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Secret Massage Stories…Retired Masseuse Reveals Her Massage Parlor Diaries

by L CC

About Secret Massage Stories…What goes on behind closed doors? Read about the scandalous salacious details. These are real life, true blue stories of my life working in massage parlors as a masseuse for more than 30 years. You might be shocked, as well as laugh out loud to learn the secrets of the massage parlor crowd. The names have been changed to protect the guilty! You will read about the clients as well as the ladies who gave the men their rub down, listened to their tales, and pampered the hell out of them. Let’s be honest, writing about perfect gentlemen would become a bit boring real quick. Writing about the good, the bad, and the ugly would be so much more intriguing!

You, the audience seem to be fascinated with the secrets of massage parlors, unknown allures I guess. So here you have it! A little about me, a lot about my journey through a variety of massage parlors, people I’ve worked for, ladies I’ve worked with, and of course, lot’s of answered questions about the clients and the secrets behind the massage parlor door.

You will hear of hairy butts, skinny butts, and some very nasty butts! Let us dipsy doodle down a naughty brick road. Memories of a retired masseuse, almost 40 years of weenies and balls in my face is quite enough! This is for an audience of men and women. My stories will make you laugh, maybe even cry, make you grimace, make you gasp out loud! Sometimes, you might recognize your very own grandpa.

Have fun and enjoy!

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