Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 19 Jun 17

906606: Volume One the Self Tattooing of Nick Armbrister

by Nick Armbrister

I like tattoos. Over the years I’ve added to my collection till I’m now 75% covered. Only my face and neck, hands and feet aren’t inked. I’m filling in the remaining gaps with varied artwork. This includes doing my own tattoos either by electric gun or by hand. I thought doing it by hand would be easy; how wrong I was!

I learned by trial and error. I got advice from some of my artists. My first series of tattoos were done by hand and using ball point pen ink. This works for some people but not me! Ink went all over the bed sheets. More dangerously, my body reacted against the ink and it all lifted out leaving bad scars. There’s a lesson there: DO NOT USE PEN INK!

I got proper ink from my artist and tattooed a way. I did two sessions a week for months. Dozens of small tattoos filled in the gaps on my legs and other places. I slowly got better. Being good at art, I found drawing out the designs no problem. The quality of my hand done tats improved. See for yourself… Did I succeed or fail or…?

Transas na cena em transe: teatro e contracultura na Bahia (Portuguese Edition)

by Raimundo Matos de Leão

A obra é fruto de tese defendida no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Artes Cênicas da UFBA, em 2007. Aborda questões relativas ao teatro em meio ao ideário contracultural, investindo sua argumentação contra a afirmação de que a produção teatral que se dá de 1968 a 1974 é destituída de criticidade. Propondo outro ponto de vista, o livro apresenta e analisa a produção teatral para afirmar que não houve um “vazio cultural” durante o período em que o governo civil-militar esteve no poder e utilizou a censura e a repressão para calar os artistas.

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