come out ready for more
  • Things you can do as a parent to ensure your child is preschool-ready
  • The role affection plays in building a genius and why you should ignore the old “Cry It Out” method

We all want the best for our children, to nourish their brains and maximize their greatest potentials. This ebook is the first step in that process.


Improve Brain Power; Increase Your Capabilities With These Hands-On Brain Training Strategies
Parents Who Love Reading, Kids Who Don’t: How it Happens and What You Can Do About It
Chemistry for Everyone: A Helpful Primer for High School or College Chemistry
Memory for Students

*This book is perfect for parents who want their kids to reach their full potential, soon to be mothers, children with learning disabilities, teachers who want to create geniuses in the classroom, or students studying the ACT or SAT that want to learn some fast and easy memory tricks!

Minimalist Guide: A Step by Step Strategy Guide to Revolutionize Your Life! Save Time and Money for What is Truly Important in Life. (living, mind, budget, mindset, home)

by Peak Performance Books

Your Guide to Simplify Life! Minimalist Guide:

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You’re about to discover how to…
The idea of minimalism is thinking in terms of less and simplifying your life in the process. The problem is that you live in a materialistic world. You are bombarded with information through your television, the Internet and social networking sites and you have made the decision to move forward with your life and not let these influences dictate what your life is all about. In society today, there are so many stresses placed upon people and the number of those suffering from anxiety disorders is at the highest level ever. We live in the fast lane and having a strong mind about what you do and do not want in your life is vital. There are all kinds of moves toward minimalism happening every day. For example, some people have given up living in houses, in favor of liberating themselves from the materialistic world, thus downsizing their possessions to live what they see as a simpler life. Others have changed their own homes beyond recognition and have embraced minimalism in their lives, finding that the reward from this approach is so life-changing that others are being persuaded to go the same way. Their results? More time, money, and energy to focus on what is truly important in life!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Assess where you currently are.
  • Learn how to create the mindset that is required for Minimalism
  • How to de-clutter your home
  • Cutting the Fat, get rid of the excess!
  • Much, much

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Cisco CCNA Networking For Beginners: How To Easily Learn Cisco CCNA Networking – Plus Amazing Tips To Become A Cisco Certified Network Associate!

by Chester Mckinney

Cisco CCNA Networking For Beginners (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)

How To Easily Learn Cisco CCNA Networking – Plus Amazing Tips To Become A Cisco Certified Network Associate

Contrary to widespread opinions, the Cisco Certified Network Administrator program is not a difficult one to pass, if you can understand the basic mechanisms and principles behind the operations of a typical Network configuration. Obtaining the CCNA certification will boost your IT career and enhance your employability.

One good thing about this certification is that it requires the basic entry level computer hardware knowledge for enrolment, and you can use the certification to gain a lucrative job as a Network administrator.

CCNA certification is acceptable worldwide, especially into any organization that relies on IT networking. Similarly, the CCNA examination can be passed through self-study and self-preparation.

This book has been written to help guide prospective CCNA students through the components of CCNA curriculum. It serves as an introductory guide, into what should be expected in each chapter or stage of the CCNA.

This book will highlight and provide insight into what each stage and chapter of the CCNA curriculum entails and how best to study for them in order to pass the CCNA certification exam excellently.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • An Overview of Cisco solutions,
  • Understanding the basic networking concepts, and the TCP/IP principles,
  • How to study the Router and Routing protocols in CCNA curriculum,
  • How to learn and understand the switching principles and switching configurations,
  • Understanding the WAN technologies,
  • And much more!

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Speak Spanish Today: Language Learning Through Conversation

by Maria Gutiérrez Guerra

A practical method for Spanish learners.
Improve your current level and have the ability to communicate effectively with Spanish speakers from around the world.

Scars from the Tornado

by Randy Turner

When the most deadly tornado to hit the United States in six decades roared through Joplin, Missouri, on May 22, 2011, it destroyed one-third of the city, and took 161 lives. Among those most affected by the natural disaster were the 500 students of East Middle School, most of whom lived in the path of the tornado. Many of the students lost their homes and had their lives changed forever. One student lost his life. Scars from the Tornado tells the story of how those students and the staff at East Middle School battled their tornado demons, moving their base of operations to an empty warehouse on the outskirts of the district and starting school on time, just 87 days after the tornado. In their own words, students tell their tornado stories and recount the events of their most unlikely school year. Randy Turner, an eighth grade English teacher at East and co-author of 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado and Spirit of Hope, reveals how he and his fellow faculty members battled to make a warehouse into a school and a second home for the children. Scars from the Tornado is the heartwarming story about how teachers and students faced one of the most challenging years any school has ever had.

Matemáticas I (Spanish Edition)

by Félix Enrique González Solano

Este libro de texto fue desarrollado para un primer curso de matemáticas en el nivel medio superior. �sta basado en los planes y programas de estudio del Instituto de Educación Media Superior de la Ciudad de México.
La matemática siempre ha sido una asignatura complicada para la mayoría de los estudiantes. Este fenómeno, en general, es debido a que en los primeros años de estudio se recurre a la mecanización de los contenidos. En este libro se pretende cambiar dicha forma de enseñanza. La matemática se debe entender como el arte de comprender y resolver problemas, así que a los estudiantes se les debe enseñar como es dicho arte, pero sobre todo, a disfrutar de la resolución y comprensión de los problemas.
Desde esta idea, los programas deberían enfocarse al estudio y solución de cierto tipo de problemas. Lastimosamente, no se puede presentar todo de esta forma, pues luego de los estudios del nivel medio superior, el estudiante debe ingresar al nivel superior, y las instituciones les exigen manejar cierto tipo de conocimientos. Este hecho, acota el tipo de problemas que se pueden presentar. Por el mismo motivo, es que los problemas que se presentan en este libro, están dispuestos en términos de los contenidos previstos en un programa que incluye números naturales, números enteros, introducción a la teoría de números e introducción a polinomios.
A pesar de todo, el propósito de la enseñanza de las matemáticas se mantiene y en este primer curso se enfoca, en particular, a una cualidad que se debe desarrollar a lo largo de la estancia en el nivel medio superior, me refiero a la expresión simbólica y el razonamiento ordenado. Para los matemáticos, es claro que una de las principales herramientas para la resolución de los problemas es el lenguaje apropiado. En ocasiones, un lenguaje equivocado evita la comprensión y por la tanto, evita dar con la solución. Así que es de suma importancia que el estudiante aprenda a utilizar esta herramienta que le permitirá introducirse a este hermoso arte: las matemáticas.

Rapport d’information sur le projet de contrat d’objectifs et de moyens de l’Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger (French Edition)

La France a la chance de disposer du plus important réseau scolaire au-delà de ses frontières au monde. De manière plus originale encore, notre pays est le seul qui ait fait le choix de se doter d’un dispositif d’enseignement à l’étranger d’ampleur exceptionnelle financée pour une part importante par des fonds publics.
L’AEFE, qui coordonne le réseau, doit faire face à une lourde contrainte financière que perpétue le présent projet de contrat d’objectifs et de moyens. Son défi est de parvenir à concilier cet effort financier avec la capacité de nos établissements à assumer efficacement les missions d’éducation et d’attractivité que l’Ã?tat leur assigne.C’est à cette aune, ambitieuse, que doit être appréciée la qualité du projet de contrat sur lequel la Commission se prononce.
La question qui se pose est en effet de savoir si l’AEFE peut remplir correctement les missions qui lui sont dévolues en fonction des moyens dont elle disposera entre 2016 et 2018. Il importe d’avoir une transparence sur le coût global du réseau pour comprendre qui en sont les acteurs et les bénéficiaires.
L’autre défi consiste à se poser la question de l’identité du réseau AEFE lorsqu’on examine la diversité des établissements (établissements en gestion directe, établissements conventionnés, établissements partenaires) et des contrats (expatriés, résidents, locaux). Si on sait que le réseau a pour particularité une disparité de situations locales qui rendent parfois difficile son harmonisation, le COM 2016-2018 doit être l’occasion de se poser la question de son pilotage efficient.

En effet, l’Agence arrive à un tournant de son histoire, il importe de redéfinir sa stratégie et de ne pas masquer derrière la promotion de notre excellence éducative un paysage scolaire disparate et peu lisible. En servant, difficilement mais efficacement, la double mission de l’AEFE dans un contexte d’assainissement budgétaire sans précédent, le présent projet de contrat doit être approuvé. Mais son exécution doit être mise à profit, dès à présent, pour trouver les moyens pérennes de préserver l’extraordinaire atout qu’est notre réseau d’enseignement à l’étranger, qui participe d’évidence à la priorité que notre pays doit donner à sa jeunesse et à l’école de la République, sur quelque territoire qu’elle soit implantée.

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