Free fantasy Kindle books for 19 Jun 17

Mobility of Pawns – Heir of Scars I, Part Three

by Jacob Falling

In three years Adria has come full circle, and now she must face the changes that have occurred during her exile. She returns for the sake of her brother, Prince Hafgrim, but it is for her father, the king, she is now most concerned. Are the rumors of his illness–or worse, his death–true?

Hawks and doves still war among the battlements of Windberth, Knights still drill within the citadel courtyard, but behind the walls of the keep itself, something dark awaits.

Memories of Adria’s life at Windberth stir, and the reason she left three years before is revealed. But did she truly understand the reason herself?

Is Adria’s life her own to live, or has it already been decided for her?

The Beast of Bloomfield Hills

by Johanna Lemon

All gardeners talk to their plants, but how often do the plants talk back?

Sunny Winfield has always shared a special connection with the earth, the same type of connection her beloved grandmother had before she died and things gotâ?¦ bad. Some secrets, though, are better left buried. That’s why Sunny’s plans for the summer are unremarkableâ??she’ll tend her plants, play with her dog, and do her best to disregard the voices she hears in the vegetation. Unfortunately, her carefully crafted plans are uprooted the moment her brother crashes his dirt bike into Heath Sloan’s front yard, ruining his haphazard garden. Panicked, Harlan makes Heath a bargain: his sister’s gardening service, in exchange for his life.

But Heath is harboring a secret too. Trapped by a power more malicious than Sunny could ever imagine, that secret is the reason he vanished from her life five summers ago. It’s also the reason why he wants nothing to do with Sunnyâ??the sweet girl who means too much.

Even though she can’t understand Heath’s volatile nature and bestial anger, some bonds are just too strong to sever. Sunny isn’t willing to let Heath slip away again, and promises to do whatever she can to help him. As the summer days dwindle, the mystery behind Heath’s instability shatters Sunny’s world. Heath is running out of time and the only person who can save him is Sunnyâ??but only if she first learns to accept her destiny and succumb to the whispers in the woods.

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