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Relationship Advice: How to Rekindle and Cultivate Healthy, Passionate, and Long-Lasting Relationships, Relationship Advice for Men and Women (Relationship … Guide, Relationships Management)

by Henry Lee

A Concise and No-Fluff Guide on Relationships

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Falling in love with the right person is the best thing that can ever happen to you in this lifetime. It creates magical experiences when two hearts beat as one. It adds color and meaning to your lonely existence. It creates relationships.

Relationships bring security and happiness. It brings deeper commitment that leads to marriage. As time goes by, the relationship faces many challenges, trials and temptations that can destroy the union. It is necessary for the couple to be strong and remain steadfast on their commitment to stay together.

Relationship Advice: How to Rekindle and Cultivate Healthy, Passionate, and Long-Lasting Relationships, Relationship Advice for Men and Women will give you insights on how relationships evolve and how to make it lasts until the end. It takes a lot of effort and time to build a healthy, passionate and lasting relationship. But the benefits lead to happiness and fulfillment.

In this book are ways to cultivate this kind of relationship and also the signs that point out if your relationship is in trouble. These telltales are common indicators of a fading relationship. But the good news is there are ways you can do to rekindle the dying embers in your relationship. There are advices for women and men who are the key players in this game of love.

Table of Contents

  • Love and Relationships
  • The Stages of Relationship
  • Ways to Make Your Relationship Last
  • Telltales of a Troubled Relationship
  • Ways to Rekindle the Passion in your Relationship (Advice for Women)
  • Ways to Rekindle the Passion in your Relationship (Advice for Men)
  • Conclusion


I liked this book so much! I have found many helpful and sweet ideas that will help me build a strong and healthy relationship with my partner. I enjoyed reading this book, it made me realize the important matters in a relationship. Alicia Jones

Relationship always need to be rekindled and assured. I found this book to the point with out any exaggerated contents. JACK

This really is a ‘must read’ not only for those who would like to try to resolve relationship problems but also those who would like to avoid conflict. Stella

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The Wolf in Your Bed: How to use writing to recover from emotional abuse

by Jill Harris

Do you live with an emotionally abusive man?

Is your relationship turning into a toxic, hellish nightmare?

Do you sometimes wonder if you will ever recover from the degrading words and actions you’ve experienced?

The answer is that you can. The negative side-effects that you are experiencing are temporary and can be overcome and in her insightful and thoughtful book, The Wolf in Your Bed, Jill Harris will show you:

  • What emotional abuse really look like

  • What the symptoms of traumatic bonding are

  • Which damaging story structure you’ve been trapped in

  • The personality type of the wolf in your bed

  • And much moreâ?¦

Using the latest research in the therapeutic effects of creative writing, Jill uses this and her background in psychology to take you through a step-by-step healing process like no other. 

Get in touch with your imaginative and healing self through writing, observe the richness of your own thoughts and feelings, design a powerful map of your world and learn to love your life once more

It can be done and you can do it.
The Wolf in Your Bed will help you become a howling success.


The Old Man: The tale of two chapattis

by Chanchal

A story of an Old man.

Special Holiday Tour De Loop, Geneva, Chamonix, Riviera, Florence, Milan

by Jan Thoresen

Tour de Loop:
Geneva – Chamonix – Riviera – Florence – Milan!

Run a beautiful loop through the three countries’ European beauty: Switzerland, France and Italy. Claro!
Tour de Loop winds through the mountains and tunnels, crossing the beautiful valleys, you drive along the Italian Riviera-beauty through glamorous European Capitals – packed with delicacies, good wines and soul good. You start to fly to Geneva , before you have found your car via Skyscanner car hire service so that you enjoy your tour in full, and fly home via Milan .

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Get Your Ex Back: The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Your Ex Back For Good!

by Katelyn Simpson


The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Your Ex Back For Good!

Breaking up with your loved one can be tormenting and could take toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health altogether. Have you ever been in love? Did you go through all the stages all couple go through one by one, gradually?

If yes, then you must have an apt idea how it is to fall in love for someone and stay in love with the one for a long time. But staying in love and preserving the bond is what the couple find difficult when they are too much used to each other.

I am not saying that the spark fades out eventually but keeping your beloved one gets difficult as the time goes by. The couple may go through a lot and end up fighting with each other for reasons which could be resolved easily if talked out openly.

But we also have those unfortunate ones who suffer the trauma of break up. Breaking up with someone you gave everything to have the power to shatter your spirit and mental health.

If you are suffering and want to get back together with love of your life that you dumped or got dumped, you can follow the guide and understand that what the necessary steps you should take are.

Sometimes what happens is that at a moment you may mean a certain statement, for example that you will be happy without your beloved but as the time will go by, you may come to realize that what you said was not what you meant.So leave all your worries and follow the guide which will help you to get together with your ex.

I hope you enjoy and understand all the points which are discussed in the detailed version. Remember, getting back with your ex may seem difficult but it is very simple if you keep calm, be patient and act smartly.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • The missing passion and spark in the modern day dating.
  • Why you should ensure that suffering a break in the relationship is not that necessary.
  • The step by step procedure to get back together with your ex without keeping your self-respect at stake.
  • Application and importance of rules like- No-contact, Self-embracing.
  • Steps to be taken if the No-contact rule is broken somehow.

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Motherhood Miracle: An Answer to all problems in parenting

by farah naaz

The one wonder book Motherhood Miracle could let you feel stunned at the astounding results it produces and creates a Miracle in your life.Dear Friends,

Do you suffer when your kids fall sick often?

Do you suffer when your kids grow aggressive and you don’t know what to do?

Do you feel annoyed when your kids annoy you by doing something which you asked them not to do?

Are your kids stubborn and noisy?

If you say yes

Then Motherhood Miracle is the solution for all your problems.
Are you pregnant?

And do not know what to do except asking a doctor and reading online articles?

Are you new nursing mother and do not have any guidance what to do in actuality and practically

Accept reading theoretically about it and taking advice from doctors and elders.

Then Motherhood Miracle is the best and perfect answer for all your questions.

Because Motherhood Miracle has been produced and made by a mother who has experienced

Many pitfalls and hurdles in her life.

Hello dear all I am Farah naaZ

And this book has been written by me after experiencing loads of pain and suffering in my journey

And I have learned many things from this journey.

I have suffered and could bring out some practical solutions which you will not find anywhere else not in newspapers, Magazines or online articles you will only find your Miracle solutions and all wondrous and magical answers to all your problems in my E-Book Motherhood Miracle.
After learning so many lessons I have done so much of research on this, read a lot and could come out with the opinion and content which is unique and hidden.

When you will read my book you will wonder:

that the solutions are so simple and were before your very own eyes but you could not understand and observe it and these solutions if followed with dedication could produce a miracle in your life.

I-Your Kids would be more healthy and happy

II-Your kids would rarely fall sick

III-Your kids would be obedient

IV-Your kids would be more active and participative

V-Your kids would perform well in their studies.

VI-Your kids would be Organized and cheerful.

What more a Mother wants just their kid’s happiness that`s all.

VII-To add more your kids would be more social, interactive and blooming with their god`s gifted Talents:

That`s what every Mother wants and Motherhood Miracle is that Magical Book which would make this impossible into a complete truth.

Parental Guide on Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Your Children

by E.I. Kelvin

What did your child say? What does your child mean? How should you respond? These questions and many more E.I. Kelvin tries to give insight on with practical everyday examples (case study) on how parents can maintain a healthy relationship with their children from their teenage years to adulthood. As parents, we would face numerous challenges on what steps to take when dealing with our children, the steps we take determines how our children will respect and love us accordingly. This book will guide you through changes children faces, what they mean when they say certain things, and how we should act so we gain their love and respect accordingly.
Yes, a true family connection is possible, and this essential guide shows us how to maintain a healthy relationship with your children.

Walk The Other Way: How to Let Go and Move On from Your Past Relationship

by J Guadalupe

Do you still think of him/her often than not?

Do you feel like it’s the end of the world without him/her?

Still thinking of him/her even though you don’t want to?

Breaking up sucks, and there’s no denying it. Ending a relationship is sad, exhausting, and emotionally draining. But it’s hard to know how to move on when you’re feeling like a failure and still thinking of your ex. Everyone is looking for different way to get over it, but we all find being dumped or losing a loved one very hard. It’s easier for some people, but harder for others.

“Walk the other Way” is an effective step by step method on how to overcome even the most painful ending of any romantic relationship. This includes:

-Knowing the signs that you haven’t moved on
-Very effective ways of letting Go of a Past Relationship
-Step by step method on how to Move On

“Walk the other Way” has the most effective plan and tips for permanently getting past a breakup with complete empowering quotes.

Vanídir Project: Método divertido para memorizar las tablas de multiplicar (Spanish Edition)

by Vanesa Díaz Concepción

Este libro acerca a todos los familiares, profesorado y alumnado que así lo desee, una nueva e innovadora herramienta que sirva de método para memorizar las tablas de multiplicar.
Este, es un método divertido que apela a la emoción, la alegría y la sorpresa en el proceso de aprendizaje.
Es un método cargado de creatividad e imaginación. Una herramienta que acerca y familiariza al alumnado más joven a las técnicas de estudio y memorización como es la mnemotecnia. Algo muy útil, que además les facilitará el trabajo en futuros estudios.
Un sistema que ha resultado increíblemente efectivo con el hijo de la autora, consiguiendo memorizar una tabla de multiplicar por semana, sin volver a olvidarla.
Este libro explica por completo los fundamentos de Vanídir Project, describiendo cada uno de los pasos con un lenguaje sencillo para que sirva como material didáctico al alcance de cualquiera. Es un libro directo y práctico.

Loneliness During Old Age: Ways To Expand Life

by Om Krishna Uprety

Loneliness during the old age is the huge problem in the present world. There are various reason for the occurrence of the loneliness in the old age. Some of the factors are prevented whereas others are difficult to prevent.
The loneliness of the old age can cause series of the health impact in the old people leading to the several noisome effects on the health.

Die Ex zurückgewinnen: 5 Schritte, um eine Beziehung zu retten! (German Edition)

by Stefan Rodemann

Liebeskummer ist eine Erfahrung, die jeder irgendwann macht. Und vor allem eine leidliche. Aber ganz egal, wie man sich im Moment der Trennung auch fühlt – es gibt Hoffnung! Es ist noch lange nicht alles verloren, wenn man von seiner Partnerin verlassen wird.

Der Ratgeber “Die Ex zurückgewinnen” richtet sich an alle Männer, die nicht nur den Trennungsschmerz einfacher hinter sich lassen wollen. Dieses E-Book erklärt einfach und anschaulich, welche Schritte erforderlich sind, um einer Beziehung eine zweite Chance zu verschaffen.

Praktische Tipps, viele Tricks und wertvolle Ratschläge helfen dabei, den Kummer zu überwinden, die bisherigen Beziehungsprobleme zu verstehen und die Ex-Freundin von einem Neuanfang zu überzeugen. Wer seine Beziehung retten und seine ehemalige Partnerin wieder in die Arme schlie�en will, sollte sich dieses E-Book auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen!

Im Kern werden die folgenden fünf Fragen beantwortet:

– Wie überwindet man den Trennungsschmerz?
– Wie erkennt man die Probleme, die zum Beziehungsende geführt haben?
– Wie nimmt man wieder Kontakt zur Ex-Freundin auf?
– Wie man an der gemeinsamen Kommunikation arbeitet!
– Wie man dem gemeinsamen Glück eine zweite Chance gibt!

Aber nicht nur für Männer ist dieses E-Book lesenswert. Genauso finden Frauen in diesem Buch alles Wissenswerte, um mit ihrem Partner einen Neuanfang wagen zu können.

Mi Amigo el Uruguayo (Spanish Edition)

by Gladys Echeverria Acosta

A comienzos de febrero del 2014 tengo el privilegio de contactar a este ser de luz. Llamó mi atención y germinó en mí la ilusión en descubrir a este hombre maravilloso llamado Gerardo R. Paredes T. Vi en él un potencial del que debíamos realizar, mínimo, una biografía.
Hablamos aquí de sus padres, sus vivencias, y sobre todo, hablamos del interés que brotó en él la pareidolia a raíz de una fotografía que esta autenticada y registrada. Este libro recorre la vida fascinante de Gerardo, especial y auténtico caballero, quien sin hacerle daño a nadie busca siempre vivir en un mundo mejor. Siempre sumar, jamás restar.
Esperando que se note en esta biografía el entusiasmo que se le colocó al momento de escribirla.

Erziehung und Videospiele: Wie Computerspiele uns/Ihre Kinder verändern (German Edition)

by Benjamin Kahne

Ihr Ratgeber für Videospiele und deren Auswirkungen.

  • Sie sind verunsichert, wie Computerspiele Ihre Kinder beeinflussen können?
  • Sie wissen nicht, ob Ihr Kind spielsüchtig oder nur Gelegenheitspieler ist?
  • Sie haben keinen Ã?berblick über die momentane Lage von Videospielen?
  • Sie haben ein schlechtes Gewissen, weil Sie nicht gut informiert sind?

Dieses Buch liefert Antworten und zeigt Ihnen, wie viel Einfluss Videospiele in der heutigen Zeit tatsächlich haben. Es werden bekannte Vorurteile analysiert und Sie erhalten einen ergiebigen Einblick in die gesamte Thematik der Videospiele, wobei kein Vorwissen benötigt wird. Beginnen Sie schon heute, damit Ihr Kind besser zu verstehen und zu fördern.

Was dieses Buch bietet:

  • einen Ã?berblick über die wichtigsten Vor-und Nachteile von Videospielen
  • eine Kategorisierung in verschiedene Arten von Videospielen mit den jeweiligen Chancen und Risiken
  • konkrete Beispiele zu den einzelnen Spielarten
  • durch die Definierung von Kategorien können Sie selbst die Spiele analysieren, die Ihr Kind spielt und somit abwägen, ob diese förderlich oder schädlich sind
  • Hinweise wie Sie Ihr Kind besser einschätzen und eine Spielsucht erkennen können
  • einen Ausblick auf die Videospielbranche und ihre Entwicklung.

Nachdem Sie dieses Buch gelesen haben, erscheint der Dschungel, den das Internet bietet, hoffentlich weitaus übersichtlicher. Dann kann Ihr Verhalten gegenüber Ihrem Kind im Bereich Videospiele weitaus selbstbewusster sein, weil Sie bestens informiert sind und wissen, wovon Sie reden.

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