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Glory Boy

by Rick Partlow

Caleb Mitchell gave up everything to protect his home. Shunned by friends and family for abandoning the pacifist beliefs of their religion, abandoned by the love of his life, he left his homeworld of Canaan to go to the Commonwealth Military Academy on Earth and train to fight in the looming war against the implacable alien threat of the Tahni Imperium. When a training mission with a crew of cadets winds up caught in the middle of one of the worst battles of the war, Cal and his fellow students are officially declared dead.
That’s when their war really begins. Recruited for a top-secret special operations unit, Cal and his friends undergo experimental and dangerous physical augmentation that turns them into supersoldiers, designed to take the fight behind enemy lines and put the fear of God into an alien society who thinks their Emperor is God personified.
Now Caleb is asked to sacrifice his very humanity to protect his people. But when Canaan itself is threatened by the Tahni, will he throw away his career and risk everything to save the people who turned their backs on him?

The Ares Weapon (Mars Ascendant Book 1)

by D.M. Pruden

A deadly artificial virus is missing…
 The corporation that hired her to find it wants her dead… Melanie Destin’s life is a mess…Desperate to start over, she accepts an interplanetary salvage job that will pay her enough to start a new life on Mars. When she learns the real purpose of the mission is to recover an apocalyptic virus, everything begins to unravel… 
With her life in danger and not knowing who to trust, Mel must find a way to keep the virus out of the wrong hands… If she fails, billions will die… The Ares Weapon, the first book in the Mars Ascendant Series, is a page turning sci fi thriller.   If you like science fiction with a strong female lead character, ruthless villains and a page turning plot, you’ll love The Ares Weapon.

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This Long Vigil: A Sci-fi Short Story

by Rhett C Bruno

From the award-winning author of The Circuit Trilogy and Titanborn comes a harrowing, science fiction short story set in the Titanborn Universe.

After twenty five years serving as the lone human Monitor of the Interstellar Ark, Hermes, Orion is scheduled to be placed back in his hibernation chamber with the other members of the crew. Knowing that he will die there and be replaced before the ship’s voyage is over, he decides that he won’t accept that fate. Whatever it takes he will escape Hermes and see space again, even if it means defying the regulations of his only friend — the ship-wide artificial intelligence known as Dan.

*This Long Vigil was formerly featured in the June 2015 issue of Perihelion SF.

Romance: Forbidden Military Hero: (Billionaire Bad Boy Alphas Romance) (BBW Pregnancy Military Short Stories)

by Maya Grey


I never expected him to change. Not even when they carted him off to the military after he got kicked out of college.

Fast forward three years. I was the one who had to go and meet my stepbrother dearest at the airport. When he stepped off of that plane, I didn’t even recognize him. He lost the nerdy glasses and got his teeth straightened and whitened. Most of all, he got ripped.

At first I thought that he was still the same on the inside, the same asshole who had left, but after spending just a day with him, I realized that there was something different.

Now, I have to focus on staying away from him, because I want to know what exactly changed him, and who he is underneath that façade.

There will be consequences that I can’t even foresee, ones that could completely change my life.

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of Forbidden Military Hero includes 20+ BONUS BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

When Ivy Falls

by Emma R. Hensley

When Ivy Yale went out for a morning walk to the park she had a lot of things planned for the day, watching the birds, getting a few things from the store for that new recipe she’d found last night, maybe even going to see the new play down at Lilting Hall if it wasn’t booked for the night. Yes indeed, she had many ideas about how to spend that glorious day off for the month. None of them involved accidentally stumbling upon the disturbing truth that the leader of her world was a monster who crushed bodies of citizens in a subterranean death pit and smiled while doing it! Yet here she was, a pretty nasty fall down through an open manhole cover, and several wrong turns later, cowering in a small alcove of a concrete deathroom, frozen in fear.

The Variant Saga: Books 1 – 4 (The Variant Saga Boxset)

by JN Chaney

200 years after the world ends, their future begins. 

In 2157, a mysterious gas known as Variant spreads across the globe, killing or mutating most organic life. The surviving humans take refuge in an underground city, determined to return home. But after generations of failures and botched attempts, hope is beginning to dwindle. That is, until a young scientist makes a unique discovery–and everything changes. Suddenly, there’s reason to hope again, and it rests within a group of genetically engineered children that are both human and Variant. 
Terry is one of these children, modified and trained to endure the harsh conditions of a planet he cannot begin to understand. After years of preparation, Terry thinks he knows what to expect. But the reality is far stranger than anything he can imagine–and what he will become is far more dangerous.
Read the series one Amazon reviewer Donald G. Simpson says: “This is one of the best put together science fiction books I have read in years. The character development is strong from start to finish. There are no loose ends or rabbit trails … everything ties together. The only regret I had in reading this book was when I looked and saw there were only eight pages left…I can’t wait to see if there is a follow up to this great start. You will not believe it is this author’s first book!”
The Variant Saga box set includes all four books in the series. 
1300+ pages. 1,000+ five-star reviews. Find out why people are so intrigued by this thrilling dystopian, science fiction epic. You won’t believe the twists and turns this saga takes!


by Cecil Wilde

Retired intersolar troublemakers (criminals, revolutionaries, lovers, spies, gunrunners) reunite for one last adventure, and perhaps a little redemption.

Things go well, until they don’t.

This is not necessarily a happy story, but it is also not necessarily a sad one.

Notes from the End of the World: A Zombie Novel

by Donna Burgess

My Name is Cindy Scott. I’m Sixteen Years Old and I’m Going to Tell You How the World Ends…

High school is supposed to be the best years of a girl’s life, but when a pandemic breaks out, turning victims into flesh-hungry cannibals, Cindy Scott realizes she’s witnessing what may be the end of the world. As the N-Virus spreads, it becomes evident that no family is safe from its wrath. Despite efforts to carry on as normal, society starts to unravel.

Once Cindy’s popular sister, Audrey, a senior, is infected, the lives of the Scott family are forever altered. Cindy’s father, an E.R. doctor, manages to acquire a black-market vaccine to slow Audrey’s deterioration, but that isn’t a cure. It’s only delaying the inevitable. Audrey slowly becomes a zombie, yet she is able to maintain awareness.

In fact, she is so aware that she fights going to The Pastures, a “living cemetery” where the living dead are taken to wander fields, safely behind the security of electric fences, where they will eventually decay away to dust peacefully.

Cindy’s life continues to crumble as everyone she knows and loves succumbs to the effects of the N-Virus. Finally, she realizes her only hope is Nick, her longtime crush and fellow survivor.

Pretty in Pink meets The Walking Dead!

  • Book One of the “Notes from the End of the World” series.

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