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Care for the Caregiver

by Stephanie Hutchins

As a caregiver and mom, Stephanie Hutchins is familiar with the responsibilities that come with caring for another. In this book, Stephanie shares some of her experiences as a caregiver to special-needs children as well as insights and encouragement for those who are responsible for caring for a loved one.




” â??A Divine Love Story’ is not a subtitle you expect to find for a book describing the aftermath of divorce. Divorce seems like the very antithesis of a love story. But when I think about that incredibly difficult time; the one thing that stands out most as I look back, is the enduring love and tenderness of my Lord. Therefore, although this book alludes to the end of a love story between a man and a woman, it also marks a new beginning. The beginning of me recognizing that the God I served was not just up in the sky looking down, an absently benevolent God. He is â??El Roi’ The God who sees me (Genesis 16:13). I came face to face with a God who is caring and present in all the vicissitudes of life – just as interested in the life-altering events as He is in the small details. A love story is about as true a description as I could give to my experience because it accurately describes the kind of attention and care and unconditional love that every girl dreams of finding in a lifelong partner; and it portrays the fledgling romance that began there on my knees as I poured out my broken heart….”

Surviving Divorce: A Divine Love Story
offers practical, actionable steps that are inspired by the Holy Spirit and backed by the Word of God. Simone Miller draws you into her world as she experienced it during the worst of times and you rejoice with her as together you catch the first glimpses of the sun slicing it’s way through the clouds. One moment you’re feeling all of the roller coaster of emotions that divorce evokes and the next, you take an unexpected turn and it evolves into a celebration of what the Potter’s hand can create out of the mis-shapen clay of our lives.


  • How to protect your mind against negative influences and break out of the vicious cycle of self-pity
  • How to harness the power of gratitude and purposeful living to transform your mindset
  • How to seek out and engage in hi-octane activities that fuels you and lends perspective to your pain

…And many more!

Retracing her steps down that painful road, Simone doesn’t just dispense another self-help book, she shares with you her deeply personal experience of the most challenging period of her life and proves that the end of a marriage, however painful, does not have to derail your future…..

It may, instead, usher you into the greatest love story of your life!

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Connect with Your Teenager: A Guide to Everyday Parenting

by Leonida Mrgole

Connect with your teenager is a book for all parents. It serves as a complete guide for long-term positive parenting of teenagers or even younger children. It is written for parents as users in everyday situations from the perspective of their teenagers’ needs. In the book, you will find very practical parenting tips for when you don’t know how to deal with teenagers, how to make kids listen, how to motivate teens, how to renew broken bonds etc.

You will learn about your part of responsibility in your relationship, and how to gain parental power. The second part guides you through typical everyday examples, and simple innovative parental tips on how to keep the connection with your teenager and create responses so that you can support the safe and healthy development of your child. It can serve as your personalized book with your own important notes.
Foreword was written by Dr. Sue Johnson and Dr. Leanne Campbell.

We wrote the book thinking about, and remembering, all the people we had met at our consultations, who had struggled with how to deal with problems with their teens.

The book is for every parent who, at a certain point in their life, felt like:
-they aren’t equipped with appropriate experience;
-they grew up in different times or cultural situations and aren’t sure how to adjust (most of us did);
-they stopped participating actively and thoughtfully in parenting, because they were excluded from, or encountered, disagreements in their partnership;
-giving up because of feeling powerless;
-they have no support from their partner;
-they don’t know what to do, because they had already used up all their ideas.

However, this book can also be useful for:
-single parents;
-teachers who haven’t necessarily had experience with their own teens;
-parents of younger children (who will soon enough become teens), helping prepare us in advance.

This book will give you the willpower and a reason to begin tackling your “problems,” as well as the power to be patient. Our teens are always smart. Don’t forget that, in this period, they are the only smart beings in the houseâ??at least that’s what they think. They have answers to everything, and lots of words, power and energy. Parents usually fall silent, powerless, because we struggle to find the right words in the heat of the moment. This book is a genuine warehouse of pacifying “ammunition” in the form of words and ways how to use these words in a non-conflictive, but assertive, manner.

This book may be used in several ways. When writing, we were guided by the principle that parents should be able to use this book in practice. It provides you with two options of reading:

1. You can start at the beginning, and follow the step-by-step path to self growth.
2. The book is divided into sections, so you can easily find and resolve the problem at hand.

Our focus in the book is on the awareness of your role as parents. When thinking about changes, they should be oriented towards the notion of how we could change ourselves as parents, not how we stay the same and force our children to change.

Raising Boys With ADHD: 20 Lessons and Tips for Parents (ADHD Boys, ADHD, ADHD Parenting, Parenting ADHD Children,)

by Jamie Tyler

ADHD Parenting Guide for Boys With ADHD

20 Tips and Strategies For Parenting ADHD Boys

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) also referred as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), is one of the most common childhood disorders. In U.S. alone, there are estimated 5.4 million children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

Learning About And Dealing With ADHD

Raising boys with ADHD is a challenging task for parents. This guide is specifically geared towards offering tips and strategies for parents to help them deal with daily issues with their son. The goal is to learn how to manage ADHD, and begin to embrace some of the unique qualities that ADHD brings to your child.

One of the unique features of this book is that it not only does it provides tips and strategies for managing ADHD in your son, but it also provides some common symptoms, ADHD Facts, ADHA Characteristics and some statistics.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Common challenges of raising a son with ADHD and how to deal with them
  • Commons symptoms of ADHD
  • Typical ADHD characteristics
  • Different types of ADHD conditions
  • Typical symptoms of each type of ADHD condition
  • Causes of ADHD
  • Statistical facts about ADHD
  • 20 specific tips and suggestions on raising boys with ADHD
  • And more
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Abuse is Not My Story: A Message of Hope Through the Destruction of the Power of Abuse

by Victoria Elise Michael

Are you living… but not fully alive?

Do you struggle with finding confidence to be yourself? Has your experience with abuse set your life on a path you did not want to follow? Without question, abuse dramatically impacts a person’s life… but there is hope!

Abuse is Not My Story will encourage you that:
Abuse is not your story.
Your story is created by the decisions you make.
You did not make the decision to be abused.

Start creating your new story! Learn to destroy the power that abuse has had on your life, and start living a life of freedom and happiness. Healing from abuse requires courage, but freedom and a fulfilled life are within reach!

When Live Becomes Unbearable: Be Human, Be Godly (Virtue and Vices Book 4)

by Linus Akali I.

The purpose of this book is to lift people’s downed spirits due to life struggles, trials, tribulations and untold sufferings. it is to help us understand the purpose of our lives and try to live our lives in a simple godly manners so as live it to fullness. It leads us hand-in-hand across various practical virtues we must cultivate in other to be happy in life. It is a spirit binder and a sole mender. Putting in practice the word of God

Preemptive Behavior Therapy: The Path to Self Correction

by Debbie Cowan-Hackett

Preemptive Behavior Therapy is a low-impact behavior modification program designed to help children self-regulate their behavior without resorting to the use of traditional punishments, corrections or medications. Redirecting negative thought processes before associated bad behavior occurs is the foundation of Preemptive Behavior Therapy. This softer but more effective approach is based on ancient principles of animal behavior observation, human body language recognition and deliberate positioning, and using the concept of Redirections over Corrections.

Developed by Debbie Cowan-Hackett – a veteran child caseworker and certified animal communicator, and Russ Hudson – who lived in numerous homes for troubled kids, Preemptive Behavior Therapy is designed specially for high risk and troubled children and teens, but will work with any child.

Kurzgeschichten des Lebens (German Edition)

by Rena Reila Ryuzaki

Dieses Buch enthält ein paar Kurzgeschichten, die manche Lebenssituationen beschreiben und oder daraus entstanden sind. Sie entsprechen nicht der allgemeinen Definition von Wahrheit.

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