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I Believe: Meditations on the Apostles’ Creed (Meditations on… Book 5)

by Stephen Kurtzahn

The Apostles’ Creed is a statement of belief by the early Christian church. It was not written by Jesus’ Twelve Apostles, but it expresses the faith of Jesus’ first followers. The Apostles’ Creed is still used today in many Christian churches. These twelve meditations explain the teachings of the creed in everyday language. They also share the biblical truths of the creed in a devotional style that apply them to our daily lives. It’s the author’s hope that God’s Word contained in this devotional booklet will comfort the heart of every reader and strengthen the personal faith of every Christian!

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The Victorious Kingdom: Understanding the Book of Revelation Series Volume 3

by Richard Booker

Victoryâ??not gloom and doom!

Understanding the Book of Revelation for Today

The Book of Revelation is not a book of doom and gloom but rather the story of victory of the Lamb of God and those who follow Him. In this third book in a groundbreaking series, Dr. Richard Booker explains John’s vision within its original historical, literary, and biblical context.

Written in Dr. Booker’s usual clear style, The Victorious Kingdom is powerful, prophetic, practical, and personalâ??ideal for individual or group study. The Victorious Kingdom, shares fresh perspectives that include:

  • Reading Revelation within the context of its biblical Jewish roots
  • Learning the historical and spiritual background of the seven churches (congregations)
  • Learning the influence of Greek mythology and Roman imperial cult worship

Understanding the Book of Revelation is a three-volume series that helps you see the future by examining the past: Volume 1-The Overcomers, Volume 2-The Lamb and the Seven-Sealed Scroll, andVolume 3-The Victorious Kingdom.

Zen: Beginnerâ??s Guide to Understanding & Practicing Zen Meditation to Become Present (Zen Buddhism, Zen Meditation, Zen Habits, Meditation for Beginners)

by Michael Williams

“Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun.” â?? Alan W. Watts

â??Free your mind from worry and begin living in the now. Unlock the power of Zen and transform yourself into a present, mindful individual.â??

In life, there seems to be an endless list of reasons to worry: money, health, safety, success, well-being, the future, etc. While many of us worry about any number of things, the truth is that this worry actually interferes with our ability to remain in the present.

When we start to confront these monetary or physical distractions we begin to make room for the simple joys around us. Through the Zen Philosophy, we can remove worry and become truly present–Free to enjoy our lives and experience true happiness.

Introducing Zen: Beginner’s Guide to Understanding & Practicing Zen Meditation to Become Present, a comprehensive guide to the history of Zen and how its principles can be applied to help you live your best life. From the brilliant mind of Zen expert and meditation specialist Michael Williams, this book will illustrate the paths we can take to eliminate worry and achieve Zen.

Here’s what to expect in the guide:

  • The history of Zen
  • An explanation of Zen philosophy and its practices
  • How to embrace the Zen state of mind
  • The four noble truths of Zen philosophy
  • The Eightfold Path to Zen
  • The effects of suffering and how to overcome it
  • Tools for accomplishing true zen
  • How to maintain a positive attitude
  • And much, much more!

Achieving Zen is no easy task and requires daily dedication and mindful determination to practice its many forms. With the help of this guidebook, you’ll be transformed into a more patient, present, cognisant person with much more room in your life for happiness and gratitude.

If you’re ready to make real, positive changes in your life, then you are already one step closer to achieving Zen. Start eliminating the clutter of an unhappy, fast-paced life today and grab your copy of Zen: Beginner’s Guide to Understanding & Practicing Zen Meditation to Become Present!

Top 20 Proofs for an Old Earth: Why Young Earth Creationism is Untenable: Excerpts from the book Deliver Us From Evolution?

by Aaron Yilmaz

In this excerpt from Deliver Us From Evolution?, Christian biologist Aaron R. Yilmaz presents over 20 separate lines of airtight evidence that point to an earth much, much older than 6,000 years. Drawing from the diverse fields of biology, geology, chemistry, and physics, Yilmaz introduces powerful and persuasive evidence that demonstrates far beyond a reasonable doubt that young-earth creationism is scientifically untenable, and furthermore, theologically perilous.

Aaron R. Yilmaz holds an M.S. in Biology from the University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, Connecticut (2015), and a B.S. in Biology with departmental honors from Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan (2013). He has formally studied evolution at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, performed research leading to peer-reviewed published scientific literature, and has taught biology at the college level.



These are the Words that Jesus gave God’s Writer, Larry Corkins, to give to the world today. They will inspire you and give you amazing insight into the thinking of Jesus Christ.

God’s Facebook Page: God’s Page

by Susie Jansen

Is the same God who parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, still active in our world today? If He connected through Facebook, what exactly might we see on His page? What matters? What doesn’t? Would your picture be posted on His wall?

Does He even care to connect with any of us? Find out how far He has gone and will continue to go to have a connection with you… He’s the friend request you don’t want to ignore.

This book is a series of true stories which speak to today’s Facebook generation about the love of God. It reads as a sequential devotional and will increase your faith in God’s intimate love.

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