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Think â?? Engage – Thrive: Marketing Actions To Skyrocket Your Brand In The Digital Age

by Philip Masiello


Digital marketing has transformed how business is done.  Today it is easier than ever to get your message in front of customers.  The problem is, it is easier for your competition, too.  So how do you make your brand stand out from the crowd?  How can tools like Google Analytics help you engage with what customers love and do?  Confronting a mountain of data, how can you make your business thrive?

Philip Masiello, CEO of Hound Dog Digital Marketing, can tell you.  Fueled by decades of his experience in marketing strategy and entrepreneurship, Masiello’s THINK ENGAGE THRIVE! tears down marketing models created in a data-poor age, offering common sense alternatives that take marketing out of the textbook, into the real world.  Through stories of lessons he learned as an entrepreneur, TV shopping marketer, and million dollar Amazon seller, Masiello contrasts dysfunctional corporate cultures with the best-known companies doing marketing right, including Apple, Amazon, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

In THINK ENGAGE THRIVE! you will learn to use today’s unprecedented customer data tools to intelligently target your customers.  By applying the principles Masiello lays out, you’ll convert clicks into sales and service into retention.  Your business will skyrocket as you THINK ENGAGE THRIVE!

Masiello goes beyond marketing 4.0 and other internet marketing concepts to show you how to use the marketing tools to grow your business. Whether you are a startup business or a Fortune 100 company, this book will explain the concepts of digital marketing and marketing strategy in a way that is easy to understand.

“I so believe in Phil’s ability, that I entrusted him with my image and celebrity to partner with him in my skincare company, Raw Essentials. Everything it became, happened under Phil’s watchful eye.” â?? Carol Alt, Supermodel, Author, Entrepreneur, Raw Lifestyle Expert

“A must-read for marketers who want to learn how to engage with their customers in the digital age.” â?? Bob Circosta, TV’s Original Home Shopping Host and “TV’s BILLION DOLLAR Man”

“Phil has proven himself to be a creative thought leader and driven manager who gets results.” â?? Henry Nasella, LNK Partners

About the Author
Philip Masiello is the founder of Hound Dog Digital Marketing Agency, one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in the nation. Mr. Masiello is renowned as one of the innovators of modern semantic SEO and content-driven marketing. He is also well-known for his entrepreneurial talent, having launched five unique international brands since the age of 25.

Phil Masiello has been a founder and CEO of several disruptive business models. Presently Mr. Masiello is the founder of Hound Dog Digital Marketing agency assisting consumer product companies with their Ecommerce efforts, mobile application marketing and Amazon Seller marketing.

Prior to Hound Dog Digital Marketing, Mr. Masiello was a Founder and CEO of, an Ecommerce company selling high quality American made razors and shaving products for men and women that compare in quality to the national brands at a fraction of the price. Some of the investors in were John Sculley, David Sculley and Michael Phelps. During this time, Mr. Masiello also advised on the marketing of Mr. Sculley’s personal website, book and learning series as well as the marketing of Wolfgang Pucks’s Online Cooking School.

Prior to, Phil Masiello co-founded Raw Beauty, Inc. with Carol Alt, which developed and marketed Raw Essentials Skin Care through its website, on the shopping channels and retailers internationally.

Mr. Masiello holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Maryland.He has remained active in the schools entrepreneurial programs and is also an active advisor and mentor to several incubators in the Baltim

What Top CIOs Know: How to succeed in a world of digital transformation, cyber challenges, exponential change, and intelligent devices by creating powerful strategies for the new 3.0 World

by Eric J. Brown

Today’s CIOs do not have the luxury of dropping old responsibilities as new ones come along. Legacy technologies are hard to phase out, governance and cyber security responsibilities get more complex, and an entirely new techno sphere is encompassing most organizations. A “3.0 World” is emerging quickly – where, for example, an asset-light company like Uber can completely upend the transportation industry. The CIO needs to both manage technologies such as machine learning and communicate/inspire their competitive potential to senior management. What Top CIOs Know provides the scaffolding for understanding this new world so that CIOs can deliver on the promises of current and emerging technologies.

This text guides the reader through the entire IT management spectrum, from cyber security to artificial intelligence to digital transformation. Aimed at busy IT executives, it highlights best/good practices for governance, technology strategy, contract management, and the exponentially growing set of “intelligence” technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and the Internet of things.

Brown and Yarberry, with extensive, hands-on experience in IT and IT Audit, offer guidance to CIOs and managers on how to navigate the CIO role through conceptual road-maps, mastery of “lights on” responsibilities and integration into the new hyper-automated world. What Top CIOs Know levels the playing field for maximum IT success and provides a practical road-map to achieving strategic value.

AWS Command Line Interface: Easy Guide on AWS CLI

by Jerry N. P.

This book is an exploration of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) CLI (Command Line Interface). This is a tool which makes it easy for you to manage your services which are running on the AWS. Of course, for you to be able to use this tool, you must have created an account with AWS and installed the AWS CLI tool. This book guides you on how to do this and the various ways on how to install the AWS CLI are explored. AWS CLI can be used in the VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). Note that instances created inside a VPC can only communicate with other instances found in that VPC. This book guides you to setup and use the AWS CLI inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). After MapReduce jobs have been created in Java, they are usually encoded into Jar. The AWS CLI can also be used for the purpose of executing such jobs. This book guides you on how to do this excellently. The SQS for sending messages is a common occurrence in most companies and among individuals. The AWS CLI can be linked with the SQS, and one will be in a position to achieve this. This book guides you on how to do this. It is also possible for one to make the AWS Lambda and the Kinesis to work together for a greater effect. This book guides you on how to implement this. The Key Management Service (KMS) is a good technique by which we can keep our secrets. This book guides you on how to use this for that purpose.

The following topics are discussed in this book:
-Setting It Up
-Using the AWS in the VPC
-Execution of MapReduce Jobs in CLI
-AWS CLI for Connection with SQS Trigger
-Making Kinesis and Amazon Lambda Work Together
-KMS for Maintaining Secrets
-The “filter” Parameter
-Management of Instance Volumes Using Block-Device-Mappings
-Starting Spot Options

Because Self-Publishing Works: Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book

by V. V. Cam

Make your self-publishing business more successful. Stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a solid plan to grow your business.

For many authors, marketing a book takes a lot of time and yields little or no improvement in sales. Getting your book noticed can feel like an impossible task. Sales surges can disappear as quickly as they arrive. But the result of doing nothing is even more disappointing. Caught in this cycle, most authors end up chasing after reviews, doing a few author interviews or throwing money at sporadic promotions in hopes of selling a few more books.


In this book, I take fundamental marketing principles and apply them to marketing self-published books. I will walk you through building a marketing plan that maps out your own complete and actionable steps to get substantial and sustainable results for your self-publishing business.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced author, this book is the easiest and fastest way to create a marketing plan that will boost your business growth.You will discover in this new radical book: 

  • Why “getting your name out there” is often a losing strategy
  • Why short-term tactics don’t produce consistent sales
  • How to develop your own actionable marketing plan
  • How to position your books for maximum discoverability
  • How to apply marketing tactics effectively
  • How to create a system that brings in a constant stream of ideal readers
  • How to increase your readership by getting your book into libraries
  • How to craft compelling messages and ads
  • Tips, tools, checklists, templates and much more…

This book is designed to be both interactive and as a reference guide.
There are two books in the Because Self-Publishing Works series:

  • Book 1: Everything I Learned About How to Publish a Book
  • Book 2: Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book

    Each book stands alone. Book 1 covers the process of self-publishing while Book 2 covers the marketing aspects of self-publishing. If you are only interested in getting your book published, Book 1 is all you will need. If you want to grow your self-publishing business, then Book 2 will be more suitable.

  • Ebook: Internet de las Cosas (Innovation Trends Series) (Spanish Edition)

    by BBVA Innovation Center

    BBVA Innovacion Center lanza este paper que te puedes descargar gratis para conocer las innovaciones en Internet de las Cosas.

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