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The Prince: A Prologue (Masterpiece Duet)

by Skye Warren

Penny doesn’t dream about a prince coming to save her from the trailer park. She knows better than that. And the boy she finds hiding in the woods out back is too wild and dangerous to trust. But he may be her only chance at survival.

From New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren comes an emotional new spin-off series. THE PRINCE is a 13,000-word prologue to the new Masterpiece duet.

Trapped in the Game (The Streets Won’t Let Me Go Book 1)

by Tamicka Higgins

He wants out, but with each move, he’s deeper in the game.

The streets are no place to live a life. And Black knows that better than anyone. After a drug heist gone bad, Black and Buzzy are hellbent on selling off all the pills they thought they’d gotten away with. All they want now is to unload the narcotics and live the high life by spending the cash and getting out of the business.

But that’s easier said than done…

The two men they lifted the drugs from are making demands, and Black and Buzzy can’t turn away. Now, Black is faced with a new challenge, falling for Layla, a chick he just can’t have. After all, she’s married to the man who’s doing time for Black’s heist. Black can’t possibly take everything from him. With the cops on his tail, a desire to bail on the game, and a guilty conscience, Black must act carefully. But will his next move involve another man’s wife?

Beyond the Khrysalis

by Naya H. Jones

“Wing my spirit with the feathers of a golden bird that I may soar and flee this broken world,” Princess Ravin whispered to night sky. She sat on her bed watching the golden nightingale flying frantically around its gilded cage.
“I’m stuck in a prison just like you except my cage is a crystal palace.” She curled into a ball on her towering bed stacked high with feather mattresses soaring up, up, up to the crystal palace’s ceiling….
Beyond the Khrysalis is an enchanting tale of Princess Ravin’s magical journey into the dark world of Khrysalis Fiber. Is it the wonders of this mysterious new world beckoning to her, or something truly evil calling her to her death? Ravin follows ancient paths, battling dragons, sharing magic with the fairies of Will-O-Myst, uniting with a crystal unicorn, Quazar, and her pegasus mate, Jaguar. Ravin’s “fantastical” journey results in an end that truly becomes her magical beginning.

Bounced: A Blue Collar Bad Boy Romance (Blue Collar Bad Boys)

by Brill Harper


They call me Anvil.
It’s not my real name, but that’s what it feels like when my meaty fist comes down on you if you misbehave in the road house where I work.
I’ve seen some crazy stuff as a bouncer. I thought I’d seen it all.
But I’ve never seen anything like her. Just one look and I knew my life was never going to be the same.
She’s sweet, innocent, and looking for trouble.
She found it.
I’m big and mean and more trouble than she ever imagined. I’m going to mess up all her carefully laid plans. And I’m going to make her mine.


I’m a careful girl. Life is too dangerous not to be. I have a plan. Goals. And none of them include an overly-muscled, tattooed, possessive bouncer with an eye patch from the road house just outside of city limits.
I just wanted one night off from being perfect, boring, and careful.
He’s too much man for a girl like me. Too intense. Too visceral.
But I don’t think he’s going to let me go.

Author’s Confession: I don’t even know if this could happen in real life. Luckily, it’s a book. That means the hot, tatted, beardy bouncer can totally take one look at the virgin college student studying actuarial science and know he’s going to marry the sh!t out of her. Right?

The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series: Books 1-4

by Dawn Lee McKenna

Read the first four books that launched the bestselling suspense series. 

Character driven suspense, rich in coastal atmosphere and dry humor.

Low Tide – Book 1

In Apalachicola, Florida, sinister things are afoot, as sinister things tend to be.

Lt. Maggie Redmond is called to a crime scene on St. George Island, where she is met with the body of Gregory Boudreaux. The medical examiner calls it a suicide, but no one knows that Maggie has a horrible connection to the dead man.

When Gregory’s uncle, Bennett Boudreaux, the richest and scariest man in town, takes a sudden interest in Maggie, people start to wonder, Maggie included. Maggie knows he may suspect her of killing his nephew, but she finds herself slowly drawn to the man.

As Maggie fights to help a young girl escape the clutches of a volatile drug dealer who’d love to see Maggie dead, she also struggles to hide her dark link to a dead man, and her burgeoning relationship with her boss, Sheriff Wyatt Hamilton.

Unfortunately, secrets have a way of revealing themselves at low tide.

Riptide – Book 2

Once again, sinister things are afoot in Apalachicola, FL, and one of them is an actual foot.

When a local fisherman finds a severed limb in his net, it sets off a chain of events that no one can anticipate.

Lt. Maggie Redmond soon discovers that the foot belongs to the friend of another recently dead guy, Gregory Boudreaux, the man she never told anyone about. Gregory’s death was thought to be a suicide. That seems less likely, now that his best friend Sport’s foot has shown up out of the blue, as it were.

When it starts looking like town villain Bennett Boudreaux might be responsible for eliminating Sport, things begin to get a little weird. Especially since Maggie’s started to take a liking to Bennett. She’s also taken a real liking to her boss, Sheriff Wyatt Hamilton, but both her relationship to Bennett and her secret connection to the dead men threaten hers and Wyatt’s relationship.

Is Bennett protecting or avenging Maggie for some reason, or does he have something altogether different on his mind?

What Washes Up – Book 3

Karma’s alive and well in Apalachicola, Florida, and there are several people who are about to meet it face to face. 

When more than a dozen bodies wash up on the beach on St. George Island, the residents of Apalach are outraged, and none more so than investigator Maggie Redmond and Sheriff Wyatt Hamilton. It’s time for the greedy to answer for the lives of innocents.

Meanwhile, a man is found tied to a burning boat in the middle of the bay, and Maggie’s instincts tell her Bennett Boudreaux is behind it. But if he is, Maggie has to decide whether she really wants him punished, or if justice has already been served.

Landfall – Book 4

Two storms that nobody thought were coming just made landfall.
As a hurricane gathers its power just off Apalachicola’s shore, another storm comes to a head in Lt. Maggie Redmond’s home.

Held prisoner by a man bent on avenging the death of a son, Maggie must find a way to save herself and her two children.

No one knows where they are. No one is coming to help. Maggie and her children will have to find a way to survive both the madness inside their home and the madness raging outside.

Let the Dead Bury the Dead

by Joan King

In rural Oklahoma, near the end of World War II, seven-year-old Gracie Timmons watches her grandfather die of a heart attack after confronting a gang of moonshiners on their farm. Gracie has memories of her deceased mother, but only a photograph of a uniformed soldier for a father. With no more family willing to care for her, she is taken in by the dauntless spinster who owns the general store. Plagued by fear, guilt, shame and nightmares, Gracie often retreats to the depths of her closet to pray for her father’s quick return.

When Sergeant Aaron Timmons does return, he is not the medal-adorned hero of Gracie’s dreams. A prisoner for most for the war, Aaron is jumpy and easily angered. In the upper drawer of his dresser, he keeps a stolen Bible and a row of small boxes he claims are coffins filled with dead soldiers. The town’s people whisper he is a broken man because he has “fits,” and “spells” and wets himself.

Gracie and Aaron have nothing in common except nightmares of the dead, poetryâ??the good kind that rhymesâ??and Miss Redding, Gracie’s teacher. As Aaron feuds with the gang of moonshiners who’ve set up on the family farm, Gracie learns to trust her troubled father’s attempt at love and care.

Whispers From The Dark

by Bryan Hall

What if your hometown hid a terrible secret?

What if the vintage LP you brought home was more than just a record?

What if your neighbor’s pond held an evil only you knew about?

What if your dying daughter’s only hope lay in a strange shack deep within the Appalachian wilderness?

This collection of fourteen short stories from the author of Containment Room Seven asks those questions and many more. You won’t find vampires or zombies here – only pure, dark, unrelenting terror on every page.

“…This guy is scary good!” – Joe McKinney, Stoker nominated author of Quarantine, Flesh Eaters, and Apocalypse of the Dead

“A horror master’s sense of scene and scares.” – Jonathan Moon, author of Heinous

“… dark, fast and fun…a compelling read.” – Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Sparrow Rock, The Reach, and StarCraft Ghost: Spectres, on Hall’s novel Containment Room Seven

Summer Solstice: Short Stories from the Worlds of KP Novels (Kindle Press Anthologies Book 3)

by Lincoln Cole

More stories from the worlds of KP Authors! There are over twenty-five stories in this anthology telling stories in and around their published books, and whether you are an old fan or just want to give some new authors a try, then this is the collection for you!

So pick up your copy today and come along for some intense journeys into the heart of these worlds. Who knows: you might just find your next favorite author!

Erotic Short Stories: Erotica Bedtime Anthology of Bondageromance, Billionaire Romance, Swingers & Threesome Erotica

by Lady Aingealicia

‘He grabbed her wrist and turned her around, forcing her dress up around her hips. Unzipping his pants, he was already hard and ready to take her as he forced her shoulders forward and spread her legs with his foot. He ripped off her panties and they fell to the floor as he entered her hard and fast. She gasped and felt his hand on her back pushing her body forward. Her hands flew out to grab the covers she felt him go in deeper and deeper with ever thrust..’

This is an adult, graphic romance short story collection containing explicit content only suitable for adults.

Tags: Love Stories, New Adult, Billionaire Romance, Billionaire, Romance, Humor, Short Stories

Special Delivery (Mountain Meadow Homecomings)

by Laura Browning

Welcome home to Mountain Meadow, Virginiaâ??a small town with a big heart, where love is just around the cornerâ?¦

All Holly Morgan wants is a safe place to have her baby. Nestled deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains, miles away from her abusive ex-fiancé, Spence, Mountain Meadow seems perfect. Holly can manage a few meddling church matrons if it means Spence can’t find her. Harder to handle is Jake Allred. He may be a dark-haired hunk, but he’s also someone Holly can’t trust: a cop.

Since his time in the military, Lieutenant Jake Allred has lived to protect and serve. And if anyone needs protection, it’s Holly. Having been let down by the law before, she’s wary of letting Jake into her life. But when an unexpected snow storm strands them together, their attraction is hot enough to melt the mounting ice. Just when Jake thinks he’s finally warmed Holly’s heart, Spence strikes. Now it’s up to Jake to save Holly’s baby and bring their fledgling family back together.

78,000 Words

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