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Crossing Borders: Inspirational Historical Romance Novella

by Grace Fisher

When consumption claims the life of her overbearing father, Rayne Celeste is left alone on his vast plantation in Houma. An heiress to an endowment which everyone believes is too much for her to handle on her own, she seeks out the council of cousins in New York. What unsuspecting Rayne does not know if that her kin have plans of their own for her fortune.

With the promise to marry a mate with a suitable mind for business, Rayne and her steward, Sawyer Clover begin the week long journey to the north where they discover their loneliness is not the only thing they share. As they grow to realize their deep feelings for one another, Rayne is faced with a difficult choice; honor her father’s deathbed wish and succeed the plantation or follow her heart and face certain scrutiny with the only man who has ever cared for her.

The Rancher’s Mail Order Bride: Western Sweet Romance

by Sandee Keegan

Rhonda Dandleton is a beautiful young reporter from Georgia who is sent out west to investigate a man who has been writing to a woman from her town.The man in question is supposedly a wealthy rancher who turns out to be a handsome, poor man who cannot read or write.

When Rhonda investigates the man and finds out the truth, she learns that there is more to the man than meets the eye. The man, she finds out, is decent, kind and only wants to find love.

Deciding to teach the man to read and write, Rhonda sets out on a task that soon consumers her heart. She begins to realize that the man who, at first, was marked as a fraud, was now taking over her heart. And when a cruel rancher shows up with threats and anger, Rhonda knows that the man she is falling in love with needs her as much she needs him. They struggle to uncover a hidden gold mine and find themselves trapped with no way out except faith.

Will Rhonda survive a path full of heartbreak, danger, anger, and pain? Or will she overcome and walk out of a dark mine into a new light full of love and hope that takes her into the arms of the man she loves?

Women of Strength: Inspirational Historical Romance Novella Collection

by Pure Grace Publishing

Get 50,000+ words of clean Pioneer Frontier Western romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Captivated Love
Claiming the Heart
Love & Expectation


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Laurel’s New Beginning: Mail Order Bride

by Sandee Keegan

Laurel knew true love, and lost it when her fiancé was killed in a riding accident. Now, her younger sister is in love and wants to be married. But, as Laurel is the elder sister, their father refuses to let Priscilla be married first.

Out of equal parts loyalty to her sister, and the understanding that she’ll never again know the love she once had, Laurel answers an advertisement in the Matrimonial Times. Now, she’s in a town far from her family with Derek Binder, the handsome, grieving widower, living as his servant and waiting to be his wife.

Derek isn’t interested in love, just a partner to help him work his family lands and raise his brother. When Laurel escapes to the river to sort out her feelings, she’s caught in a storm and nearly drowned in a flash flood.

Derek rescues her, and while he nurses her back to health, he learns of her past heartache and her conflict over her new feelings for him.

Laurel’s beauty and loyalty are irresistible to him and Derek realizes that through her, he will have the life he no longer felt he deserved.

In return, he will tear down the walls of grief that separate her heart from his, and give her the love she thought she could never have again.

Margaret’s New Beginning: Holiday Mail Order Bride

by Mercy Levy

Margaret’s lived on her family’s Louisiana plantation her whole life. When her aunt Beatrice asks her to visit for the Christmas season, Margaret is thrilled and nervous.

She’d only heard about the city from her cousin’s wild stories of famous criminals and prohibition raids that even Alma had never seen personally.

Alma and aunt Beatrice introduce her to their dear friend, William, a restaurant owner hurt by the prohibition. To keep his restaurant alive, William opened a speak-easy behind a hidden door, and behind it, Margaret sees and falls in love with the world of jazz music and diversity, and is infatuated with the handsome man who teaches her to dance.

When the police show up on New Year’s Eve, it falls upon Margaret to help keep the speak-easy hidden, when William is arrested.

Touched by her selfless act of bravery, William kisses her into the New Year, the woman he has not only grown to love, but is proud to call his own lady of jazz.

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