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Emprende Superando El Miedo y Sin Excusas: Persiguiendo Un Sueño Llamado �xito (Spanish Edition)

by Andrea Carolina Torres Silva

El Miedo y las Excusas, ¿te están impidiendo avanzar hacia tus sueños?
Cuantas veces los miedos te han paralizado y no te han dejado tomar acción y sientes que muchas oportunidades se te han escapado. ¿Quieres que eso te siga sucediendo?
Toma Acción y Empieza por Este Libro.
Conoce historias impactantes de emprendedores que superaron sus más grandes miedos y dejaron las excusas a un lado, hasta el punto se salvarse de la muerte.
Es un libro que recoge grandes experiencias y aprendizajes que te servirán de puente para Emprender de una vez por todas sin Miedo y Sin Excusas.
Recuerda siempre perseguir tus sueños y llegaras al éxito.

Vision Board Success!: How To Achieve All Your Dreams In Life!

by Christopher Mitchell

Do you want more Money, Wealth, and Success? 
Do you want to Lose Weight and Look Sexy in a bathing suit? 

Do you want to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, or Rolls Royce? 

Do you want to live in a 10,000 square foot Mansion in an upscale neighborhood? 

Do you want to find your Perfect Soulmate and have a Beautiful Wedding with all your friends and family members in attendance? 

Inside this book, you’ll discover how you can achieve the life of your dreams with your very own Vision Board. 

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Revelation of the Antichrist

by Joshua Abu

This book presents you with not only the characteristics of the Antichrist but tells you the person of the Antichrist with supportive evidence and calculations from the Biblically given number 666. It is important to first know that most purported persons like Obama, Pope Francis etc. are definitely not the Antichrist, although we do know that there are many antichrists–anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Open the pages of this book to discover who the World Leader, the Antichrist is.

Energy In Future Wilfried Elmenreich, A Thought Of Energy Using In The Future

by Jhon Meyer

We’re not going to a Future with Free Energy, but It’sgoing to be Very Cheap

Whether Australia, Germany, Portugal or Costa Rica, it is becoming more and more common to hear that some country has had four, five or one hundred and fifty days of free energy thanks to renewables.

Even though it happens more and more often, it’s nothing new. For example, in Spain of 2010, there were already 200 hours at zero prices.

And the truth about ‘ free energy ‘ sounds good, but at the end of the month the bill always arrives and that gratuity is not seen anywhere.

What’s happened? Is it true that in the future we can have free energy?

Strength Training: How to Create Your Own Program for Size or Strength

by Lucas Napier

Should I do 5×5? Is Maddcow the best program? Will Sheiko get me big AND strong?

Tired of trying to figure out what’s best for you? Then I have a solution for you!

In this book I will you show basic principles so you can make a smart program that is specifically tailored to your needs. What can you expect to learn from this?
– How often to work body parts
– What exercises to choose
– How much weight to use
– An example workout program
– How to tailor this program to your lifestyle needs

Only buy this book if you are serious about making gains. I don’t want any inconsistent people who aren’t willing to give something a full go to get this book. I’ll repeat this one last time, ONLY buy if you are serious about making progress in the gym. You WILL see progress if you put in the effort and stay consistent.

Go forth and make gains!

Sweet or Sour?: Learn simple antonyms with your child

by Jane Jackson

Reading this book your child will learn simple antonyms. Bright and vivid illustrations will help your baby understand what can be sour and what can be sweet. What is slow and what is cold and light. Be sure to include this in the educational program for your child.

The Millionaire Rules

by Raj Singh

Ever wandered what are the secrets that keep the average from being a millionaire? How others seem to get everything that they want in life.
The Millionaire Rulebooks gives you precise information that may turn your life around.
This is the starting point!

ERIC Y LA CELIAQUIA: La hermandad Give me five (Spanish Edition)


La Hermandad Give me Five stá formada por cinco nutrientes esenciales y una joven fisioterapeuta. El objetivo de esta agrupación es que los humanos obtengan los nutrientes necesarios para la construcción de unas sólidas bases anatómicas y funcionales, que les permitan estar siempre fuertes, felices y sanos. Para ello, tendrán que superar emocionantes misiones.
“Ã?ric y la celiaquía”
Nada más mirar la cara del pequeño paciente, Aldara sabía perfectamente que algo no marchaba bien. Mientras masajeaba su cuerpo, pudo comprobar que algún problema nutricional presentaba.
¡Necesitaba la ayuda de los compañeros de la Hermandad!
¿Lograrán descubrir lo que está sucediendo dentro del joven humano?

Cuaderno de actividades: Lectura y escritura (Spanish Edition)

by Migdalys Daboin Pizzani

El presente cuaderno de actividades tiene la finalidad de proporcionar acciones de refuerzo para apoyar al niño en el proceso de aprendizaje en el nivel de educación primaria. El docente y/o el padre y representante a través de las diferentes tareas presentadas en el cuaderno de actividades colaborar y acompañar al niño a consolidar el proceso de adquisición de conocimientos.
Es relevante destacar, que los trabajos que contiene el presente cuaderno de actividades fueron aplicados en diferentes grupos de niños, durante varios años, arrojando resultados exitosos.

Immediate Spanish 101. Foundation: Conversational Spanish for Beginners; An Introduction To Spanish Grammar & Colloquial Spanish Vocabulary, With Downloadable Soundtracks

by Immediate Language

1) Intuitive Pronunciation – as easy as reading English!
2) Visual Word-Matching shows the meaning of every Spanish word – instantly!
3) Everyday expressions that work in many different conversational scenarios.
4) Downloadable Soundtracks for every expression.
5) Detailed Insight notes, showing how the language works behind the scenes.
6) Context Hints, explaining when it’s appropriate to use any particular expression.
7) Flexion Hints, showing how Spanish words can vary in form depending on their grammatical usage.
8) Detailed Multi-way Indexing, to help you check your vocabulary and find words quickly.
9) Three different Memory Cards per expression, to ensure maximum fluency and long-term recall.
10) The unique “Memory Desk” review system, to supercharge your learning process and make the most of your valuable study time.

…PLUS, with The Immediate Spanish Series the Written Language is also included as a bonus, so that you can learn to read and write at the same time as learning to speak!

This book forms the foundation of the Immediate Spanish Series. It will teach you how to pronounce Spanish accurately, and will introduce you to the key concepts of the language. It will also explain the expression concept which is at the heart of the Immediate Language learning system, and will show you how to gain the most benefit from the other books in the Series.

“Read English ~ Talk Spanish!”, with Immediate Language.

Integration of User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX) and Brand Experience (BX) with B2B and B2C Models (1)

by Rashi Desai

This article focuses on the usability of concepts of User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX) and Brand Experience (BX) in the different business models such as B2B or B2C and indepth explanation of the newly introduced topics – Customer Experience (CX) and Brand Experience (BX)

Prepare for College: Middle School Checklist

by Shay Spivey

Congratulations! You are in middle school!
Are you prepared for college? If you plan to attend college after high school, middle school is a great time to start preparing.

Prepare for College: Middle School Checklist provides a checklist of important “things to do” during middle school.

Quick and easy to read! Prepare for College: Middle School Checklist is for parents and students who want to know what they can do during middle school to prepare for college.

50 Most Used English Words

by Gracie Little

Want to know the 50 most popular words in the English language? They are all contained within this little book, which is aimed at children who are just starting to learn to read. These words are called high frequency words because they are found so frequently within the English language.

The words found within these pages are the 50 most commonly used words, such as “the”, “go” and “in”. They are the words that help make up sentences and you’ll be hard pressed to make a sentence without using at least one of these words. If your child can identify these words they will find learning how to read a much easier process and will become more confident as they realise how much they already know.

To help familiarise your child with these words the author, Gracie Little, has used a word per page and added a sample sentence and picture for each word. After every 5 words there is a summary page were the words are used together in a sample story.

At the end of the book Gracie has also added some suggestions for ways to use these words further, and help your child to learn how to use them for themselves.

Memes to an end: An analysis of online activist art from the Penn State Blue Out Movement to End Child Abuse

by Laura March

This thesis examines the use of contemporary Internet memes within online activist spaces. The novelty of social networks limits the amount of research currently available on the topic, restricting information on the pedagogical repercussions of social media within social justice art education. Visual imagery shared on the 2011 Blue Out Facebook event page offers an opportunity to discover new implications for the field. All content on the Facebook event page was examined to compare rates of interaction (“Likes,” “Shares,” and replies) of different posts types. The high proportion of interaction enjoyed by the Blue Out Internet memes, as compared to hyperlink and text, sheds light onto how these works functioned within the event’s online activist environment. Furthermore, this study uses visual discourse analysis (Rose, 2012) to examine the ideas portrayed by the Blue Out Internet memes.

The 6 Wise Men meets the 6 Senses: How to begin writing short essays for Primary 2

by Alan Lai

Use these 12 Key words to ask questions to what your child wants to write about. Each answer to these questions will be the sentences formed that will create the short essay! Hope this will guide the young child to start creating sentences and form their own essays.

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