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The Haunting of Barry’s Lodge: An Unsettling Eerie Ghost Story and A Dark Disturbing Psychological Thriller

by Annie Walters


Something sinister has always lurked in the spectral woods of Skiddaw, England…

Alfred, a washed-up author, plagued by failures can’t believe his luck when his father-in-law, Frank, provides him with a chance that he direly craved for:

Seven days alone in an isolated Motel with the task of finishing his upcoming book!

But little does he know about the Motel’s unsavory history. Hidden in the copse of trees and about 400 miles away from his home in the dark forest of Skiddaw, it is a two-storey facade with twisting, malevolent chimneys and an eerie allure.Lack of WI-FI, poor signals and weird set of rules, the dark atmosphere soon turns his seemingly idyllic trip into a living nightmare. Apart from the usual creaks, groans, and moans of the crumbling structure, he finds himself face to face with an entity. An urban legend that is lurking in the woods long before the Motel found its existing foundations.

The Motel’s dark and daunting history quickly becomes tangled with Alfred’s life as he frantically searches for answers. Barry, the caretaker is hiding something. But what is it? Is there someone else living in the motel beside him? Or is the caretaker not what he seemingly appears?

Alfred quickly begins to lose his tenuous grip on reality as he sinks further and further into an intricately designed game of deceit and lies that might put his life in danger! Or is he a threat to himself and everybody around him?

The Haunting of Barry’s Lodge is a best-selling novel of a riveting ghost story and a dark, disturbing psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist by the British-born author, Annie Walters.

Serenity Stalked (The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series Book 2)

by Craig A. Hart

A cold-blooded killer has blazed a trail of dead bodies across the country, with no one to stand in his way…until he starts killing on Shelby Alexander’s home turf: the small Michigan town of Serenity.

A killer with a trail of dead bodies has come to Serenity, seeking to slake his thirst for death. As the first unspeakable murder shocks the sleepy Michigan town, the local media demands answers. Sheriff Wilkes, the crooked young lawman, targets Shelby Alexander, whose only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shelby moves quickly to clear his name, even as the killer closes in on his next victimâ?¦and this time it’s personal.

The second book in the Shelby Alexander Thriller Series, Serenity Stalked takes readers inside the mind of a terrifying killer. The stakes have never been higher.

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  • Mark Dawson
  • John Sandford
  • Lee Child
  • Nick Stephenson
  • David Archer
  • Steve Hamilton
  • John Hemmings
  • Christopher Greyson
  • Robert B. Parker
  • Elmore Leonard

A Collection Of Mysteries: Forbidden Town

by Stephan Tim

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Book1 :
Cassie – a 15 – year – old, small town girl who is also a nature – lover falls into a trap while coming back from school one day. She is taken far away from home into a dark abyss by an unusual man. He clearly didn’t belong to the town, nor did he seem to have any manner of resemblance to the human kind. Who was he? What did he want? Read this story to find out more about Cassie’s shocking discovery as her story unravels with the most climatic of experiences.

Book 2:
After years of helping people with their psychological problems, James decided to move his wife and children to the country to start a new life. They purchased a home through an auction site that promised to make their dreams come true. Darlene would finally have a greenhouse to pursue her dreams, and the children would have the space to explore. The new life James and Darlene imagine is as picture perfect as their family.
James and Darlene’s children Jimmy and Mikey befriend the spirits of the house. Whereas the energy of the house slowly drives a wedge between their parents. A photo of the founding family brings questions about the origins of the property to the forefront.
Darkness lurks behind the walls of the house. The secret room James uncovers in the basement hides a secret that changes their lives forever. 
The legacy of the McRae family will bring the past charging into the present.

Book 3:
Dr. Andy Tyrell seemed to be part of a dying breedâ??an honest scientist. His genius, combined with naive innocence put his career and his life into harm’s way. When biotech giant, SynSanto contracted with him to prove their herbicide safe, Dr. Tyrell had unwittingly signed his own death warrant.

Flawless Presence I

by J.R. Robinson

Detective Margo Hathaway is new to the city of Horse dale and so are the victims the killer decided too kill. The assassin studies their routines and decides to disturb it for what reason? Mainly to prove he could control them. Detective Hathaway has not only a routine she follows; she looks like the killer’s mother, the mother who neglected him. What happens when they meet face -to-face?

Air Force Blues (The Sandeen Mysteries Book 2)

by Dennis Smirl

Sandeen wasn’t looking for a mystery, but fate handed him one. Master Sergeant Alvin Templeton disappeared one find day in 1977, and the Air Force declared him a deserter.

Now, thirty-five years later, Robert Templeton–Sergeant Al’s son–has talked Sandeen into investigating the disappearance of his father in hopes of clearing his name. Sandeen immerses himself in a Cold War nest of snakes and deception that involves espionage, seduction, and murder. In doing so, he will uncover secrets that some are desperate to keep.

Staying focused on Templeton’s disappearance becomes challenging. Thugs from a previous case are harboring a grudge and looking for revenge. An inconvenient romance with a lady cop from Wyoming complicates matters as he tries to solve the mystery and at the same time, stay alive.

Dark Maple – Romantic Language

by Sara Banner



Lyra’s mother just passed away and she felt she didn’t give enough effort to open up her life with her mother. Her mother was diagnosed having cancer three years before her birth which is why she thinks that she was the cause of her death. Because of too much stress and depression, decided to go at his Uncle Jones ranch.

Lyra and her father was invited to go to Vermont. They stayed at the beautiful Maplewood Ranch for the rest of the year. Lyra was successful in her goal of forgetting all the things that happened; she spent her days riding horses, including a strong horse named April. Soon, she will discover that the ranch is being torn down and the horses are in danger as well.

Will the beginning of life changing decision arise in here? Will she chose to be herself or will she shut everybody out of her life yet again?

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Blueblood : Cold blade

by Brandon Thomson

Max was hurtled onto his back, slammed into the hard ground of the building, the air slammed from his lungs as he hit the ground. His head slammed into the ground and for a second his vision grew blurry and the image of the tiny girl, her knees against his chest and her knifed poised to kill him, fuzzed around the edges and blurred and swirled around each other. When his vision came back into focus blue blood fell onto his chest, and the little girl was grinning. She stood up and raised her knife to kill him.Suddenly she stopped. She froze like she was about to shatter into a million pieces, right then and there. Her lips parted and blood spurted from her mouth splashing Max in the face as she did so. She looked down for a second at the knife protruding from her belly, the silvery tip of it prophesizing her death. She fell onto her knees.

Impulse Spy

by Carrie Ann Knox

Quinn is quiet, studious, and likes everything just so. Until she meets mysterious stranger Sloan McKenzie, private investigator and man-dazzler extraordinaire, that is. And she wants Quinn’s help.

It turns out a little espionage may be just what Quinn needs. But things are more complicated than they seem. When a target of their surveillance turns up dead, and Quinn realizes she may have unwittingly played a role, she may be forced to put her future career–or her life–on the line to uncover the truth and keep other innocent bystanders from harm.

With a colorful cast of characters, this unique take on private investigator-meets-cozy mystery will take you on an adventure you won’t forget!

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