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Barely Breathing

by Lucia Jordan

This is the first book of the Barely Breathing Series another wild and wicked story with a delicious mix of romance and deep passion by Lucia Jordan.

Six months after breaking up with her dead-end boyfriend, Jenna Clare is ready to date again. After her best friend Emily suggests she figure out first what she wants from a man, Jenna makes a wish list of all her secret, sexiest fantasies involving one of her handsomest customers, investment banker Eric Monroe. While he’s wealthy and successful, Eric’s ripped, muscular body, stern blue eyes and quiet voice are what always make her insides melt – not that he’d ever want someone as ordinary as her.

Then she loses her sexy wish list.

Jenna then discovers that her favorite customer, the sternly handsome banker Eric Monroe, has found it, and wants to make them all come true – as long as she’s willing to submit to his dominating desires.

Teen Vampires 1: The Red Claws Gang (Bella Shade Paranormal Romance)

by Hannah Hill

My life forever changed the day the teenage Red Claws vampire gang killed Mom. And I’m next! Hunted by vamps and forced to flee, I might be the only one who can stop them. But it will mean giving up the one thing my heart can’t bear to lose!

by Hannah Hill:

*TEEN VAMPIRES 1: The Red Claws Gang (Free)

*TEEN VAMPIRES 2: When Blood Calls

*TEEN VAMPIRES 3: Vampire Slayers (Coming soon!)


Netherworld (Ancient Kings of Anglecynn and Ceri)

by Kathryn Le Veque

1197 A.D. – Smarting from the loss of his betrothed, Sir Keller de Poyer has learned not to trust women. A bear of a man with a brilliant mind, Keller is socially awkward but an accomplished knight. He is so accomplished in fact that his liege, William Marshal, gifts the man with lands in Wales for his meritorious service. But there is a catch – in order to secure the lands and titles, he must marry the Welsh heiress.

And so begins the journey into the Netherworld – a castle with a dark reputation and an heiress who hides her own terrible secrets. Death lives at Nether and Keller is caught in the maelstrom. Can he save his new wife from danger and betrayal before it’s too late?

Abigail’s New Beginning: Orphan Mail Order Bride

by Sandee Keegan

Abigail Lynch has recently lost her mother and to make matters worse, she is disowned by her only remaining relatives. She lives in the South, but the country is growing increasingly tense, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before war breaks out.

She heads to New York in search of her father, but discovers that he, too, has recently passed away. With no one to turn to and no money to her name, Abigail decides to turn to a mail order bride service to keep a roof over her head.

She knows her new husband is looking for a hard worker, but she feels that no matter how hard she tries, there’s nothing she can do to impress him. He thinks that she is a soft southern girl, and that she’s never worked a real day in her life.

But when tragedy strikes, she is his only hope. But to save him, she must do something that she has never done.

Will Abigail be able to face her fears and rise to the challenge? Will she finally prove to the man she loves that she’s the woman he needs? Or will she crumble under the pressure and lose everything?



There’s a first time for everythingâ?¦

Take a ride into the underworld where bikers are kings, fighters do what they want and billionaires are as dominant as they come. This collection is sure to take you away and test your sensibilities.

This eBook contains a collection of novelettes with bonus stories added for your enjoyment.

WARNING! This eBook contains explicit scenes and adult themes that don’t leave much to the imagination. It is intended for adults only! Discretion is advised.

Frontier Romance: Inspirational Historical Pioneer Romance Novella Collection

by Pure Grace Publishing

Get 50,000+ words of clean Pioneer Frontier Western romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Love’s Amazing Journey
Love Surrendered
New Found Love


Download this collection now!

Romance: JADEN: An MMA Fighter Romance: (Bad Boy Tattoo Romance) (New Adult Pregnancy Short Stories)

by Kristen Chase

Like a true fairytale, it all started when Jaden saved my life and became my hero. However, I wasn’t so sure this one was going to have a â??happily ever after’. I was definitely attracted to my hero, there was no denying that, but I wasn’t so sure that my feelings would be reciprocated.

Would his muscular body, built to fight, covered in ink, fall in love with the extra padded curves and innocent nature that I held? My insecurities were always incredible when it came to clouding my judgement.

I never would have believed anyone if they told me that this man was going to be the one to not only save my life, but make another life with me. Was this bad boy ready to be my baby’s father? Was I even ready to be a mum?

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of JADEN; A Bad Boy MMA Romance includes 20+ BONUS ROMANCE BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

Download FREE today on Kindle Unlimited!

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Wounded (A Brookside Romance Book 1)

by Abby Brooks

For every wound, there is a scar.

Raised on fame and fortune, Liam McGuire is a spoiled man-child. His handsome face blinds the world, but I see through it to what he is inside.


When his tour bus rolls off the road, Liam’s rushed to the hospital where I work. A jagged scar runs the length of his face, ruining his good looks and jeopardizing his career. As his nurse, I’m around him more than I’d like, but the more I get to know him, the more I realize the world wasn’t blind to him.

I was.

Liam McGuire feels deeply and loves wildly, throwing himself into everything he does with more passion than I ever dreamed possible. With that intensity aimed at me, the scars slashed across my own heart start to heal. He is fire and I’ve been cold my whole life.

Am I ready to thaw? Or is life betterâ??saferâ??when I’m cold and numb?

Wounded is the first book in the Brookside Romance series. Each story is designed to be read without having read the others.

Raunchy in Rome

by Amanda Martinez

Charlotte is traveling through Europe by herself – and living her dream. When she gets to Rome, she is amazed by all the history and art that surrounds her. And when she meets Alessandro, an Italian man that loves history and literature just as much as her, she feels like she’s in a movie. When Alessandro offers to show her all around Rome, she hesitantly agrees. One week turns into the best week of her life as she falls for Alessandro more and more at each new tourist spot they stop at.

But is this just a summer fling? Or is it something more?

Time for Love (Gansett Island Series Book 9)

by Marie Force

Time for Love, The Gansett Island Series, Book 9

Dr. David Lawrence has spent the last two years atoning for his sins and recovering from the devastating breakup with Gansett Island golden girl Janey McCarthy. As the island’s only doctor, he’s had ample opportunity to show his fellow island residents that there’s more to him than the guy who disappointed Janey so profoundly. Now if only he could find a way to forgive himself, he might be able to move on with his life without the woman he’d expected to love foreverâ?¦

Daisy Babson, probationary director of housekeeping at McCarthy’s Gansett Island Inn, is in bad need of a fresh start after her relationship with Truck Henry took a violent turn, leaving her battered and brokenâ??in more ways than one. As she recovers from her injuries, her days are made brighter by her visits with David Lawrence. The kind and caring doctor who tended to her after the attack has become much more than a friend to her in recent weeks.

Will these two wounded hearts take comfort from one another and move forward on a new path toward love together? Or will ghosts from the past derail them before they get the chance for their own happily ever after?

Catch up with many of your favorite characters from earlier books in the Gansett Island Series, and get set for another summer of love on Gansett!

The Gansett Island Series
Book 1: Maid for Love (Mac & Maddie) 
Book 2: Fool for Love (Joe & Janey) 
Book 3: Ready for Love (Luke & Sydney) 
Book 4: Falling for Love (Grant & Stephanie) 
Book 5: Hoping for Love (Evan & Grace) 
Book 6: Season for Love (Owen & Laura) 
Book 7: Longing for Love (Blaine & Tiffany) 
Book 8: Waiting for Love (Adam & Abby) 
Book 9: Time for Love (Daisy & David) 
Book 10: Meant for Love (Jenny & Alex) 
Book 10.5: Chance for Love, A Gansett Island Novella (Jared & Lizzie) 
Book 11: Gansett After Dark (Owen & Laura) 
Book 12: Kisses After Dark (Shane & Katie) 
Book 13: Love After Dark (Paul & Hope) 
Book 14: Celebration After Dark (Big Mac & Linda) 
Book 15: Desire After Dark (Slim & Erin) 
Book 16: Light After Dark (Mallory & Quinn) 
Gansett Island Episodes, Episode 1: Victoria & Shannon

Greta’s Surprise Baby: Mail Order Bride Romance

by Mercy Levy

Greta Gutermuth becomes heartbroken after the man she is engaged to marry runs off, taking half of their money with him. But, as a woman of true faith, she decides to move west and accept a position as a school teacher.

When she arrives in Brown Ridge, a small town filled with faith and anger, Greta is soon cast into the middle of a family battle involving a bitter cowboy, a preacher, and an innocent newborn baby.

It isn’t long before Greta falls in love with the newborn baby as she slowly begins to understand that in order to save a lost soul, she must place her heart on the line. Depending on God, Greta decides to care for the bitter cowboy in order to lead his heart away from the anger eating him alive.

But caring for an angry man with the hopes of changing him into a healed man isn’t as easy as Greta hopes. Facing off against anger and pain, she steps into a battle that must be won for the sake of a newborn baby, a desperate preacher, and a bitter cowboy that is being destroyed by his own anger.

Will Greta’s faith overcome the dark clouds facing her? Or will the storm she is thrust into destroy all of her hope?

Alpha Prince: A Modern Fairy Tale (Twisted Royals Book 1)

by Sidney Bristol

Once upon a time there was a princess with an evil step mother, who wanted her dead, and a prince ready to stand by her sideâ?¦

Ian Kelly never thought he’d see her again. The woman who ran out on him after some of the hottest sex of his life. Taylor Carter. He knows a damsel in distress when he sees one, but Taylor doesn’t want saving.

Taylor only meant to do the right thing. Now she’s on the run from her mafia step-mother and her best friend might be dead. Even the FBI has turned on her, and the only person in her corner is a hot Irishman with a nose for danger.

Ian can’t turn his back on Taylor, not when his gut tells him she’s an innocent in a den of thieves. Soon enough her past comes calling, and it’ll take more than true love’s kiss to fix Taylor’s problems.

The Twisted Royals
0. Origin Story
1. Alpha Prince
2. Her Prince
3. Bad Boy Prince
4. Noble Prince
More Twisted Royals coming soon!

A Wolf and the Trouble with Boxes

by Lucy I. Harrelson

Long ago, powerful priests hid an entire city within a mountain to protect it from the encroaching West. But, magic is funny. The priests ended up cursing the very city they wished to protect. Centuries later, when rodeo star Ashton Lanyard walked into Katherine Lowell’s office, Kat thought it was just business as usual. She had no idea that she was about to be catapulted into a world of curses and magic that she never knew existed. Ashton was in town to get married, but that wasn’t all he was up to. During his time in the military, Ashton had stumbled across an ancient treasure trove filled to the brim with chests and boxes of treasures beyond belief. However, the trouble with boxes is that you never know what’s insideâ??until you open them. Now, Ashton is on the run from fate and he needs Kat, but Kat’s been burned before. Can Ashton gain Kat’s trust before it’s too late? More importantly, is Kat willing to face her own demons to save Ashton and a lost city?

Wild Rides: A Centaur Seduction

by Rebecca Elyon

Passion. Secrets. Betrayal. Vengeance. Love.

All Alyssa ever wanted to do was train horses. It was an all-consuming passion for her. Working on a small ranch, she got to live that dream. But when the small ranch couldn’t keep up with the times, Alyssa found herself without a job, without a home, and without the people she’d called family for so longâ?¦

Using all of her grit and determination, Alyssa was given the opportunity to work with the beautiful thoroughbreds being raised on the Reinhart Ranch. Almost instantly, she forged an unshakable bond with a particularly troublesome horse. It’s a bond she can’t explain, but one that is deep and true.

She impressed her new boss by being able to work with a horse they thought was untrainable. A horse they thought couldn’t be broken. Alyssa’s star was on the rise at the Reinhart Ranch.

It didn’t take her long, though, to figure out that something dark and sinister was going on at the ranch.

Unable to bear the thought of horses being mistreated, Alyssa found herself caught up in a web of intrigue where shocking secrets were brought to light. Everything she thought she knew was turned upside down.

The all-consuming passion for horses led her to finding a love that is deep and powerful in the unlikeliest of places.

A love that will change her life. Her entire world. Forever.

That is, if she can survive the coming battle…

This is a standalone short story romance.
WARNING: This ebook contains hot sex scenes, naughty words, intense action and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a paranormal romance short story collection with an HEA. This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.


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