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Natural Antibiotics And Antivirals For Beginners: An Easy Guide To Herbal Medicine And Natural Healing ( Home, Disease Prevention, Prevent Illness, Health, … (The Doctor’s Smarter Self Healing Series)

by Dr Brad Turner

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Herbal Antibiotics and Antiviral for Beginners gives a very clear description of the types and uses of medicinal herbs all over the country. This book simply reminds us about how useful the herbs were during the times of our forefathers. As the name suggests, this book is a guide on herbal antibiotics and antiviral for the beginners.
About the book: Herbs are among the first providers of medicines that had been used by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Since then, the world has developed sufficiently and new medicines made of various chemicals have been introduced to the people. However, this does not lessen the effective medicinal properties of the herbs. If anything, they can still be the most convenient sources of medicines.
This book is a record of the various medical herbs and their properties. It also entails the preparations of the medicines from these herbs. Herbal medicines have the capacity of curing infections and diseases in the most convenient way. Not only that, but they are also almost completely harmless and have no side-effects whatsoever. The need for such medicines has become very intense since our bodies have developed a capacity to get used to the synthetic medicines.
This book specially focuses on the herbal medicinal antibiotics and antiviral. All the information given in the book has been very minutely researched and verified by professionals. So if you intend to start living by the cures of our ancestors, we suggest you order this book as soon as possible.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • A General Overview Antibiotic And Antiviral Herbs
  • How To Use Antibacterial Herbs
  • How To Use Antiviral Herbs
  • How To Use Herbs With Both Antibacterial And Antiviral Properties
  • References For Further Reading
  • Much, Much More

Readers say…….

“I really enjoy reading this book. It contains all the information you need to take your health in hand with natural antibiotics and antivirals. The book is well laid out. it’s starts with an overview of natural antibacterial and antivirals herbs, then the author presents a detailed description with pictures of specific antibacterial herbs as well as specific antiviral herbs. Then you have herbs that have both antibacterial and antiviral properties. Finally there is a chapter on buying and growing your own herbs. Overall, the book is well written and well presented. If you want to know more about antiviral and antibacterial herbs, you will be very happy you got this book.”……………. Lysanne P

“This book gives accurate and researched information about the benefits of medicinal herbs. The two main kinds discussed are Antibiotic and Antiviral herbs. Humans have been using plants for medicine since ancient times because they worked. What I liked about this book was 1) there were actual pictures of the herbs and 2) the author describes how to take the herbs (as essential oils, as tea, as seasoning in your food, etc) and when not to use them. This book was pretty thorough with the plants properties and how they have been used in the past and even references. I would recommend this book”……………. CJ Romanczuk

About the Author:

Dr. Brad Turner is a best selling author. His works are based mostly on cures that can be done naturally or without the use of the chemical substances the world has to offer. His works have received considerable fame owing to their ingenuity and their effectiveness. Each of his books are written in simple language yet they give out the most ingenious information.

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Cancer Gone!: David’s Miracle Story Plus Survival Strategies You Can Use

by Dr. Judith Rolfs

Marriage and family psychotherapist Dr. Judith Rolfs knows the trauma when cancer charges into your life or attacks a family member you love. You’re desperate to defeat it and survive the battle. Cancer Gone, David’s Miracle tells the story of an medical miracle after doctors gave no hope. Dr. Rolfs spent more than one hundred days on cancer wards during her eighteen-year-old son’s trauma.

“Time and again,” she says, “I saw newly diagnosed cancer patients crumble under the news as if it were more death sentence than diagnosis. Our eighteen-year-old son miraculously survived cancer and being hit by a drunk driver three months after his diagnosis. By God’s grace plus the dedication and expertise of doctors our son lives thirty years later.”

Dr. Rolfs’ advice is don’t despair, turn to God with prayer and become a fighter. Fight with words and humor and the positive ideas you allow in your mind. Go into combat with daily prayer, good nutrition and every weapon you can find. Look for joy and even laughter in every grace-blessed moment.

Cancer Gone, David’s Miracle Story contains forty practical suggestions for your survival. It will help you make decisions for treatment, control of attitude, maximize support from caregivers, and understand God’s role in all this. Learn the practical helps Scripture offers for dealing with a life-threatening illness and methods for bringing humor and laughter into the battle.

Patients have praised Cancer Gone, David’s Miracle Story for giving them hope and making an amazing difference in their approach to surviving this difficult journey. You may not believe in God, but you can trust the truth shared in these pages. You’re not going into battle alone. Cancer Gone, David’s Miracle Story is a survival account and it can be yours. This book is recommended as a bedside companion for every cancer patient. Order it now.

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