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Paleo Diet Recipes: Paleo Diet Recipes with Smart Points to Combine the Real Principles of Paleo Food and Smart Points (Paleo diet cookbook, paleo diet cooking, paleo diet food, Paleo Slow Cooker)

by Brian Fowler

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Paleo Diet Recipes with Smart Points to Combine the Real Principles of Paleo Food and Smart Points (Paleo diet cookbook, paleo diet cooking, paleo diet food, Paleo Slow Cooker)

Be Warned: This is your end of Fat loss journey and your beginning of new lean self.

Are you looking for the perfect way to lose weight?
Have you considered changing to a Paleo diet?

You are on the way to watch yourself change crazily. You are going to lose weight fast, feel better, look more beautiful or handsome, be more energy, less pain, boost your sex ethusiasm, keep away from the deseaseâ?¦ and most impotant you will still be able to eat your favorate foods and still be more slimmer. All of this amazing result you will see in next few weeks!

You will be surprised to know the Paleo is a ruturn to the type of eating your body naturally craves and was designed for. It’s based on how we humans evolved for literally millions of years. And takes us back to our origins. A time when nobody got fat. When we were all strong, lean and had boundless energy. And when there were no degenerative diseases.

All methods in this book are so easy and simple, and so powerful to you. That it will maybe sound like too unbelievable when you read it at first time

This Amazing Fat Destroying method will give you an absolute body changeover without any supplements, workouts or high price ineffective pills.

What will you find inside of it?

  • A totally new understanding of foods, and how they influence your fat loss and health
  • An ultimate Paleo diet grocery list to start your 4 weeks rapid fat loss meal plan
  • Complete nutrition values, images, step by step procedure of each recipe, even an idiot can make all of these recipes
  • Essential Paleo mistakes and myths that you NEED to know for success
  • Easy yet delicious recipes for keeping you slimmer and healthier
  • And much much more!

Before the end,I really want you to think more about your future and your family.

If you really want to be more younger, more energy, more stronger, and become the best you wanna be. Then get this book, or you will be sure to waste time and money to other books, which maybe dangerous and no any effect for you.

The caveman breakfast hash, the glorious morning smoothie or the primal blueberry waffles for nutritious breakfast selections.

Never stay and wait to let the chance disappear! Start making your smartest investment-An investment for your future and your health.

Chinese Takeout Recipes: Your Favourites Chinese Takeout Recipes To Make At Home (Chinese Takeout Cookbooks Book 2)


Prepare your favorite Chinese takeout recipes at home! Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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Chinese Takeout Cookbook : Your Favorites 57 Chinese Takeout Recipes To Make At Home ( Including BONUS : 33 Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes )

Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Chinese takeout restaurants can be found everywhere on the planet. All major cities have their Chinatown, and more and more supermarkets carry Asian ingredients, making it easier to cook authentic Chinese dishes.

it be amazing to make your favorites Chinese dish a home? Chinese cooking involves fresh ingredients, mixing delicate flavors and spices, and cooking techniques that are specific this cuisine.

Learning to make your favorite Chinese takeout dish is easier than you might think. With the right ingredients, great recipes and step-by-step instructions, it can’t be easier than that. And that is what you will find in Chinese Takeout Cookbook: Favorite Chinese Takeout Recipes to Make at Home!

No need to order anymore, just gather your ingredients and cooking tools, and start cooking!

Inside find:

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Desserts (Authentic Middle Eastern Cooking)

by Souad Soliman

Think molten sweet-cheese beneath crisp, shredded phyllo and garnished with traditional sugar syrup; rice pudding with hints of rose water and pistachios; delicate shortbread stuffed with date filling. Souad Soliman’s rare collection of Authentic Middle Eastern Desserts are a centuries-old tradition, and go well beyond baklawa. This book contains 26 easy-to-follow recipes, and serves as a unique and exotic companion to your baking repertoire.

Top 100 Instant Pot Recipes for Every Day: breakfasts, dinners, soups and lunchs simple recipes

by Alan Perry

Do you want to be able to make delicious food?
Do you want to be able to do it while saving time?
Do you want to save money too?
If the answer to any of those question is â??yes’ then the TOP 100 Instant Pot: RECIPES FOR EVERY DAY is the ideal book for you.
Instant Pots are gaining real popularity, due to their programmable settings, ease of use and speed of cooking, while saving energy at the same time. It’s a win situation all round.
And with this great book you could soon be cooking Instant Pot recipes for:
-Delicious and filling breakfasts
-Time-saving lunches
-Dinners that all the family will love
-Great soups
Crammed with 100 great recipe ideas, this outstanding cookbook will have you preparing faster, healthier and tastier meals than you ever thought possible.
And because an Instant Pot is easy to clean after cooking, you won’t have the same amount of cleaning up to do afterwards.
The Instant Pot is great for cooking meat, vegetables, lentils, for deep frying, shallow frying, soups, stews, rice, curry, desserts, puddings and a whole range of other foods.
Get your copy of TOP 100 Instant Pot and revolutionize the way you cook!

French Cookbook: How the French Eat to Stay Skinny Secrets and French Recipes (Healthy French Cookbook Book 2)

by Diana Polska


This books reveals the secrets of how the french eat to stay thin effortlessly. This cookbook contains 101 recipes based on the French diet that are modified to be healthier using ingredients such as: Organic goat’s or sheep’s milk/cheese, grass-fed meat, grass-fed butter, free-run eggs, wild fish, coconut oil, pink himalayan salt, apple cider vinegar, low glycemic index sweeteners.

Amish Cooking Cookbook: Authentic And Delicious Amish Recipes

by Michelle Friesen

Includes A Wide Variety of Delicious And Authentic Amish Recipes!

Get This Traditional Amish Cookbook For A Limited Time Discount (40% off)

The Amish is perhaps most well known for their old fashioned life style, and avoiding the modern world. But many do not know that they are also known for their tasty dishes and cooking. They have very distinct recipes, which you will see in this cookbook.

This Amish cookbook is a collection of some their best and most unique dishes. The recipes in this cookbook a collection of traditional Amish recipes that have been passed down through generations.

You can now enjoy these recipes for yourself without having to live without technology or ride a horse buggy. We hope you enjoy these delicious Amish recipes!

The Juice Habit Made Easy: with tips, tricks & healthy fruit & vegetable juice recipes. (The Personal Detox Coach’s Simple Guide To Healthy Living Series Book 1)

by Jem Friar

Learn how to effortlessly adopt the routine of regular juicing in your life to boost your health & vitality!

This book has been the Amazon no. 1 Bestseller in Healthy Diet, Special Diet, Drinks & Beverages, Non Alcoholic Drinks, Alternative Medicine & Naturopathy categories:

This book is for you if you:

  • are new to juicing
  • have already tried juicing but struggled to juice as much as you would have wanted to
  • you juice regularly but would love some more ideas about how to make juicing easier

This information can be applied equally to home juicing for health, when following a juice diet for weight loss or doing a juice detox or juice fast.

The author is trained in Naturopathy & specializes in running juice fasting, health detox retreats. He brings a wealth of knowledge that can make it much easier to adopt a juicing lifestyle.

The Juice Habit Made Easy firstly gives an overview of all of the benefits of juicing to inspire & inform you as to why it would be good to drink juices more often. The nutritional & detox benefits provided by fresh juices are awesome! It then details how to set yourself up for regular juicing by describing the different juicers that are available (with pros & cons) & letting you know what other equipment you will need in your kitchen.

The tips & tricks section provides invaluable & very practical advice to help you to become “a juicer.” These suggestions are the result of Jem having worked with & supported thousands of people to embrace healthier ways of living, so they are highly effective.

There is also a chapter on how to encourage children to get into fresh juicing. A must-read for any parent who is trying to make their children eat more healthily.

Finally, there are a selection of juice recipes to make at home. These are delicious & varied to encourage the use of a wide range of fruits & vegetables when juicing.

All in all this is an incredibly helpful & inspiring book that has been designed to improve your health & vitality by making it very easy to have more fresh juices in your daily life.

“I loved this juice book as it’s easy to read and despite already being a seasoned juice maker, I picked up a few new tips and ideas. It’s a great first juice book for anyone new to juicing and explains really well the difference between a juice and a smoothie which is often thought to be much the same thing. Lots of recipes to inspire you and definitely worth the price.”

“I liked the chatty, informal style of this book which made it very readable. I feel I am in the hands of an expert as I read and like the tips and tricks because they are really simple little things that make a difference. The recipes are great. Really easy to follow and full of normal ingredients. The book is excellent value for money.”

“I love this e book. It’s very well written and easy to follow with lots of new recipes. At last a book that has a separate veggie and a fruit juices section! It is full of practical info from start to finish and its great for beginners or practised juicers alike. Highly recommended”

If you would like to effortlessly improve your health by juicing regularly, then this book is for you!


About The Author

Jem Friar has been working as the “Personal Detox Coach” since 2000. He is trained in Naturopathy, McTimoney Chiropractic & numerous other forms of bodywork. He has been a Detox Manager at Spa Samui, Detox International, Vitality Detox Retreats & Moinhos Velhos. He was also in two TV series about Detox – “The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses 3” & “The Spa of Weight Loss for Life.”

He has generally guided & supported small groups or individuals through juice fasts & this recent move into writing is a reflection of his desire to help & inspire more people around the world.

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