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Credit Card Debt-Free For Life : Discover the Fastest, Cheapest, and Easiest Way To Paying Off Credit: (Debt Free, Debt Management, Credit Card-Debt Free Strategies, How to Get Out of Debt Forever)

by James Taylor

Credit Card Debt-Free For Life

Starting in the 1980s credit cards became the preferred payment method of most American shopper’s credit card to give shoppers a sense of power, entitlement, and instant gratification as well as the feeling that they won’t need to worry about their bills. At least not until the end of the month. This “live like there’s no tomorrow.” Way of thinking made sense when credit cards first came on the market as a mainstream payment method because the world was engaged in the Cold War and everyone felt as though the world was going to end tomorrow so they should live in the moment and have everything they desired and not worry about spending and debt because there would be no one there to collect, unfortunately, that way of thinking didn’t work because the Cold War never went hot and there was a tomorrow and credit card companies wanted their money and many people got further and further into debt trying to pay off their credit card bill. So much so that they started using one credit card to pay off another which only served to increase their debt and thanks to the magic of technology and shopping over the Internet and the ease with which someone can apply for and acquire a credit card credit card to have become more ubiquitous than ever. Most people these days. Under the age of 35. Don’t even carry cash on a regular basis and everything they need on a monthly or daily basis is paid for with the use of a credit card (most likely several credit cards) which only serves to feed the cycle of debt.

If however you are sincere about getting out from under credit card debt and saving money for necessary expenditures like college for yourself or your kids, and retirement, then this is the cross for you. This course will teach you not only how to get out from under the burdens of credit card debts once and for all, but also how to set up and stick to a monthly budget for all of your necessary (and sometimes unnecessary expenditures) so that you can live a debt-free and happy life.

What you will learn:

1) You will learn how to establish a reasonable monthly budget that will allow you to cover all your necessary expenditures and still have money for entertainment as well as save for retirement or education.
2) You will learn to understand the process of credit card consolidation to help pay off your debt.
3) You will learn the differences between consolidation and bankruptcy and the benefits of both.
4) You will learn about government grants for debt forgiveness and how they can be used to help pay off debt.
5) You will learn how to set up a monthly budget and use cash instead of credit cards
6) You will learn the benefits of using a debit card rather than a standard credit card
7) You will learn how to delay instant gratification and save for major expenditures such as big-screen TVs rather than putting them on a credit card and indulging instant gratification.
8) You will learn how to find a bank with the best interest rates and benefits for the one credit card you keep for emergencies.

Debt Free, Debt Management, Credit Card-Debt Free Strategies, How to Get Out of Debt Forever

PROCRASTINATION: Stop Your Bad Habits and BOOST Productivity! (A Step-By-Step Guide) (Procrastination How to Overcome Bad Habits, Procrastination Cure, … Business, Time Management, Why You Do It )

by Elizabeth Lions

Stop your Bad Habits and Boost Productivity!

You’re about to discover how to…

Kick some procrastination butt! We all do it. We wait to do things until the anxiety and stress barrel in and we have forced ourselves to rush something we had days or weeks to do. Some of us procrastinate more than others, but whether you are a habitual offender or just someone that needs to tighten up their organization skills, do what I did and try these helpful tips! This guide is filled with simple steps that will turn your inner procrastinator into a task terminator.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How to Save the Drama for Your Mama
  • How to Manage Your Time
  • How To-Do a To-Do List
  • How to Push Away Distractions
  • How To Connect and Share with Others
  • How to Treat Yourself
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    Tags: Procrastination, Productivity, Guide, Help, Bad Habits

Kindling My Interest: How to Start a Fire

by Barry Jones

This is the 10th book in the prolific series of Kindling.

    Features include
  • Wilderness training
  • Stones
  • Etc.

  • Fast Cash: 9 Amazing Ways To Make Money Without Having To Work At A Job

    by Omar Johnson

    Do you presently work at a job and are looking for creative ways to make additional income without having to take a second job? Are you tired of working at your present job and you want to strike out on your own? Are you currently unemployed and you need to make some money quickly?

    Whatever your particular case maybe, the bottom line is that you need cash and you need it fast! This book entitled “Fast Cash” will help you achieve that goal by revealing to you 9 amazing ways that you can utilize to quickly make money without having to work at a job.

    Each Fast Cash money method mentioned in this book is user-friendly, doesn’t require a lot of start-up capital, and will allow you to make money right away.

    10 Management Response Examples for Online Customer Reviews: Stay Safe, Save Time and Win Back Upset Customers

    by Jon Symons

    10 Examples and many great tips to save you time and keep you on target when responding to online reviews for your business. Your reputation on these massively influential online reviews sites like Yelp, Google Maps, TripAdvisor and others is so important – use these templates to get it right.

    Take a look at the detailed table of contents using the “Look Inside” feature above and see everything that you’ll learn to grow your business with clever, amusing and effective management responses to your customers’ reviews.

    Never feel powerless, upset or angry again when your business receives a negative review.

    Just look up what type it most closely resembles in the book, and turn the negative into a positive that pulls in any potential customers that read the review, and in many cases, wins over the original upset reviewer.

    An Artist’s Survival Guide: Lessons Learned the Hard Way about Making Art So You Won’t Have to.

    by Malcolm Dewey

    What does it take to be creative? To make your art despite objections, self-doubt, and procrastination? This book is for artists of all kinds. Whether you are a professional artist, painting for fun or thinking about art when you retire one day.I have collected a series of ideas, thoughts, tips, and observations over the years and included them in this book. Some practical, heartfelt and others irreverent, but all part of my journey. I do hope you find a few useful nuggets amidst the other bits. This book would also make a lovely gift for artists. Just saying.

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